Although a rarity, when these people become hopelessly lost and eventually run out of supplies, they inevitably turn on each other. The Wendigo uses this advantage to stalk its victims for hours on end, never being seen or heard unless the monster chooses to reveal itself by means of a growl or a shriek. Another common means is when a tribe is faced with a dire threat, a brave warrior prays to an evil spirit of the forest. The Wendigo excels in stealth, and it is said that the Wendigo moves on the wind and breezes in utter silence. It is thought that most of the curse’s victims are devoured by the Wendigo. The CP transcontinental rail line passes directly through town. Sightings of the creature in this area have continued well into the new millennium. For other uses, see, "Rat Portage" redirects here. The cannibal is then resurrected by the evil spirit, no longer a man, but a bloodlusting beast known as the Wendigo. Wendigo are impossible to kill. Though it's also said that the Wendigo wanders through the forest, possessing people and turning them into a Wendigo—or just giving them cannibalistic tendencies. In 1967, the year of the Canadian Centennial, Kenora erected a sculpture known as Husky the Muskie. It has massive, pawlike hands that end in talons that are a foot long, while the beast’s feet are said to be three foot in length and have but a single toe, tipped with a daggerlike nail. [4] The average annual precipitation is 662 mm (26 in), with most of it being concentrated in the summer months with June being the wettest month and February the driest. While the looks of the Wendigo vary between the different Algonquian tribes, most versions of the Wendigo share these traits: glowing eyes, long yellowed fangs, and long tongues. Basically...we gotta torch this sucker.". Failure to follow these procedures exactly will inevitably result in the Wendigo’s resurrection, followed by its bloody vengeance. The Kenora Catholic District School Board operates one high school (Saint Thomas Aquinas High School) and three elementary schools (École Ste. Besides sheer strength and animalistic ferocity, the Wendigo is armed with formidable array of weaponry: its dreaded claws and fangs. Kenora, Ontario, Canada, has been given the title of Wendigo Capital of the World by many. The Wendigo is so big that the human mind is unable to fully comprehend it, and the beast’s sheer size is enough to make the human heart stop. A dramatic bank robbery took place in Kenora on May 10, 1973. The human’s strength and weight increases greatly, gaining supernatural powers in the process. For its prey, these warnings occur far too late to make any appreciable difference. Choose from a wide range of map types and styles. Like other supernatural beings, the Wendigo is able to infect humans by biting them, causing the victim to become another Wendigo. For the nearby First Nations reserve, see. Sea caves, grottos & shipwrecks on the Due to this hunger it's constantly in a crazed state, searching for new food such as lost campers. The importance of the logging industry declined in the second part of the 20th century, and the last log boom was towed into Kenora in 1985. Did you know: If you use the Roadtrippers mobile app, your trips will instantly auto-sync over... Ready for navigation and good times! The Township of Jaffray was founded in 1894 and the Township of Melick in 1902; the two townships were amalgamated in 1908 as Jaffray and Melick, and renamed as Jaffray Melick in 1911. Among all creatures in Native American legend, the Wendigo is the most feared and powerful. Upon awakening, the victim experiences a burning pain in the legs and feet, which becomes so intense that the victim runs into the forest, shrieking like a maniac, and discarding clothing and shoes all the while. The cave of the wendigo is a cave tucked out of the way on lake Mameigwess. Kenora, Ontario is thought to be the “Wendigo Capital of the World” because so many sightings and incidents have taken place there, and it attracted Wendigoes originally because it used to be tribal grounds, with many Native American settlements scattered throughout the area. The major news source in Kenora is the Kenora Daily Miner and News, one of Canada's smallest daily newspapers. Wendigo are said to have superior speed and stealth, the ability to mimic human voices, near perfect hunting skills, and, in some cases, the ability to control the weather. The Wendigo’s fangs can easily puncture a human skull. Like other supernatural beings, the Wendigo is able to infect humans by biting them, causing the victim to become another Wendigo. It has massive, pawlike hands that end in talons that are a foot long, while the beast’s feet are said to be three foot in length and have but a single toe, tipped with a daggerlike nail. Among the Wendigo’s host of supernatural abilities, the Wendigo Fever is perhaps the most feared. École Ste. A malignant spirit possesses the cannibal, and the Wendigo is born. They have red eyes, with sharp yellow crooked teeth. The elementary school, officially named Pope John Paul II, amalgamated approximately 350 students from the former Mount Carmel and Our Lady of the Valley schools. Slaying the Wendigo: The Wendigo cannot be hurt or killed by conventional methods or weapons, including blades or firearms. Kenora's future site was in the territory of the Ojibway when the first European, Jacques de Noyon, sighted Lake of the Woods in 1688. The body grows in strength and height, growing a thick coat of white fur. Dreaming of the Wendigo is another method, probably caused by possession during the night. "Former mayor to lead council of veterans, newcomers". Wendigo are known to live in Canada and the United States and seem only to live in cold climates. Habitat: The Wendigo inhabits the forests of the Great Lakes and Canada. With this power, the Wendigo can manipulate the weather, creating storms of terrifying strength, and the beast can summon the midnight darkness hours before sunset. Kenora Transit operates three routes, from Monday to Saturday, 7:00am to 6:30pm. Traders, trackers and merchants in the area claim to have been plagued by sightings of the Wendigo for many years. Once the Wendigo has its prey’s scent, it is able to follow it swiftly and precisely, no matter how far away the victim may be. As one can imagine, the judge and the jury were probably more than a little skeptical of the idea of the alleged “possession” of the woman.