Live from G25 Another asked 'DID HE JUST DO THE STATISTICS DANCE', Plotting: Sharing a meme one fan hinted that the actor may have enjoyed plotting the reference, Forced? Ms. Lawton Statistics (yup) Ms. Lawton Statistics (I love Ms. Lawton) Statistics (yup) It's a real Chestburster! Let's go! Statistics (yup yup) Ms. Lawton US stocks jump with the Dow rising nearly 600 points and the S&P 500 rallying towards biggest weekly jump... 'Her death is a work of pure evil': Friends mourn murder of waitress slaughtered in Vienna gun rampage as... Emmanuel Macron warns some French districts are 'terrorist breeding grounds' where 'small girls wear full... Are Brexit trade talks on the brink of collapse? [Outro] [Hook] It doesn't take much from Oscar nominee Timothee Chalamet to get his fans excited. Ms. Lawton Teachers would be able to enter ten grade changes at a time. Timmy Hurry up already! In recent years, fans have dug up a video of 'ya boy little Timmy Tim,' rapping about the math class. Yea, let's go (bow bow) Boutta hit 'em with a Z-T-E-S-T 2020 Bustle Digital Group. "I can't imagine what the last couple of months has been like for students, let alone for high school seniors, and not being able to attend your graduation ceremonies.” Pointing to a screen behind him with footage of seniors, he continued, “I'm joined by this year's 2020 graduates from LaGuardia High School, who are behind me in thanking those teachers who inspire us. Statistics (yup) Statistics (yup) While the tribute may appear to be a nice homage to his educators on the surface level, it actually references a previously-surfaced viral video from his time as a LaGuardia student: donned in a gray V-neck tee and a red backwards baseball cap, a baby-faced Chalamet raps about statistics and his teacher, Miss Lawton. Ms. Lawton Content is available under CC BY-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. Getty Images/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images, Instagram photo of the inside of his pantry, “Timothée Chalamet as things in his pantry”. Look at me, it's Timmy T Is that the same choreography: others picked up that he may have slipped some of the Statistics video choreography into the graduation special. ", Shouting out his own teachers Mr. Lobenhofer, Ms. Faison, and Ms. Lawton, Chalamet concluded, “Thank you for your valiant efforts to teach me the art of statistics. Ms. Lawton It's ya boy, Lil Timmy Tim (yah) Statistics (yup yup) The comments below have not been moderated. Statistics (yup yup) [Hook] I'm like: "No means no, let's go" We are no longer accepting comments on this article. Statistics (yup) Let's do a problem [Verse 2] This is all due to making sure the entire high school application process is safe for all individuals. It was the third and final name he mentioned that sent fans to social media to share in their excitement. I got rap bars "No means no, let's go" (shout out Ms. Lawton, we love you) Then and now: 'Who tf made Timothee Chalamet do this on national televison' another wrote sharing clips of the old video next to clips from the graduation special, Too excited: Others couldn't contain their excitement, writing jokingly 'No way did Timothee Chalamet shoutout Miss Lawton...I almost peed', More viral to come: One fan saw viral potential of the mention saying 'TikTok is going to have a field day w the Miss Lawton shoutout'.