I can't expect to feel a certain way about myself by reacting to others. Juno in the seventh house - "When Juno wields her scepter of authority in the house of relationships, you may spend the early part of your life quite unconscious of your own power and capacities, and project rather too much onto other people. I could sense Joan’s disdain for female empowerment, and Bob’s seeming disdain for women–well, strong women. His North Node is actually Conjunct My Sun/moon midpoint. Find out how to get it for free. . Your parental role model was less than secure in your subconscious perceptions, though it may seem fine on an external level. Shop Compatibility ReportsMidara’s Relationship Review, Birthday Report Package Deluxe Transit Report – 1 Year Get A Natal Chart ReportProgressed Chart Report Deluxe Asteroids Report Get A Solar Return Report Get A Lunar Return Report Child Natal Report 1 Year Transit Report – Outer Planets, Find Your Soulmate Saturn Transit the 12th House Using Astrology To Get What You Want. Juno in Libra / 7th House - someone who is strong and intuitive. Julie Demboski has been an astrologer for 20+ years and currently resides in Seattle, Washington. what does it mean This can be the Juno position that avoids marriage and commitment or that compulsively engages in relationship, sometimes more than one at a time! The Vertex in the seventh house is the classic position for those who are always in a partnership of one kind or another (if only in our heads), desperately seeking one, or have decided that it isn’t worth the risk since our expectations will never be met. …Also, I was just looking at your work-up on your site on Juno between Joan Baez and Bob Dylan. You want a partner who understand you and who is in many ways similar to you. Designed to help you in the 1 minute it takes to read them. @dolce We will have 3 fixed sun signs in our house, so ... @vesta "But when I get this sociopathic tingly vibes fr... Jupiter Conjunct Saturn in Aquarius: Dec 21, 2020 – Effects By House, Sign up to be notified when the blog updates, Get updates in digest form (3 emails per week). Replied , my Juno is in 5th house libra birth date = 23-08-1998 time = 02:25am You are really giving me something to think about, regarding why I haven’t been able to get myself motivated career-wise, when you state that in the 10th, Juno may fear having no privacy. Juno in Libra here, not my 7th House though. Juno in the 1st makes empowerment issues very personal; they will feel like a test of the personality you are presenting to the world. Although it is a psychological truism that one encounters in others what is actually within oneself, this is especially true for you, and presents you with important lessons in being and doing the very best you can, and reminds you constantly of the golden rule - do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Everything starts with me  is a work in progress for me. But that’s a little disheartening description of Juno in the 7th house! Colleagues may bring out your biggest challenges, as might your employment situation; both can act as barometers for your success at empowerment. If you have Juno in the seventh house you are extremely status conscious and socially aware. My moon is opposition his Sun/Moon Midpoint. Individuals with this placement include Hilary Clinton, Robert deNiro, Kim Basinger and Elizabeth Taylor (who was one of the mostmarried women in the world.). His Juno falls in my first house 1 degree away from my Sun. If you’re a man, the subjects of that house will in some way be related to the mate or to partnership. Contact Julie at: juliedemboski@hotmail.com, Photo of Zeus and Hera on the Parthenon by bram_souffreau under CC License, Julie, I am much more satisfied with this description of Juno in the 2nd house than with some of the other descriptions I’ve found on the web. Sent 3 times a week. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Juno in the 7st House If you have Juno in the seventh house you are extremely status conscious and socially aware. On some levels there is an irrational fear of ending up alone. Sign up for newsletter – Heads Up From Elsa. Solved Hot In addition to our reflective observations, Juno is also very useful for us to understand what our partner expects from a relationship. Sign up for my free newsletter offering astrology forecasts, tips and tricks! And I loved your description of Juno. Closed. Juno in the 8th House: You need a Sex Machine for a partner. Juno in first house can feel incomplete when alone. You may need a partnership more than most people and you enjoy the idea of having lots of children. Forum contains unread posts The seventh house traditionally represents personal one-to-one relationships including marriage, business partnerships, counselors and clients, long-term unions, or even open adversaries that engage in on going debate. As we see in this example, Juno is a prominent indicator of relationships in astrology along with Venus and the 7th house. The very nature of erotic love, however, suggests the stability, commitment and endurance of the seventh house (a divorced relationship involving children can last a life-time) contradicts the risk taking, changeable nature of Eros. What's your experience with Juno in the 7th house? If you’re a woman, you will meet at least some of your empowerment challenges through the matters represented by the house in which Juno is situated. I am Leo with Gemini ascendant and Leo moon & sun. Add that to my 12th house Sun, and it seems that would indeed be a challenge I need to look at. Pleeeaaaase? Indeed, it may be as straightforward as that. I’ve been a little more marriage minded lately, maybe my progressed moon in Cancer in the 5th house. Placed in the house of partnership this person might seek marital, business or professional relationships to last a lifetime. Juno in the 9th makes travel, foreign lands, academics, and religion the stage upon which empowerment issues are acted out. Juno in the 8th: Other people’s assets and resources, and possibly those of the spouse, are crucial to gaining a sense of empowerment for the person with this placement. You cannot imagine a world in which you are not married. The dark side is that you can get highly self-righteous about acceptable modes of behaviour in interacting with others and thereby alienate the very people you long for. Thank you, so much! Juno in the 3rd finds communication vital to empowerment; this can make one too vulnerable to gossip and “the grapevine.”. That really seems to pinpoint for me why I never liked either of them! It's hard to tell. You may need a partnership more than most people and you enjoy the idea of having lots of children. Mark all read, Topic Icons: Ha! My boyfriend is an Aquarius with a Pisces moon and he has Juno in Capricorn 13 degrees in his 7th house. Sources: Finally, a useful image of what Juno represents. Eros in the seventh prefers close partnerships to include erotic, transformational unions of the most powerful kind. In the natal astrological chart, Venus and Mars are the “go to” planets of love and relationship. “Juno in the houses” is the third of a five-part series by Julie Demboski on Juno, the “marriage asteroid.” In the first part, she defines Juno, and in the second, she describes each sign placement of Juno, differentiated by gender. These issues may specifically involve situations concerning how much say others have over your physical body. This position indicates a sense that we are not really complete unless we are intimately involved with someone. This can be the Juno position that avoids marriage and commitment or that compulsively engages in relationship, sometimes more than one at a time! Someone who is sociable and knows how to act in the company of people. I think that is why Joan isn’t more well known today–she posited herself as a “strong and capable woman,” as you say, yet her sentiments were contrary, and of the old paradigm of giving up your own empowerment to let the man shine. Our media where I am is so blatantly... @elsa Lol! You are completely miserable when you are single and often die right after your lifelong partner dies. Recent Posts Unread Posts Tags, Forum Icons: June in the 6th brings empowerment issues into the everyday and into the workplace. Not Replied