1810–1881 • KL7H-BR5 ​ Name Other Information Hello, I’m trying to trace my family’s roots on my dad’s side past my great-great grandmother. I entered my family name under the first link and my family comes up. Thank you so much! Family stories state that she was Cherokee and participated in the Trail of Tears. My grandfathers last name was Roberts. Don’t be discouraged if some of them say “white” for race—there wasn’t an option to list American Indian; the only options were: white, black, and in some states mulatto (black/white mixed). Looking for information on my great, great grandmother Lucinda Gulliam Father was a suppose to be a Chief on Trail of Tears… Rhonda, Name Sarah Cox Brookland, Craighead, Arkansas, United States As we have inherited mineral rights for their land and it is on Indian land, (per the Federal Land Management Bureau), I do believe the trail is there- I am just struggling to find it. Is this your Hosanna Syler? Thank you! 1848–1914 • M5LK-Y3K ​, Evilina Syler Nancy Elizabeth Bean 1870 Yazoo, Neshoba, Mississippi, United States, Death 1910 I was also told that our family lived in North Georgia at the time of the Trail of Tears. Any help would be appreciated. 1843–1893 • K6Q7-QZN ​, Parents and Siblings My grandmother was a Kinnaird from Missouri. 1843–1893 • K6Q7-QZN ​, Samuel C Hedger Catharine Yoder They aren’t interested in family histories, and only include photographs that would back up any supplemental recognition or showing that you’re keeping the culture even though you’re off-rez. It was taken in the months leading up to the conclusion of the Treaty of New Echota in December 1835. Step 1. Marriage: 1799 Contact me at my daughters email [email protected] and we will look and see what we have. They had a daughter Rachel Davis born in 1764 or 1768 in Tennessee. Family Members David Vance II She married Albert Jesse Lanham and had several children including my grandpa (Alfred Andrew Lanham) . 6 kids! Malinda married Charles Wilson (freedman), had 5 children, was sold with her 5 children (Franklin County, MO), and died in 1873 in St. Louis, MO. Other Information 1831–Deceased • KCK5-Y63 ​ Family Members Birth William G. Roebuck Death 1779–Deceased • 9KF6-GC6 ​ Deceased • LJRK-MB9 Birth Name Birth Name 1880–1966 • KCHV-W9G ​ Open Details 1830–Deceased • MBRB-N83 ​, Ezekiel Roebuck My great great grandmother’s name was Mary Hale and on the roll for the trail of tears…so was wanting any information I could get. 1865–1946 • K4LL-F93 ​ Thank you!! Sex Parents and Siblings Newberry, Newberry, South Carolina, United States Ira Syler I have a photo of Susan but not on John. Rose. Elizabeth Cloud Uriah Cloud Your ability to find ancestors from the march depends largely on how much previous knowledge you have of your ancestry and whether or not you have maintained your family name. James Alfred’s Greens parents were supposed to be John Wesley Green and Susan Pickle Green Lann. John Charles Cox I just want to know more about little blue hen. Grandpa said that his mother was born on a reservation in Illinois in vermillion county, He said that he was born in Indianola Ill. My last known relative is Cyrenius (Cyrus) Cornelius. 1778–1850 • LC26-P4Q ​ Do you know his first name or any other family members close to him? 1797–1826 • 2WFL-8CP ​, Benjamin Cox 1865 1776–Deceased • MTRZ-7NW ​ 25 November 1893 Open Details I don’t know what the fee is to have them pull that for you, but making a Certified Copy costs $8 and comes with a red ribbon, etc.–it isn’t just embossed or stamped. HI – I’m looking for Indian heritage in Muskogee Oklahoma. The tribe knows this, and it will not be counted against you. I’m looking for any info on ida paschal born around 1835-1840. Title of Nobility Cloud Hosanna Syler We have been told that Sarah Elizabeth was adopted and took on the name Sanders. 15 March 1843 Thomas Piety Cox other rolls listing names of Cherokee Indians, primarily of the Eastern Band of that tribe. I just found my grandpa Irwins death certificate which states American Indian but I have no other information. 1837–1869 • KL1F-C9T ​ Rhonda. I was told that our family was Cherokee and that he changed his name in efforts to keep his land. 1773–1865 • LHX9-SB7 ​ Ann Richards If anyone could help me I would appreciate it. I have been trying to find out more information on her but I have come to a block. Hi, 1791–1841 • LKD7-2YY ​ 1893–1978 • LWP7-BL7 ​ Martha Matilda (Grandma Tildie) and Calvin Owen’s are my Paternal Grandmother’s parents. Choctaw Nation in 1847 Provides Relief to Irish Famine Victims, Henderson Roll – Cherokee Census of 1835 | Native Heritage Project | Catawba Families, Culture and History, Cherokee-White Intermarriages in Indian Territory, Cherokee Ancestry – The Most Persistent Native American Family Legend, Native Male Y DNA Haplogroup C-P39 Branches, Native American and First Nations DNA Testing – Buyer Beware, 1868 Mattaponi Indian Tribe Membership Roll and Petition to Governor, Indians in 1801-1804 Cherokee Agency Pass Book, 1762 Indian Wars – John Martin Family Captured, Jackson Purchase Negotiations with the Chickasaws, Horse Shoe Jim, an Indian Chief, Claiborne County, Tennessee, Further Analysis of Native American DNA Haplogroup C Planned. If you have recognition of any other organizations, tribes, government entities, you may send it as supplemental. 1822–1886 • KP3R-LH6 Any information would be great. Harvey Syler Elsie Little Blue Hen Beams Now, I have family photos of my 2nd and 3rd great grandmothers, and yes they do resemble Indian. Spouses and Children I’m looking for my great great grandfather David Weaver of the Cherokee nation his Dawes roll #30925? 1816 Carter, Tennessee, United States He has been published in the university newspaper, "The Chronicle," and currently writes how-to articles, specializing in subjects pertaining to politics and law. General John Henry George Washington Cox Deceased • LJRK-SYF, Cornelius Hart Thank you. Nancy Butterfield Burial 1801–1870 • LCJ1-YVH ​ Ezekial Roebuck 1762–Deceased • 2BLB-S98 ​, John William Marlow I am at a loss at this point. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Hi, I have been tracing my fathers roots and have found that we are connected to the Montauk , and have found Mongotuckees Longknife Sachem of Wyandanch. Looking for information going back to my great grandfather, Uriah Cloud. She married James Wesley Smith(native american?) 1791–1841 • LKD7-2YY ​ 1825 – 1888 • L5DY-9H4 ​ Birth The Choctaw "Trail of Tears" from Mississippi to Indian Territory began in 1831, with the main removals continuing through 1834. 1827–1890 • LCDB-43L ​ 1876–Deceased • MBCG-CLR ​ Mary Elizabeth Lemons Tachel,. Make 3 photocopies of everything you send in! Christening My grandpa was born in In Indianola Ill. in 1909.He also ran away from the orphanage.When Reynolds passed away my grandpa brought her back to Indiana where he was living, which they both resided till passing.I would love to more about my great grandma and my great great grandma and their Indian names and tribe. Add The Croatan Indians of Sampson County, North Carolina. Female I think they were Creek. Brookland, Craighead, Arkansas, United States His mothers last name was crose. Thomas Richards Vital Information Being from Louisiana, she most likely was not Cherokee but Choctaw. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. My grandpa always said that Nora was born on a Cherokee reservation and that her mother Jane Henshaw was full blooded Cherokee. I could find no record of her parents or any siblings she might have had. Her mother I was told was named Jane Henshaw, Gorman , married William Gorman , which he said that jane was full blooded Cherokee my. 1920 They were originally from NC and moved to Kentucky. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. This Roll is also called the Trail of Tears Roll. Add 1872–Deceased • LHCF-HX1 ​ I am researching Polly Ann Rainwater, spouse of William Oscar Fowler. Cloud 1830–Deceased • MBRB-N83, William T Beams Penelope definitely appears to have Native American roots, (found a picture of them on Ancestory). William G. Roebuck 1820–1885 • LH34-P9S Benjamin Franklin Roebuck Birth Parents are from North Carolina. Nora married Albert Jesse Lanham ,They had Alfred Andrew Lanham (my grandpa) and other brothers and sisters. I have traced one of my great great grandparents, from 1832 on my father’s side. Susan Jones …I am also a GGGGgrandchild in Oklahoma looking for the same information. The story is that she come from one of the tribes in Louisiana, but was disowned by her family for marrying a darker man. Sarah Ann Cox 1836–1913 • LW51-F8J ​ Lucy Ellen Cloud Cherokee (Oklahoma) do their own CDIB (Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood) cards—that, enrollment, and photo are all on one ID card. Your email address will not be published. On tribes or Association,? Mollie E Cloud Your email address will not be published. Vital Source is the best way to get your certified copies of the birth or death records—-it cannot be a photocopy but has to be the actual certified one. Wilma Syler Illinois, United States I am on ancestry . Ailsey ” Alice” Beams It is said the he died when his horse got spooked while he was working for the government making a delivery. I would love to know if anyone has proof that she died on the Penobscot Reservation in Old Town, Maine. Priscilla Downes 1785–Deceased • KD34-G99 ​, Nancy Butterfield My grandfather showed a lot of Indian and his grandmother was full-blooded, but could not find anything about it. Told traces also to Saponi in Carolina. I am a great Granddaughter of Renie Ethel Duncan who was born around 1894. Jane Cloud 1807–Deceased • MCTR-1ZL ​ Family Members 1791–1841 • LKD7-2YY ​ Jesse B Cox ty, I have been told same. I found a note on another site that says his parents names were William and Nancy but no other information was left. Thank you. Mary Cloud Search the Trail of Tears roll at Access Genealogy. Katie Cox 1795–1876 • LCDR-G3Q ​ Looking for information on James l Brock, and or James l bushyhead Brock , and Delbert Brock. One for you, and then pick 2 other people not in your house to keep a set. 1791–1841 • LKD7-2YY ​ Open Details There’s no point in overnighting it—Oklahoma is a 2-day delivery regardless. My grandfather’s Benjamin Wilbure Cox mother was full blooded Cherroke Indian! Add Open Details 1852–Deceased • L28H-TTN ​, Ezekiel Cloud Benjamin Cox Morning Star 1805–Deceased • LJRL-Z9S ​ Vital records. There was almost no political resistance to these policies because the main supporters of Jackson lived in the wester… 1882–1900 • MYMK-T6W ​, Parents and Siblings Private 1888 My GGgrandparents also from Ark moved to Ok. GGgrandmother was Caroline(a) aka Cally Owens. Hope to speak sometime. Add 1800–1865 • LWYX-1B6 But yet when I typed in the names of his grandmother’s parents it immediately came up on the first link of the page. As well, I been told on my mother’s mom and dad side. My Great- Grandmother was mixed Cherokee. 1803–1880 • LRK9-7FW ​, No Marriage Events Is this the info that you were looking for? 1807–1863 • MM26-RVH ​ According to history, my family loved the Cherokee and fought for their rights and land. 1799–1895 • LC2D-DTC ​, William Richards Add Fern E. Syler 1865–1923 • 94YM-R8C ​ 1804–1814 • LJRL-ZKL ​ Any info would be greatly appreciated. Father listed as Milton White Sanders and Mother and 1st wife of Milton was Sarah Sallie Richards born 1814 died 1850. 1841 Born 1789??? Required fields are marked *. All i know is her dads name is William she was was born in 1874 died in 1950 in walnut rudge Arkansas. Add 1859–Deceased • KC5T-JMW ​, Robert Lee Cloud Soloman Cox Hello im looking for information my grandfather was raised on Indian reservation name was todd.