It's great for on-the-fly recording and arrangement, such as when traveling or on-site with a Mac laptop. Podcast Editor and Sound Designer from Buffalo, NY. Works Great ! I'm also professional writer, presenter, speaker and author. That said, Audition has the best sounding and easiest to use Multiband Compressor, a +-96 dB EQ, a beautiful tube modelled … After editing several hours of podcasts with Logic Pro X, the answer is a qualified yes. Like every DAW, it takes some time and getting used to, but Logic's tools and interface just make sense to anyone who is familiar with Apple products and music tools. Hi r/podcasting!. I’m not a fan of Adobe as a company who have a history of doing what’s best for Adobe and not their customers. It is a few years old so not the latest processor. Audacity is ranked 1st while Logic Pro X is ranked 2nd Virtual instruments and synths like Kontakt often require more RAM in order to handle the number of audio samples processed and keep the latency to a minimum. It is also the delay between speaking into a microphone and hearing your voice played from your monitors. One often overlooked factor that can have a profound effect on your system performance is the hard disk drive (HDD). And, if you're looking to plug in a USB microphone you'll most likely need an adapter on most models (a lot of recent Macbooks have replaced traditional USB ports with USB-C ports or removed them in favour or thunderbolt). Upgrading RAM is inexpensive and pretty easy to do yourself, saving those precious pesos for microphones, plugins, music, sound effects and any other peripherals you could be purchasing instead of a new computer. An even better and potentially more controversial question would be: Is GarageBand underkill for podcasting? There are likely more approachable products for basic sound editing. 5 Ways to Improve Your Podcast Listener’s Experience. I wish my site loaded up as fast as yours lol. As another I option, I often travel with my Chromebook. His audio post-production credits include The X-Files: Cold Cases, Joe Hill’s Locke and Key. Across the board, I am seeing more and more sound designers make the switch to Reaper (Editor's note: and we use Audition exclusively at The Podcast Host!). Read our, Learn more about Macworld's Digital Edition, strongly prefers Adobe Audition for podcast editing. At one time, there was a wider division between Mac and PC in terms of capabilities and especially available software. More processing cores is the equivalent of having more than one processor, which means your system is able to process more calculations at once. Other factors, like drive speed can help, but your memory and processor are the key factors in how smoothly your system, and therefore your DAW operates. Gamers on iPhone and iPad could be able to play Fortnite within months, but they'll need to do it via their web browser and Nvidia's cloud solution. Hi r/podcasting!. It has 8GB RAM, a decent AMD processor and an in-built SSD drive. Hard drive seek times are often much slower than RAM processing speeds, forcing your processor to wait for the data it needs to process. But, you'll pay low £/$1000s for the privilege! Let automation and Siri handle it for you with the best HomeKit outdoor smart plugs. Random Access Memory, or RAM affects how much data can be held in memory for processing at once. More RAM means more tracks and more plugins. To be honest, Pro Tools will always be my first love when it comes to audio software. I have no investment in either platform since podcast editing is reasonably straight forward. The answer, as always, depends on the podcaster. If you’re like me and already work cross-platform, then it might be worth the switch. With Logic Pro X, you own it for $199. These hybrids can be a refreshing boost to your system performance without sacrificing terabytes of storage for gigabytes. Great point! I’m nothing if not flexible though. Adobe Audition started out as Cool Edit Pro but was acquired by Adobe back in 2003. What’s funny is that since I’ve started using Logic Pro X, I’ve uncovered numerous features that were there before—I just didn’t know about them. I do need to replace the 2012 here soon. May 14, 2014 1 0. Jason was lead editor at Macworld for more than a decade and now writes about Apple at Six Colors and podcasts at Relay FM and The Incomparable. This isn’t a big deal with simple podcasts, but for larger productions (like a radio drama I edited earlier this year), it can be really useful to isolate a bunch of tracks and stick them together.