Also on PS1 with worse graphics overall but who cares, its a 2d fightan. One of the 1st Dreamcast games. Oh yeah, just remember PS2 is STILL alive and kicking. Involves shifting polarity between black and white to deal huge damage to the opposing element while absorbing bullets of the same color. dreamcast lasted for 2 years barely, and was killed by ps2. New!" -The Dreamcast had a list of quality fighting games. Also on PS2 (with better framerate but more jaggies) and later ported in hi-def to XBLA. Japan With more time and support it was able to build up a far better library. Make sure you unlock the hidden level, it's completely worth it. Close to. 2000. There's a port for the PS2 only released in EU/JP caled 'Maken Shao' which butchers the game by changing the camera to a 3rd-person view akin to SMT3. I … Games: Asteroids, Asteroids Deluxe, Battlezone, Centipede, Crystal Castles, Gravitar, Millipede, Missile Command, Pong, Super Breakout, Tempest, Tempest Tubes, and Warlords. Alongside her childhood friend, they venture into the world of "Images" in an attempt to rescue her father. Ported to PSP with its sequel (Power Stone Collection), but get ready to squint if you want to make anything out. Atlus Also has split-screen BRO-op! Will it be gdemu compatible. A manga version, Maken X: Anotherauthored and drawn by Kyu Hayashida was released on 21 January, 2001. Awesome sequel that improved upon the 1st one. Take the Metal Gear Solid formula, streamline the action, drop the overwrought plot for something that might as well be taken from some 1980s B action/sci-fi movie, and what's the result? Get it if you love arcade-y ness and whatnot. Widely considered one of the finest Dreamcast shooters. Second installment of Takumi’s GigaWing series originally on Naomi released for home. Same ol' Virtua Fighter, but better. This motherfucker was revolutionary back in the day and is still fun as hell and worth a pick up at a flea market or major gaming store. This creates and encourages crazy mad combos. Way less clunky than pressing up on the D-pad. All but one were playable in Shenmue 1 and 2, but it's convenient to have them all promptly available on a single disc. Now with online and other shit. Zip would be 85282. I grew up playing that game on PC (it was my favorite game for years) and always thought the computer version was superior to all others I'd tried. they removed the swastikas from the US/PAL version, that's about it. G.Rev’s first post-mortem Dreamcast shmup. There's also a time limit. You press the buttons in tune with the circle thingy! A great port, including the High Definition pack and the Blue Shift expansion (both in fact created for this version and later ported to the PC). Also have GBA edition. Despite the similar name, this is not related to arcade-only. Port from CPS-2 arcade system. CRAZY fun with another player to compete against! Good game its got enhanced graphics and all that shit. Also homoerotic endings (. Extremely grindy but fun. Fact. It's the same formula since the first Tomb Raider with all the good things (great level designs, clever puzzles, good orchestral music, etc) and bad things (stiffy controls, bad camera, etc), but with new moves, new weapons, and a great improvement in graphics in comparison with the Playstation version. Quite bare, it lacks the "museum" from the Namco Museum titles for the Playstation. Posted by 1 day ago [USA-TX][H]Dreamcast, Saturn, N64, DS, Wii, PSX, PS2, XBOX, 360 [W]PayPal. YES! Hacks exists to port the English voice acting to the DC. Close. Phantasy Star Online Ver 2 (with functioning online) 2. Another helicopter shmup this time from Psikyo. Maqiupai (New) Dreamcast. 4. Make sure you get the copy marked "Hot! Boss battles are 3D arena battles, by contrast. B Button- Cancel selection. I played the DC version, so I can’t say which is better. Designed by Frédérick Raynal who's responsible for every underrated game ever from Little Big Adventure to Fade to Black and Soul Bubbles. This is basically a SD card slot that you shove into the console in place of the disc drive. A very tongue-in-cheek parody of the horror B-movie clichés. Narrated by Leonard motherfucking Nemoy. Sega Sports Tennis 2K2 (which is really Virtua Tennis 2) is a fun, arcade-y tennis game with an RPG-ish career mode. You're part of a mercenary team, flying to protect a fledgling nation from rebels trying to force a reunification. Everyone has to start somewhere, and the Dreamcast is an idea of how to make games for consoles. I know you mentioned you are not interested in fighting games, but for me playing Project Justice and Capcom vs SNK 2 Pro are great. The official servers were closed down a long time ago, but there are fan servers to connect to. Please read the full rules in the Wiki and all stickied threads before posting. This was the version ported to later consoles as. Pick it up if you're an MK fan looking for a dreamcast entry. Also on GC and PS2, and as part of the "Ultimate Shooting Collection" for the Wii. On a fuckton of other consoles (Sat, PS1, GBA, PS2, PSP), some with additional features, so this one might be easier to come by. Puzzlan goodness. You play an egg-shaped robot recently dug out of a ruin and re-activated, now trying to uncover your past. Ikaruga 14. X Button- Attack. The fact it had Puck is nice. JP-only, no translation as of yet. Darkstalkers, in 2 of thier best literations from the JP circuit. I'm afraid such games are few, since many have been later ported to Gamecube or PS2 with superior graphics. Soul Calibur 5. I think 140 million people and counting already voted. If you know and speak moonspeak, there's an updated version on the DC and sequel on the PS2. This game is so fucking good nobody at metacritic scored it below a 90. Later also released on PS2, with cel-shaded graphics and actual voice acting (it's debatable if these are improvements).