How much pouring medium should you add to your paint? How to Blend & Layer Paint for Amazing Results on your painted furniture projects. Layering Chalk Paint on Furniture - We'll demonstrate this two tone chalk paint furniture technique on a simple headboard.This layered paint tutorial gives you step by step instructions on how to apply multiple layers of chalk paint colors. Use as many as you’d like! Use the product that goes with the brand of paint you used. Repeat these steps with every color you choose. Use as many as you’d like! You can repeat this process with as many layers of paint that you'd like. Keep reading to get our step-by-step instructions on. This means that I receive a small commission for purchases that are made through these links. When you're layering paint on furniture the first paint color will cover the largest area. Painting furniture with multiple colors is not hard! For this much detail, a smaller artist brush will work better in getting in all the crevices. I have a mirror like this in our bathroom, do I need a special paint because of the damp and humidity build up??? It was also my first time (outside of a small wood board in class) using this technique, so I wanted the practice! That's good news when it comes to this technique because those are two key things in the process. I think I’m entering full nesting mode and have been trying to finish his nursery... My name is Megan DeLong – the creator & artist behind Meg Del Design. In general, I use 1 part paint to 2 parts pouring medium. Or, using two or more brushes, dip each into a different color paint then alternate them on the piece. Selecting paint colors from the same color family will produce a more subtle layered look. If you need help with pairing paint colors, this. Here’s the before. I love all things bright and I don't think it is really a secret. Pour Painting gets its name because well you guessed it, you are literally pouring out the paint! This painting technique can get a little messy so make sure you put some tarps down and wear clothes that you don't mind getting paint on. Clean the area you are going to paint. Okay. (Ok confession.. that is probably still true today. You'll also receive additional VIP furniture painting tutorials and get a sneak peek at our latest furniture before and after makeovers! I’d been looking... We have been doing some very exciting paint projects behind the scenes these last few months, and... Have you ever found amazing frames; but the glass is missing or you have nothing to put in it? Below I outlined all of the steps I took to create this look and a few takeaways from my experience. I used to love decorating for Halloween, but lately, Halloween just doesn’t seem the same.... "Never paint a piano yellow, "they" would probably say. Let dry completely. I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for this project and found the paint layered incredibly well. It also helps keep the paint colors stay separated longer for a pretty paint pour finish. I'd say mission accomplished! Five Tips For Layering Paint That Will Get You Excited! For the hardware and the legs on the desk, I used Rust-Oleum's oil rubbed bronze metallic spray paint. Do you have a question that's not featured here? I am a proud wife, bully mama, and creative excited to share my passion for painted furniture design, all things DIY, and lessons learned along the way! She painted a... Chalky finished paint gives your surface an aged, matte look that is easily distressed. If you're using a thinner paint you can forgo the pouring medium and just use a spray bottle with water to help move the paint along. I use windex, krud Kutter or vinegar and water. This is called your base paint color. What do you think? ;). Great detail but outdated. How To Update Your Furniture With A Color Wash, Furniture Painting Products & Tools Guide. Can you use more then two paint colors when you're blending? After all layers are dry, it’s time to seal. There are ALOT of different kinds of furniture paint on the market. 2. 31 Creative Garden Features Perfect For Summer, 15 Awesome Projects To Get You Ready For St. Patrick's Day, Cut Up Some Pallets For These 20 Amazing Ideas, 16 Floating Shelves That Will Stun Guests, 15 Kitchen DIY Ideas That Will Come In Handy, 15 Bathroom Upgrades That You Can Totally DIY, Upgrade Your Backyard With These 30 Clever Ideas, Hold Onto Your Magnets for These 16 Ingenious Ideas, 10 Tiny Changes That Will Cut Your Cleaning Routine in Half. I use windex, krud Kutter or vinegar and water. how would this technique work on a heavy plastic round mirror with lots of details? If we used a sandwich as an example, the turkey, cheese, lettuce and tomato would each be a layer in the sandwich. It depends on the product you are using. Now get your next color and apply with a fine brush across the detailed areas. Blogger template was built with, Rust-Oleum's oil rubbed bronze metallic spray paint, How to Achieve a Two-Color Distressed Finish with Chalk Paint, Vacuumed all corners/drawers with our handy-dandy shop vac, Painted one coat of Annie Sloan Graphite Chalk Paint, Once I realized my mistake I made sure to only build up the areas I wanted to distress most, like the edges, with a little more paint, Depending on how heavy you distress, you may want two coats of your accent color so you don't cut right through to the wood, Next, I painted two coats of Annie Sloan Old White Chalk Paint, Distressed with 150 grit sanding block. So I found a $15 mirror frame while I was out antique hunting and transformed it into something that... Last May my local thrift store had a half price sale for everything in the store. These paint brushes are both economical and fantastic to work with! Refinishing something is great but why not make it unique? That my friends is how I achieved the transformation of this wood tankers desk and gave the base a beautiful two-color, distressed finish with chalk paint! In this post, I am walking through how to paint a mirror the easy way; with a... Today marks 38 weeks pregnant with our baby boy! Clean the area you are going to paint. Something that won’t leave heavy residue. If you are anything like me you might say you can be a little eager. No problem! Have you tried to layer paint on your furniture yet? The Easiest Ways to Grow a Bumper Crop of Tomatoes, Check Out These 15 Beautiful Flower Ideas For Spring, 3 Gorgeous Decor Projects In The Oh-So-Chic Geometric Style, These Bathroom Makeovers Might Inspire You To Update Your Own, Get The Party Started With These Perfect DIY Decor Ideas. CLICK HERE TO GRAB YOUR FREE 9-PAGE FURNITURE PAINTING GUIDE. Dip one side of your brush into one color and the other side into a second color, then paint. LAYERING PAINT TECHNIQUES 1. Time to seal! How To Transform Second Hand Furniture Easily! I bought some really cool posters fromTwo Hands Paperie with the assumption that I had frames to put... Hometalk may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page. If you're looking for some suggestions, click here to see some of our, If you haven't read it yet- be sure to check it out so you understand this, Below you'll find a few common paint layering. Here’s how to layer chalk paint for a one of a kind look! Layering Paint: Dry Brush Painting Technique That Makes Your Furniture Look Like Art! Pour painting gives your surface a gorgeous marble effect that looks like custom art!