Miyatsu knew that if Kaguya were ever freed and reacquired her robe that it would be the end of mankind.[2]. Indra, while powerful, would've stood no chance against her. A majority of Uchiha were actually peaceful and good-natured, but their introversion and social stigma made it hard for others to trust them. Age Several of Kaguya's recited poems refer to the original princess' disappointment over her suitors' deception; ironic, as Kaguya's resurrection depends on the objects being authentic, but three of them are "activated" with poems about the originals being fakes. Raising her sword above her head, Kaguya chanted another spell, her sword shining with a brilliant light, finally culminating in a large ball of fiery energy. As each was dropped into the water, a poem from the Tale was recited by either Kaguya or Kanna. Having Team 7 face off against the strongest character in history isn’t enough to ensure that the fight will be engaging and entertaining to read/watch. Naraku represents the antithesis of everything Kaguya values; namely, beauty and power. Inuyasha was only saved from annihilation thanks to the timely usage by Kagome of her osuwari command. Naruto stated that unlike all his previous foes, he couldn't empathise with Kaguya at all, as he felt she completely lacked a heart. Indra also wielded a sword in battle. being the Ten Tails, uses Black Zetsu to take over Madara's body. Unlike him, she re-attains her body in the flesh. She also retained the ability to mould chakra even though she was hit with nine different variations of the Rasenshuriken and only escaped with superficial damage. Kaguya remained sealed for 50 years until she was discovered by two yōkai, Kagura and Kanna. As noted by her son Hagoromo, Kaguya was once truly a good and caring person. The hanyō set in for a second attack and Kaguya removed her cape, ready to do battle. Kara, Non-canon Kaguya looking queen af on the new Naruto game. The lake's waters began to rise in tumult, as a large rock rose out of its depths to join the one already in place behind Kaguya's castle. However, the color scheme is different (Kaguya—turquoise beads with pearls; Inuyasha—gray fangs with black beads) and numbering as well, as Inuyasha's beads are grouped into fives not threes. Her empress-like cape and armor in combination with her intimidating scowl and even her make-up give her the appearance of a conqueror and ruler, and far from her original princess disguise. Then she declares she hates them, making good use of all three of her eyes. https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Indra_Ōtsutsuki?oldid=4028849, Indra comes from the word "Indra", which literally means "King of Gods" in, The rivalry of Indra and Asura and their descendants (Uchiha and Senju) is derived from Hindu and Buddhist religions where the Gods, led by. Nachdem sie die Frucht gegessen hatte, war sie in der Lage, Chakra einzusetzen und beendete damit ganz alleine den Krieg. Kaguya thought it was foolish for her foes to confront in her in her own domain, and awaited their ensuing destruction. Kaguya then returned to the normal dimension, only to find that Naruto's shadow clone army didn't disperse. She calls half-demons "unsightly" and does not consider them beautiful at all, completely unlike herself. Before she was sealed, and the Celestial Robe was stolen from her, Kaguya slaughtered innocent villagers nearby, despite the fact that she had no idea whether or not they were complicit in the theft, simply to satiate her unfathomable rage. However, Kaguya betrayed and severely injured Isshiki before that can happen. Physical information Kaguya's ability to discern the desires of others' hearts allowed her to peer inside Inuyasha's soul, and she discovered his wish to become a full-fledged demon.