The Mancunian term for ‘very happy’, locals use ‘chuffed’ to express that something went well. Visitors may be initially offended if referred to by this term upon meeting a local, but should be reassured that it is a friendly word. So not something you want a roomful of 11-year-olds learning. Locals will use the word in most conversations, confusing newcomers who might think that someone is deceased. ‘I was right chuffed with my exam results’. Example: 'What it is right, me boiler's gone and me 'ouse is dead cold'. This negative word is sometimes used to describe someone or something’s physical appearance. Manc saying: Newtons (Mancunian rhyming slang: Newton Heath = teeth), Example: "Look at the state of his Newtons. Example "I need to cadge a lift off someone", Manc saying: "Mi stomach thinks mi throat's cut". You may also hear the words ‘snicket’, ‘entry’ or ‘jigger’, depending on which area of Manchester you are visiting. We had more than 600 responses via Facebook and Twitter - here's a selection of them: Let us know any we've missed either in the comments or via Twitter and Facebook.Words. ", (Sent in by Vickie Brookes via Facebook. 36. Oh Manchester, so much to answer for. 30 icons who put the great into Greater Manchester, Liam Gallagher is thought to have a "classic" Manchester accent, TEN extra words and phrases we added to the Mancunian Dictionary. Generic term of endearment - mate or dear, 21. The retailers have shared their rules for opening with shoppers. #EducatingGreaterManchester #Channel4 #Adorable, — United we stand, divided we fall…..! But while the teacher didn’t see the funny side, viewers quickly fell in love with Jacob as he revealed his vulnerable side and a charming sense of humour. 26. " ), 41. ), Manc saying: "Well someone's seen their a**e 'aven't they? The cheeky Year 7 pupil giggled as he knew he’d used a swear word in front of all his class at Harrop Fold School in Salford. 12. Roy Keane criticised Manchester United for a lack of leadership and Paul Scholes has given his assessment. No. The full list of food chains open or operating takeaway and delivery services during second lockdown in England, 'Sons of Hell' biker hacked rival with meat cleaver in row over 'rules' before fleeing on a Harley Davidson, Laponder was handed an extended prison sentence, and will serve a total of 11 years and three months, Former Corrie star slams Roald Dahl's The Witches remake for 'using disability to highlight a character as a baddie', Melissa Johns sparked a discussion on Twitter, The 'Black Widow' who killed one husband, violently attacked another - then seduced her step-son and stabbed HIM, “She seduced me and even though it felt wrong, I went along with it. 15. ), (Sent in by Jodie Braisdell via Facebook. The UK’s communications regulator, Ofcom, interviewed more than 200 people across the UK on how offensive they find a vast array of rude and offensive words and insults. Manchester City fans will lovingly refer to their club as ‘City’. To give you an example of how slang in Manchester sounds, here are some words and phrases and their meanings in Manchester slang and then US English: Mither=Bother; Ginnel=Alley; Keks=Trousers; Mint=Great Fish, chips and peas with the water they were cooked in. Mancunians who are fiercely loyal to this football club will use the word ‘United’ as fondly as if speaking about a family member.