But you can contact the following person for ducklings. How much price per child. Most brooding intuition has been selectively bred in opposition to in change for prolific egg-laying capability on this breed. The Khaki Campbell Duck is no longer at our State park… U. P. My contact no is 08765564551, I need 1000 khaki or Indian runner duck baby. Seller can Contact me. As I am very new in this area I would like to get your cordial cooperation. Goat If you keep 50% male and 50% female ratio then it will increase feeding costs only. Add Vitamin A, B2, D3, E 10g per 100kg of food mix. duck breeding farm in your area. We don’t know about the availability of Khaki Campbell ducks in your area. Bangladesh. Reply me on my mail pls. preloved.co.uk . They require a safe place for staying at night and for laying eggs. This advert is located in and around Lydney, Glos. Thank you! please help me in this matter.. you can reply on my email.. thank you in advance…. WhatsApp Number – 7097230326, I want khaki campbell ducklin can you provide me They originated from a cross between the indian runner duck and rouen duck. They’re usually very quiet with usually a smooth chattering sound or mild grunts. Can a male duck be near female hens? I m suplay khakicambal duck. My question is this. You must have to maintain the temperature strictly for raising Khaki Campbell ducks. It is an excellent forager and capable of sitting on and hatching its own eggs. In this article, I am going to talk about Khaki Campbell Ducks, eggs per year, fly, female, eggs, male or female, etc. Kindly share d contact details of suppliers. I have 8, one male and 7 female. We have only Khaki colored ducks. Usually they lay eggs at morning within 9 am. Khaki Campbell ducks have brought the quite revolution in duck farming business. The Khaki Campbell Duck Membership was shaped and in 1923, Mrs. Campbell’s husband, Dr. Arthur Campbell was elected president. Turkey, About Us I am from Nairobi & I am planning to raise ducks for egg production. Adult ducks usually enjoy swimming and keep breeding. ..I want 200 Campbell duck. http://www.roysfarm.com/raising-ducks-with-chickens/, খাকি ক্যামবেল ও পেকিং হাসের বাচ্চার জন্য পশ্চিমবঙ্গের খামারি ভাইরা যোগাযোগ করুন ! Thanks! £30 . where can I get the ducklings in Kenya please? Coll…. I want to buy white runner duck .where to buy . Appreciate if you could provide me the details from where I can buy it. sir I am from durgapur, west Bengal, nd I need 100 units of khaki Campbell ducklings…Will you plz provide me the information from where I can buy them at affordable prices….hope I will get quick reply..THANK YOU my contact details- 07384400364. Alam. i want sell my duck egg For the first few days keep the temperature between 30.0°c to 32.0°c. Khaki Campbell Ducklings. I want to start a farm of 200 khaki Campbell ducks. i do have a 2 hectare land ready to be use. waiting for your kind reply. Hi, Quantity : 2000 + 1500 + 1500 Contact No. You can contact the following person for ducklings. Please contact me if it is available. I need a 120 fertilized Campbell eggs, am in Zimbabwe, I am in a position to pay shipping costs. Thank you! Our geese’ plumage appears to alter all year long, ranging between the very mild khaki tones to a darker, murky brown. You have to be concerned about two fatal disease of ducks, such as duck plague and cholera disease. You can contact any poultry chick supplier in your area. You can use either soybean meal or whole soybean. Thanks for your kind consideration! Please contact any local hatchery in your area. The eggs will hatch on common inside 26 to 28 days. Yes, you can raise both local and Khaki Campbell ducks together. If not, will you reccommend me to some people or institution or hatcheries who can provide me with fertile eggs? I want to go into rearing Khaki Campbell ducks. I am willing to pay reasonable amount. I found the information you provided extremely good. Hello Dr. Tupas Kumar Ghosh Phone no 7679594758. good morning ,,, good farming duck farming. Because Khaki Campbell ducks are egg laying breeds and they are mainly raised for commercial egg production purpose. Please guide us. Sorry! +2347037550308, sir, I am from Manipur, India.Please tell me where to get Khaki Campbell duckling nearest to me, as I want around 1000 at present. Therefore I would like to know if there is any possibility of sending me duckling or hatching eggs Disclosure. The Khaki Campbell ducks are British breeds of home duck. I would like to have around 2000 – 3000 hatching eggs, Can you supply Bihar (ARA )? sir i need 1000 no kaky campel duck in kerala where i can get it Sir, I m from rajnagar of kendrapara district odisha, want start duck business (both layer and meet purposes), plz give suggestions. I am from Bangladesh. ±880 1868669998 If you manage a healthy rearing method and provide them nutritious food and sufficient fresh water then they will suffer by diseases less. Quail But in case of raising them without water, they will produce infertile eggs. The Khaki Campbell duck is a total sensible chicken. 8292631268, I want Khaki Campbell duckling ;what is you max. Your email address will not be published. If yes please let me know from where ??? Comment Text* Ple help me fr making this.I need baby ducklings. You can search within your country (if there are any breeders). In most cases, Khaki Campbell ducks can’t fly. I am from orissa, now i plan making onr farm can you supply me 500 nos khakicambal duck my email ID [email protected], i need 3 month duck, 3 June 2017 There are no problems. At their age of 20 to 25 days, you can allow them to the floor. Useful information .l have greatly needed 5000hatching eggs of Khaki Campbell for Govt Duck CUM Fishery Farm SIPAJHAR District DARRANG State Assam Phone no. It was an unexpected error, and we are extremely sorry for that! please give me detail of khaki campbell duct eggs purcheser near varanasi or all over india approx 4ooo pieses per day. Thank you! 4 days ago. Regards Maximum age of duck 3 month. sir plz hlp me?! I am planning to establish my own firm. Is there any other farm near comilla who can supply the breed or can collect rather than daulat pur, Khulna . When supplied with an average “duck aware” atmosphere to dwell in they’ll lay a greater than a modest variety of eggs per week. Please reply. Female (New born) Seller can contact me M.no.-08210349344 I’M from Simlapal -722151 Rabbit Please provide me the supplier details. I want 5000 piece duck 1-7 day ages so how much your price and time needed please reply me. ” are you sure about this temperature? I am from Manipur i want to start framing khaki Campbell duck.How to start farming to whom I can contact for detail.My contacts no is 8119977989. 8 chicks for sale. 9733266677, I want Khaki Campbell 1000 Adult or Ducklings in Philippines, I m from west midnapur. I would like to know if you provide training for commercial Duck Farming? pls provide me the supplier detail in pakistan, better for me is in kpk for easy transportation.My cell no is 0333-3216396. thanking you very much It will be better, if you can make a small pond near your farm. On an average, a Khaki Campbell duck lay about 280-300 eggs per year. Kindly clarify. please inform if you can provide me some ducks. I want to start duck farming. A straightforward method to intercourse your geese as they age is to have a look at the beaks: Females can have darker beaks, whereas the males develop a lighter, olive-toned beak. Nadia , west Bengal from balurghat (dakshin dinajpur). plz contact me on 923457664321, I want khaki kampbel duck for production of egg…1day baby duck rate …….. 9633192207 please your number and place. Although Khaki Campbell ducks are not a genuine duck breed. Will you please provide me and is it possible to farming both local and khaki Campbell together. Not sure where are you from. And they lay 5 to 6 eggs daily. can call @ 9477476376. I understand that’s probably a very basic question, but just want to know what we are preparing for. Where Can l get khaki Campbell duckling in this area. I want to buy 1000 khaki campbell duck chicks (7679619404)call me please. I am Sandipan Sinha Roy from Haripal, Hooghly district. Sir I want khaki caamble,1500pcs plz call me 9002205207. Khaki Campbells were bred by Adele Campbell around the turn of the 20th century in Gloucester, England. at 24pgs(n) Basihat, Baduria. Hope you understand! You can contact your nearest Krishi Vigyan Kendra for more information about the availability of Khaki Campbell ducks in your area.