As Rod reaches the wall, Levi watches the Garrison's cannon attacks against Rod, noting how ineffective they are. At this point, Erwin is melancholic, but Levi makes the decision and swears that he will take down the Beast Titan after telling his commander that he must die for them. Kenny Ackermann is extremely tight-lipped about it. Residence The others being Reiner, Bertholdt, Jean, Mikasa, Armin, Eren and Erwin. The MP is panicked and confesses that he does not know where they are. Armin has to restrain an infuriated Mikasa from coming to Eren's rescue and killing Levi. Type of Hero [30] Levi questions Dirk, asking if they are still not at the bottom of the mountain, worrying that it is almost dawn. One day, Kenny Ackermann, Kuchel's older brother, came to the city to see her only to find that she was dead. Levi was born to Kuchel Ackermann, a prostitute who worked in the Underground and was impregnated by one of her clients. He will not be charged for his crimes if he joins the Scout Regiment. Acting Information Although Levi knows that there is little chance of a victory, he deduces that there is still hope for the Scout Regiment if Erwin and Eren survive. Their advance payment is the treatment of their crippled friend Yan, who has already been taken away to a surface clinic. Despite the hatred towards the Eldians, Marleyans still rely on Eldians as cheap cannon fodders to conquer other nations and expand Marley's territory. One of the corpses is that of Petra; her shroud blows off, and her body is trampled. Levi quickly slays the Titan, saving Oruo's life, before confronting Hange, enraged that they endangered his soldiers' lives. However, Zeke snitched his parents to the Marleyan authorities and all the Restorationists members were arrested, tortured and exile to Paradis as Pure Titans. Levi informs them that Annie was the Titan hiding in Stohess, and is currently being held for the destruction she caused. Friends/Allies However, this does not deter Erwin and Levi realizes that he will unfortunately not be able to change Erwin's mind, even though he fears his death as a wounded soldier. [20], Sometime later, Levi selects a number of Scout Regiment recruits to join Squad Levi, assigning them to protect Eren and Historia in an isolated cabin forest. While on the ground, Reiner shifts into his Titan form. He wonders if they could get the information they need through Historia. Before attending the meeting to discuss a strategy to defeat Rod's Titan, Levi briefs Historia on Erwin's plan to make her the next ruler of the Walls, and Historia accepts on the condition that she be allowed to take part in the operation to kill Rod.[28]. Child Levi's short height was inspired in part by Might Adam's Astro Boy, and in part by Kyuzo from the film "The Seven Samurai. )Monster (by Zeke Yeager)Captain Levi, Most relevant positions to the story:Street thug (formerly)Mercenary and assassin (formerly)Squad member recruit (formerly)CaptainSecond-in-command (under Commander Hange). [volume & issue needed]. These people once used the Titan power to establish a glorious empire named Eldia (エルディア, Erudia), and are hence called the Eldians (エルディア人, Erudia-jin). [3], They undergo training as part of their cover. During the trial, after Eren gets out of hand with his words, he assaults Eren, much to Mikasa's anger, as he teaches him his place. [11], During the month Eren with Levi's squad, Hange conducts experiments to try to get Eren to transform. Levi agrees by saying she must first learn how to clean. They inspect the basement thoroughly and Mikasa finds a drawer which needs Eren's key to unlock. The memory is enough to get Eren on his feet. A revolutionary army was formed, but the uprising was unsuccessful and crushed. [11] However, after he joined the Scout Regiment, he came to greatly respect Commander Erwin Smith, whose orders he follows willingly because he believes in Erwin's vision for the Scouts. They have hard skin and regenerative abilities, and can only be killed by inflicting a deep incision at the nape of the neck. The Eldian Restorationists (エルディア復権派, Erudia Fukken-ha) were a radical group of rebellious Eldians in Liberio who were deeply resentful of Marley's cruel treatments and pledged to overthrow Marley and restore Eldia as a world power. Technically, he isn’t a member of the main cast, but he has become more and more important over time. Levi then proceeds to attack the Female Titan, and after a series of successful attacks, he incapacitates her. However, they seem to operate on sunlight and do not require food or drink to survive, and would typically later vomit up the remains of those they devoured. Not bothering to ask him any questions, Levi immediately begins torturing Sannes until Hange and Moblit arrive to help. Anime movie When forced to take leave from his duties due to injury, Levi was seen in a black suit, plain white shirt, ascot, and dress shoes. On Erwin's order, Levi and the rest of the Scout Regiment elite try to protect her from them, but they fail. Later on, the squad is reformed with the six remaining recruits from the 104th Training Corps. However, he did not consider himself as a good father figure. ", "Q: Mr. Isayama, which character in Attack on Titan most resembles you? Pastor Nick of the Order of the Walls involuntarily joins them and Levi keeps an eye on him, with a pistol ready. Slicing open the nape, Levi thrusts his blade into Zeke's mouth, commenting that his body is heavily damaged after transforming into a Titan so Zeke can not transform again while he is busy healing it. [2], Levi is seen leaving Trost District, along with the rest of the Scout Regiment, on the 56th Exterior Scouting Mission. This power only awakens when the host is in danger. The two of them wish him luck as he rides ahead. When Eren gets out of his Titan body and is surrounded by titans, Levi comes back from his tour and rescues the group from them. Before he can announce their fates one of the soldiers, Hitch Dreyse challenges him over the civilian deaths in Stohess District and berates for causing Annie Leonhart's death during the conflict. Both Levi and Mikasa are surprised to hear the last name, but they are interrupted by people approaching on foot before they can question the MP further. Hobby He orders them to chase the wagon and kill their opponents, given the chance.