Portrayal They hide her inside a box in the warehouse so his En will not detect her. [21] When Shaiapouf flies away to hide the pieces of the Gungi board, Killua carries Komugi on his back and leaves the palace grounds. Ryan Bartley [2], After mastering Go, the Chimera Ant King, who has taken over East Gorteau and installed himself in the Royal Palace, calls for the national Gungi champion. He suggests they make a bet on the next game. The King threatens to kill her when she seems to be going for a losing strategy, but she turns the tables on him with a move she came up with the night she awoke to Nen. However, she is fearful of offending her opponent, since she considers her life worthless once she is defeated. Her manner of speaking was informal and ungrammatical. Fähigkeiten unbekannt After a while, he admits he has never been able to win against her. Komugi Nicht einmal Meruem gelang es, sie trotz seines übermenschlichen Verstandes einmal zu besiegen. Her talent has surfaced very early, allowing her to come up with world-renowned strategies and counter-strategies when she was little more than a child. Because of the poor man's rose bomb. As they place the first pieces on the board, the King reveals his name is Meruem. Rōmaji That's how the royal guards also died. The King develops feelings for her he cannot understand. Sie hatte dicke schwarze Augenbrauen und hielt ihre Augen immer geschlossen, die sie nur beim Gungi spielen öffnet. Aya Endō [10] She receives no answer[11] and returns to her room. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Braun (Manga)Grün (Anime) Zeitweise fehlte es ihr an allgemeinem Wissen, dennoch war sie in Gungi brilliant und genoss das Spiel ungemein. She appeared as a young girl with messy white hair; two portions raveled into ponytails. コムギ He finds her and wakes her up so they can play Gungi. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use.If you enjoyed this clip I would encourage you all to watch this anime in full as it is truly remarkable. Kana Countering his move, she lets him know she wants to stay with him. Art He hands Komugi over to Palm and rushes to Gon's side. Zur Person Sie behauptet, sie sei in der Lage Gungi für drei Tage und drei Nächte durch zu spielen, was sie später bewies. [32], Komugi is the best Gungi player in East Gorteau and the current world champion. She thanks the King for saving her, to which he replies his subordinates did it. Als sie den Palast von Gorteau betrat, wurde sie mit einem Spazierstock gesehen. Komugi agonizes over the decision. Synchronstimme English Voice Meruem & Komugi's farewell (Hunter × Hunter 2011) - YouTube Komugi war eher kindisch, ungeschickt und einfältig und neigte dazu, zu viel zu sprechen. Komugi was rather childish, clumsy and simple-minded, with a tendency to speak too much. verstorben Being blind, she was always ignorant of the world around her and was unable to sense Shaiapouf's intense malice to her. The King simply replies he is dead and was replaced. Verwandschaft Kana Geschlecht Image Gallery When she was attacked by a hawk, she refrained from calling for help for fear of inconveniencing others. [6] He offers to give her anything she desires if she wins, but wants her left arm should she lose. He asks her if he can sleep for a few minutes, and she agrees to hold his hand. She is confused by what is going on and hears Gon threatening to kill her if Neferpitou speaks out of turn again. [15] Shaiapouf is the first to find her, but he smiles and leaves her to die. Brown (Manga) White (Anime) Due to her nose being stuffed up and her mouth closed, she passes out. [1] Not even Meruem, despite his superhuman intellect, managed to defeat her once. He puts his tail on her throat and repeats his command, but she refuses again and retorts that if he wants to kill her, he should do so in Gungi.