Once they are in proper clothing, they serve food on the memorial table which is placed in front of the 영정사진 (photo of their face when they were alive, preferably a portrait photo). The coffin is then returned back to the home. It is polite to eat some of the food offered there. For men, they wear a band around their left upper arm. The body is then prepared and the family chooses whether to cremate or bury the body. (2), More and more Koreans decide their bodies to be cremated. Below are the Korean etiquette rules you need to know. That was in the coal country of Eastern Pennsylvania. This ritual has several parts. Companies send wreaths to funeral of their former employees. For example, hair is combed and nails are cut. (1). 4- When you leave, walk backwards about 2 or 3 steps before turning and walking away. (2) Kevin J. Brenneman, A Korean funeral The 상주, 주부and 상제. Korean Funerals. Before we learn about the actual ceremony, there are some roles we must know. The clothes are pointed towards north and the name of the deceased is spoken three times. Keep reading for the order of the funeral service. The funeral traditionally lasts for three days. This is a post that I’ve talked about when anon asked me about funeral culture in Korea! The meal is at the place of the funeral and other people who came are also invited. At the funeral, you should not laugh, talk to the family of the dead (if you must, do so in a quiet tone or after the funeral). 2- Light the incense and turn off the flame by shaking it or fanning it off. The closer you are to them, the more you are expected to pay. Gone are the days when a man would wear a black arm band for a six months after losing a parent, spouse or sibling. During soryeom ritual a body is dress in outer clothes and wrapped with a special cover. You won’t be surprised, and you’ll make a great impression. A deceased is buried on the third day. At Christian funerals there are candles which can be seen. Some ash is put on the bottom side of the coffin. The hosts stand on the right hand side and the hostesses stand on the left. This may also be accompanied by a moment of silence at the start of the match. The head must point towards south. Women do not wear these bands but instead wear a white ribbon clip on their hair. Funerals in Korea are expensive so every help counts. A piece of cotton is put on the nose of the dying person so those present will see when he or she actually dies. This food is meant for so called messenger from the other world. [2], Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District, M. McKenna, (10 November 1997), Research Paper 5 1997-98: "Different Perspectives on Black Armband History, Parliament of Australia, Parliamentary Library, The Liberal Tradition: The Beliefs and Values Which Guide the Federal Government, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Black_armband&oldid=962966861, Articles with unsourced statements from November 2017, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 17 June 2020, at 00:54. Blowing it out is considered rude and bad manners. For example, sosang or “small service” is held 13 months after death. 3- Move away from the incense and bow once to the host. Some old clothes of the deceased are also placed inside the coffin. This use is particularly common in the first meeting following the loss of a member. This use is particularly common in the first meeting following the loss of a member. We’ve included a FREE PDF version of this lesson that you can take with you on the go. The Christian method is the same, except instead of bowing after putting out the incense, you hand your head and stay in silence for a while. The clothes are then put in a basket and placed in part of home where the family worships its ancestors. When you enter, you should do a slight bow (just lower you neck) to the host. Companies send wreaths to funeral of their former employees. The band is yellow with black lines. It was not always so as Confucianism forbids it as something cruel. Those among other things include how to dress the deceased and organize the funeral. Note: These events are in order and may differ slightly since each family likes to do things slightly differently or leave certain steps out. Underwear and socks are put on the body. Men wear black suits and white shirts. In Western culture, a black armband signifies that the wearer is in mourning or wishes to identify with the commemoration of a family friend, comrade or team member who has died. The ritual is called josang. The phrase "black armband view of history" was introduced to the Australian political lexicon by conservative historian Geoffrey Blainey in 1993 to describe views of history which, he believed, posited that "much of [pre-multicultural] Australian history had been a disgrace" and which focused mainly on the treatment of minority groups, especially Aborigines. 57 Armband Tattoos with Meaning Armband Tattoos For Men & Guys Cross Armband Tattoo. English words for 조상 include father, forefather, statuary, parent, effigy, forebear, forbear, primogenitor, elder and early frost. It may have been more common elsewhere and it might have lasted longer in other places, but I doubt that the practice was ever uniformly observed across the country. What follows is the actual funeral rites. The host or the eldest son wears the band with two black stripes, siblings other than the host wear one strip and usually grandchildren wear no stripes but just the band. Those searching for something simple but creative opt for this type of geometric … The earliest funeral I can remember was in 1951, and no one was wearing any black armbands. Body is cleaned and dressed during ritual called seup. 5- After completing all the steps above, you  pay an amount to the host’s family where you signed your name. After that you express the condolences to the grieving family members. Then, a 영정사진 (photo of their face when they were alive, preferably a portrait photo) (shown below) is prepared as well as their funeral. Uje rites are also performed three times to give comfort to the spirit of the deceased. The money goes to the family of the deceased. When it becomes obvious that the person is about to die family starts performing group of rituals called chojong or initial departing. Some remains of hair and nails are kept in a small bag. (3), References This is called kok. They can be made in various widths with meaningful symbols or colors attached to them. Barin is the name used for the start of the funeral procession. It is meant digging the grave and preparation of the tablet. At the funeral, men wear black suits, and women wear black or white hanboks. Preparation of the grave site is called chijang. Instead a framed photo of the deceased is placed there together with some white Chrysanthemums. If the person who died was a male, the ribbon goes on the left side but if it was a female it goes on the right side and this applies to the band as well. http://weddings.traditionscustoms.com, my new website about wedding traditions. There is also a rising trend where people decide that their ashes should be scattered somewhere in nature. A bow and a short moment of silence will do. This act has a positive influence to both body and soul. Mourning armbands are also referred to as sleeve garters and are constructed of fabric-encased elastic. Geometric Designs Armband Tattoo . In addition, you place a chrysanthemum flower instead of an incense.