I put a heap of KM's on the road ones before they broke, I used parts of my 1989 Pinarello on them to replace the crappy brakes and useless crank set and bottom bracket. The things are basically junk. From what I can gather those first ride failures are most likely down to poor assembly. Its got a nice steel frame that rides better than any aluminem, it has middle of the line components all around, and the KHS warrenty to back it up (25 years on the frame). Well, i bought this bike over a year ago and the only stock parts that are left are the cranks, which i will soon be upgrading. The fork is weak but holds its ground, and unless your riding competion (which i will) it should hold you for you for the years to come. kind of bikes. No more modifying cars for me, and really enjoying cycling. I got hit by a car while riding i was ok took the bike to the bike shop for a check over not a problem with it besides a scratch or to. But you get what you pay for when it comes to bicycles.. Go to your local bike shop – after sales service, better brands and FAR superior quality...and maybe a couple hundred more...but when it comes to cheap and nasty...refer to nasty. For a bike for everyday use under a big rider, I wouldn't trust anything other than steel, or a thick aluminum downhill frame. I bet 'something' has been bent a few mm during shipping and enough to point the rear mech in a wrong way and stop the chain then bend off into the spokes. alot of frames (even the expensive ones) are made by poorly paid workers in asia. Please share similar experience or if you happened to have City Rider may want to check axis seating/free play. Amazes me that people will buy these things and attempt to ride them without having them checked over, falling off due to component failure or incorrect/incomplete assembly never tickles and the money 'saved' buying one of those bikes in the first place is a false economy. If a bicycle that costs under $300 for a MTB only; then I would not touch it and would actually do proper research through independent websites and magazines before making any purchases. *Note: stay away from Kmart, Big W, etc. The frame gives an excellent riding position and is very stable, which enables me to ride and corner confidently. By whom, though? The K-Mart bikes are low quality and a good chance something isn't done right, which can make them a danger. Hmmm Reid spring to mind as a good cheap alternative.... And ask any cyclist there is a noticeable difference between a $100 el cheapo hack (it's not a quality bike – ride a decent bike and see the difference) and a $5000 bike. If this is a solid axle, there's no excuse for incorrect cone adjustment. But then you could have bought a new bike from a bike shop – even the cheap ones there would be a little better than the K-Mart specials. Excellent value for the beginner. a 150kg rider deciding to do a multi foot drop on a XC frame. I have had no problems with the shifting, even though the derailliours front and rear are only Alivio and Stx-Rc. A good bike will come with a manufacturers warranty, assemble professionally and fitted to the customer. Again, you get what you pay for, but unless you are a cyclist you probably won't get it. Personally, I prefer to do all these things myself. You won't get anywhere fast on a K-Mart bike. Why would someone go to this store and purchase a bike? I'm still using a 10 speed bike I got in 1986 – it's had 3 new rear wheels and a new front wheel over time, but is enough for my sporadic usage right now. It should have "brand" name components which go under the stringent requirements and are under a high level of quality control (albeit: shimano, sram, sunrace etc), This guy started work with us a cpl years ago. I know some people might cringe at the fact that I use WD-40 on my chains but it's a $99 bike, so whatever. Some sneaky bloke came and took one and rode off on it...wheel crashed out of the bracket and nearly killed him half way down the hill. Once i get the money, i'm putting a Manitou fork. K-Mart bikes are good enough for the job. I hate saying "you get what you pay for" but in this circumstance, I think it unfortunately fits. I picked up a $50 old Apollo mountain bike from Gumtree and it is awesome and SO much better! More money goes into the R&D and better materials are used, as well as better joining techniques and pretty much everything. There is a huge engineering effort behind machines of this calibre. The freeway road surface looks like a cheese grater BTW! With more expensive bikes in the $300-1000 category you are just paying for the lesser weight and higher end shimano everything. when you get it back go over it with a fine tooth comb and if you feel it's not acceptable then demand a refund. Cell in Sydney is selling fixies for $199 now too...worth a look for a cheap and basic bike shop machine. Exercise Bike Reviews 101 is one of the favourite review site that provide customer to look where to buy Kmart Magnetic Exercise Bike Review at much lower prices than you would pay if shopping on other similar services. KHS 1999 Crest Hardtail Bike user reviews : 4.3 out of 5 - 15 reviews. It may seem very deer, but good bicycle brands are FAR superior to department store brands and good maintenance of them will make them last upwards of ten years. crap tires, cheap chains, low quality parts, plastic where metal should be etc. I think poor assembly (or at least hit and miss assembly depending upon the store etc) is probably one of the biggest factors in dissatisfaction. It's the place I point people who ask me as a serious cyclist where they should be buying their first bike to get into it, or one for their kids etc. Each to their own, but my time is valuable and I’d rather spend a bit more to get a bike that has been assembled by someone who knows what they are doing and takes pride in their work. Anyway spend money on a decent bike I purchased a Kona Cindercone a while ago for $1500 awesome bike very strong decent / light frame. Great frame good geometry and won't break. A helmet is not going to save you if you can't steer out of the way of a car, or your pedal falls off since you didn't know there is a left and right pedal.