Detective Inspector Anthony Jones from the Met's Trident and Area Crime Command said: "This investigation is the result of months of hard work carried out by my officers in close collaboration with colleagues from Kent Police. This can involve dealers convincing someone with mental health issues to let them use their home as a base. “No, we bonded on the estate,” says Dimzy. In 2014, Scribz was issued an ASBO that banned him from making and performing music for two years. We’re leaving that world and taking people with us.”. He was found to present on every identified journey carried out by Thomas, usually acting as his driver. Get the latest London news straight on your phone without having to open your browser - and get all the latest breaking news as notifications on your screen.

As long as it wasn’t a rainy day.” What happened on a rainy day? Six of the men who pleaded guilty to drug dealing are also from Tulse Hill, including Connell Bamgboye, of New Park Road, who was jailed for six years. Still, their confrontational videos and lyrics are a soft target for tabloid alarmists looking for an easy scapegoat for knife crime. Unlike the other drugs lines they identified, AJ is the only line where the owner spent extended periods of time in the dealing location. Prosecutors linked them with an organised crime gang known as the "67". On August 6, 2018 police visited Grange Hill, Chatham and found Ryeene Cowan, 24, inside an home with more than 600 wraps of drugs. The group say it’s “slower than grime, with more bounce”. I’ve met five members of 67: masked LD, cheeky-grinned Dimzy, monosyllabic Monkey and zerosyllabic ASAP and Liquez (pronounced “leaks”). Prosecutors linked them with an organised crime gang known as the "67".

By disrupting the activity of this organised crime group, we have reduced the violent activity which blighted local communities in the months prior to this investigation.". Kayce Leigh, 20, of Cassell House, also Stockwell, was handed a two-year prison sentence suspended for two years with a 15-day rehabilitation requirement and 200 hours unpaid work. Detective Chief Inspector Gavin Moss, from Kent Police's Crime Investigation Department, said: "The sentences imposed send out an unmistakable message that there is no place for county lines drug dealing.

The point is: listen to it, put yourself there, understand that you don’t want to live that life.”. Mundle was arrested on November 2, 2018, and was found with 362 wraps of heroin and the phone running the Pepsi Line. Tell us how you feel about a second national lockdown - we want to hear from you, Calling all Londoners, we are interested in how you're feeling about the new restrictions in place from Thursday, November 5, Who people over 60 are most likely to catch coronavirus from, A public health expert has said there's a worrying trend of increased cases in this age group again, 19-year-old reveals what it's like being homeless in London during a pandemic, Coronavirus has made life more complicated for the homeless, Lewisham mum's urgent appeal as daughter, 9, died after asthma left her hospitalised 27 times, Ella, who died aged nine, lived 25 metres from the South Circular in Lewisham, The stirring words said at funeral of Croydon police officer with 'lion's heart', The 54-year-old was remembered by friends, family and his policing colleagues at a service in Sussex, broadcast to his family in his native New Zealand, Croydon shoppers are feeling sceptical about whether lockdown 2 will work, We spoke to residents frantically trying to get their shopping in the day before shutdown, The full list of all the 'essential' shops and businesses allowed to stay open during lockdown, Final details on the businesses which are considered 'essential' have been laid out. Despite the tough persona, LD is sweetly encouraging to the rest of the group. But as the genre’s popularity has grown, so have concerns about the lifestyle it allegedly promotes.

But now tomorrow is good. To what extent are their stories of skengs (guns), dipping (stabbing) and live corn (ammunition) informed by real life? Though the Government may think we’re bad people — our mums taught us respect, manners. “Someone went to prison,” says LD. David Mundle, 23, ran the Pepsi line between London and Medway in Kent. LD, 25, the self-professed “boring old man of 67”, does most of the talking. Growing up, did the five of them bond over music?

He was responsible for the resupply of drugs to Bognor Regis and oversaw the transportation of people to run the physical dealing, working with 20-year-old Kayce Leigh.

The length of time they will spend in prison reflects the seriousness of such offending. They raised us well. They were all sentenced over three days at Inner London Crown Court, starting on Wednesday (July 25). The remaining six were each found guilty of two counts of conspiracy to supply class A drugs and participating in an Organised Crime Group after a trial.

They all showed exceptional commitment in bringing these 16 offenders to justice. The gang operated phone lines that ran across the South East, each known by a different name. Register with your social account or click here to log in, In a pub on Brixton Hill the rap group 67 are discussing violence. You can download it on Android here and Apple here.

The Si Line was run from London into Bognor Regis with 25-year-old Connell Bamgboye as the primary owner. The homes of addicts were used as local bases in the distribution chain, a common characteristic of county lines dealing called cuckooing. ", 16 county lines drug dealers were convicted, When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. He calls them his brothers but the relationship seems almost paternal. Sadjo Diakite, 21, of Miranda Close, Coventry, was jailed for three years and four months. Their investigation culminated in a huge 200-officer raid in south London in November. 143.3k Followers, 876 Following, 253 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from 6ix God (@scribz6ix7even) “The estate means a lot to us because it’s how we got together. Smart and articulate despite a history of brushes with the law, at one point he mentions he’s a Labour supporter. It was usually active when either Thomas, Mackey or Nugent were in the area. LD and I share a surprising personal connection: I was in the year above him at school. But Met Police were able to take down major players by working through pages of call data and tracking the phones being used to flog Class A drugs in six counties across the South East. “It was a kick in the balls, man,” says LD. We still get called that but now we’ve grown up, we’ve matured, we’re business people.”, Monkey holds up the jewel encrusted “67” hanging around his neck.

Telvin Nugent, of Valley Road, Streatham, was jailed for four-and-a-half years, Robert Allison, of Clarence Avenue, Brixton, was jailed for four years and Geoffrey Allen, 56, of no fixed abode, was jailed for three years. Eight members of the South London gang even boasted about their use of "waps", which means guns, and "skengs" which means guns or knives, in songs by the gang. Phone records showed Leigh regularly updated Thomas on the profit made and amount of product remaining. On June 20, 2018, Geoffrey Allen, 56, was stopped in in Castle Road, Chatham and found to be in possession of 16 wraps of drugs and a mobile phone linking him to the Jeezy line. Charity Crimestoppers says victims may suffer from other forms of addiction, such as alcoholism. Whilst gangs used to target young people to carry out their bidding, police are warning dealers are increasingly choosing vulnerable adults, as they are less likely to be picked up by local authorities. No one seriously believes this is a coincidence. For 67 it feels like mixed messages: one moment the police are arresting their friends on guns and drugs charges, the next they’re blocking the only route out of that world. Why going into lockdown 2 is a 'complete nightmare' for this West London hair salon, Businesses across Kingston upon Thames have given their reactions to the impending shutdown, How to apply to be Prince William and Kate's housekeeper at Kensington Palace, The royal couple have announced a new job opening, The 8 best fish and chip shops in London have been named, Two boroughs in particular have a number of excellent fish and chip shops. The MyLondon app gives you all the stories you need to help you keep on top of what's happening in the best city ever. Jailing the gang members for a total of 61 years at a hearing at Inner London Crown Court on Friday (July 26), Judge Benedict Kelleher said many of the defendants had connections to the south London gang known as the 67. "Each time a drug of class A was sold under one of these conspiracies those responsible were committing an act of harm towards the buyer and the wider public who live in those communities who have to suffer the appalling effects of crime and degradation class A drug addiction brings. Its hard edges and slow rhythms are fast overtaking grime as the true sound of London street life.
A Tulse Hill-based county lines drug gang who sold crack cocaine and heroin and boasted about it in their music has been jailed for a total of 61 years.

Pronounced “six seven”, the group are pioneers of UK drill, a British take on a hip-hop offshoot originating in Chicago.

Our. This is a logo. 67 are driven by an intense loyalty to each other and those they grew up with. Did he once bring something into school that he shouldn’t have, something much more dangerous than a knife, which resulted in him having to leave the school? She also frequently travelled between London and Bognor Regis to resupply the line. Of the remaining four who made a guilty plea, David Mundle, of Clarence Avenue, Brixton, was jailed for five years and Ryeene Cowan, of Fenton Close, Stockwell, was jailed for seven-and-a-half years, including five years for an additional firearms offence. It's been 10 years since this lot were causing trouble in Walford! Smart and articulate despite a history of brushes with the law, at one point he mentions he’s a Labour supporter. A charge of participating in an Organised Crime Group for each of these defendants was left to lie on file. “That wasn’t me, man, I swear. I was smarter than school, smarter than the teachers. However in 2016, Scribz's ASBO order came to an end and then he released a tune called Wicked and Bad in which he sent for opposing gangs 150,17 and CT (formally part of GAS gang).
Ten members of the gang admitted conspiracy to supply class A drugs, with a charge of being part of an organised crime group known as the 67 left to lie on file, while the remaining six were found guilty of both offences after trial.

"Crack cocaine and heroin have a devastating effect on the individuals who take them and the society around them. At least 14 of the 16 people convicted were from South London. “I like that you used the word ‘stories’,” says LD, who today is without his signature mask. “Keep it as stories. EastEnders quiz: Can you name these 9 characters from 2010?