Enfield Rifles made by Winchester, Remington and Eddystone. Dated 1905. $35.00, WW2 Original 20 Round Carton of Winchester Manufactured M1911 .45 Ammo as used with the Colt, Remington and Ithaca pistols as well as M3 Grease Gun and Thompson SMGs. TIA, Bfryar44 “There's not much I can … War Department,Web. Also reproduction M-76's for the M-14 that are very reasonable. $80.00, WW2 .30 Caliber M1 Carbine original sealed 50 round carton of Grenade Launching Cartridges. Warning: This is a relatively older thread This discussion is older than 360 days. Reliance Contract number 92,000 - 60,108 Revision A/B = 31,892 Revision C, Total 1st Run Revision C 178,988K - 31,892 Reliance Revision C = 147,096 KM Revision C. In reviewing the photos on hand that illustrate usage of the M8 grenade launcher, the single theme that stands out to me is "Who was issued the M8" - within the Infantry Regiment we come back to Drivers, Messengers, Ammunition Bearers, Communications Sergeants, Reconnaissance Sergeants and Buglers. See Policy for Shipping. There were two major production runs of the M8 grenade launcher during the war. - Bugler (Driver of 1/4 ton truck, Jeep) U.S. WWII Resin Dummy Lemon Fragmentation Grenade. This simplification eliminates an unnecessary production task. 7-16, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, Infantry Battalion (Feb 26, 1944):MilitaryResearch.Org. 7-13, Service Company, Infantry Regiment (Feb 26, 1944):MilitaryResearch.Org. Complete with caps. Civilian Production Administration, 1947. Military Collectibles and Historical Americana, Original 60 Round Krag Ammo Bandoleer with all 60 rounds of ammo as issued with the Springfield Krag Carbine and rifle and worn over the shoulder for additional ammo in combat. First, looking for when did the switch happen from a design perspective-. Knapp Monarch was back in production with a contract for 48,000 that was revised up. display with rifles and cartridge belts. Love that show. War Production Board. Great for filling belts, MG links, etc. Exc sealed carton. 7-14, Infantry Cannon Company (Feb 26, 1944):MilitaryResearch.Org. Rare. Marked with original style maker marks of "Reliance Machine", which was a maker of original production M8 Launchers. $100.00, M1909 Cot .45 Caliber DA Revolver Ammo Carton w/ Full Contents, M1909 Colt .45 DA Revolver carton of ammo with full contents, Frankford Arsenal, dated 1912. This fills in the values for the 1st column (A&B). M7 Grenade Launcher. The lot $10.00, WW1 Sealed US Army Remington UMC contract carton of 24 Revolver Ball Cartridges Caliber .45 Model of 1911 in clips for Double Action Colt and Smith &Wesson Revolvers Caliber .45 of Model 1917. 30 May 2015, Table of Organization and Equipment No. Reliance and Sun Ray's contracts were not renewed after their original orders, but Knapp-Monarch maintained M8 production until July of 1944 when its initial contract was fulfilled.". 30 May 2015, Table of Organization and Equipment No. Sell a Similar Item. U.S. Infantry Weapons of World War II. War Department,Web. This article should serve as a jumping off point for your own unit specific research, starting with your TO&E, photographs, G4 Supply records, memoirs and secondary sources. Exc. If the individual was issued a M1 Garand, they had a M7 launcher - if the individual was in a support role and issued a M1 carbine, they had a M8 launcher. Rare. 227-229. $390.00, WW2 Caliber 30 M2 Armor Piercing 20 round sealed box of Ammunition made at Twin Cities Ordnance Plant. Lincoln, RI: Andrew Mowbray Pub., 1994. Each box marked "US Property" complete with all 25 rounds of Skeet Shot shells. As of January 22nd 1944, Reliance's contract was for 92K launchers total. Condition, Scarce. The split ring spring and nut each had to be individually adjusted and checked for the correct tension on a rifle grenade. $45.00, Civil War Lacquered Tin box of Percussion Caps for Colt 1851 or M1860 Army Revolver, Etc. No label on carton. - Bugler (Driver of 3/4 ton truck, Weapons Carrier) $65.00, WW2 Carton of 50 M1 Carbine Tracer Cartridges, Rare, WW2 Carton of 50 M1 Carbine Tracer Cartridges M16. Ammunition Bearers (Heavy Weapons Company - can tell because the blown up jeep was carrying 81mm Heavy M56/M57 ammunition tubes scattered about): Communications Sergeant: (Note the TL29 and tape rolls). War Department,Web. Exc. - Messengers (Driver of 1/4 ton truck, Jeep) 30 May 2015, Table of Organization and Equipment No. $125.00, Very Rarely found WW1 Sealed US Army Remington UMC contract carton of 24 Revolver Ball Cartridges Caliber .45 Model of 1911 in clips for Double Action Colt and Smith &Wesson Revolvers Caliber .45 of Model 1917. Condition, In the spring of 1943, the M7 grenade launcher for the M1 Garand and M8 grenade launcher for the M1 carbine were standardized and production started. Not opened!