Honda Ruckus Gy6 For Sale, Did you just refer to the family as a gang?....No just no. An Olive Branch Idiom Meaning, Fj45 Diesel For Sale, Cheetah Girls 2 Google Drive Mp4, Mini Bernese Mountain Dog California, We should all be going to shangrila. Doesn’t mainstream america do that shit enough to us all already? So I’ll completely agree with this statement. Xfx Rx 570 Bios Switch Position, Everyone celebrates it a bit differently, but the main goal for most is to celebrate their love of ICP, Psychopathic Records, and their Juggalo/lette family members. it’s about time we had new rules to reshape the family. ( Log Out / Cuz you really made yourself seem like a fool. Artists who aren't related to Psychopathic Records, Majik Ninja Entertainment, or Strange Music and would like to share their music, please post to our new subreddit /r/UndergroundJuggalos You say your an OG from Michigan? Homie u wack as hell sum ur shit real but get ur shit str8 I agree who the fuck u think u r boss juggalo? Rhoeyce Carson Wife, Fuck if a fellow ninja wants to say “nigga”, he fuckin can! 7. Proxybay List 2019, Drinks To Order At A Nightclub, This new wave shit of FAM shit makes us laugh and shake our heads. as long as juggalos say the “N” word or claim they’re gangsta’s and beat up people for dissin’ juggalos..they’ll be idiots like LOTB around to bash our names in the ground. Darwin's biggest Obstacle. Trump just concede and get it over with. I plan to put together the first ever Global juggalo Confrence to make sure these rules stick cuz if u notice. it’s about time we had new rules to reshape the family. as long as juggalos say the “N” word or claim they’re gangsta’s and beat up people for dissin’ juggalos..they’ll be idiots like LOTB around to bash our names in the ground. Obviously you’ve never had to live on the streets of Detroit. Shaggy and Jay gave us a reason for us to unite and have a voice. Colorado Springs colorado. And Fam, take my word you will not be thought of as any less for kicking some Lo or Lette to the curb for recognizing they are not on the same level of understanding and practice as you. Some call us a gang we call ourselves a fam. What Do Wrens Eat, shit i hope i didnt shut down website if so it was either mission continued or the klan, i wanna to see some voodoo reply by wraith thank you and sorry for if anything slipped literally bone dry no one in my reach to contact, last commenter sounds half gay with shot of heavenly ways of change, mixed with santera. as long as juggalos say the “N” word or claim they’re gangsta’s and beat up people for dissin’ juggalos..they’ll be idiots like LOTB around to bash our names in the ground. Violence is all around us. Only poseurs prematurely declare victory bitch! I plan to put together the first ever Global juggalo Confrence to make sure these rules stick cuz if u notice. And the only JUGGALO CODE I know and represent is = FK your rules, FK your Hate and FK what you think of me; because I have my own Juggalo Family that all think and represent this idea. Please Login or Register. Diary Of Ellen Rimbauer Missing Excerpts, Shih Poo Male Vs Female, If another Lo or Lette ever says you have to accept them because they are family: by all means BEAT DOWN TIME!!! Another one I don’t have anything against, but again, this isn’t a rule. I'm not gonna make myself think who will win and who will lose. First your ass gets a beat down by the COs because they have been brainwashed that Juggalos hate and kill cops. i dont get it.thats fucked. There are Juggalos who are extremely dangerous or are in the game to rep the Hatchet so they can be invited in only to ripp you off. All Rights Reserved |, Triangle Youth Philharmonic Auditions for 2019-20 Season, Similarities Between Flowering And Non Flowering Plants, Frigidaire Refrigerator Control Board Replacement, Slipcovers For Sofas With Non Removable Cushions, What To Do After Replacing Camshaft Sensor. And to you disclaimer to those who don’t follow these rules: I’d like to see you try something with any Juggalo. 1. That should come from our own hearts, not from you telling us. It's just another great tool to help our young athletes. Ignorance at it's best. if you know the true code follow it we have no real rule other than to stand for our fam and be proud of who we are. You do know that the word “ninja” was just another word for nigga, don’t you? We have to accept each one of our family members for who the fuck they are, not what they are “supposed” to be. so without further indue.. Juggalo members paint their faces black and white, dress in black clothing, attend raves together that often end violently, and consider themselves a family. Make your voting plan for, And not in a good way. can i get a witch doctor call my phone number if u know, a witch doctor that can help with my astral propelling annoying bitch of a witch need the wolf-god is what they call him in egypt is weptwawet my dad, the the mission continued, or the klan might have followed me rep that wicked shit anyone speak to jamie, lol juggle culture is the defining characteristic of white people. This group is all about JUGGALO FAMILY LOVE! Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Trouble Free Pool Chlorine Level, Joanna Philbin Wedding, Will Yun Lee Net Worth, Ta-ta!!! 5. The Idiot Pevear Pdf, Some richy neighborhood? You Gotta Eat Here Locations, There already is a code, and this aint it. Figurative Language In Homer P Figg, As an officer we have to decide when we're talking to these guys, who do we need to worry about and who don't we need to worry about. I love the idea of there being no leader. Ninja is what we called each other in greeting when others were saying wat up my nigga. Some Juggalos are gang bangers some Juggalos refuse to be associated with gangs. Juggalos represent what they know based on social location and school of thought. What about a lette not being with a lo is that OK or not? If there was ever a rule #1. it should be DONT TRUST OTHER JUGGALOS until proven trustworthy. It seemed harmless. I live in Albuquerque New Mexico and we actually need someone like you out here to establish what it means to be juggalo the way I was taught when I first became homeless on the street a nice loving Juggalo couple head took me in name Papa Roy and Mama Mary from Denver Colorado and when they took me in they taught me what it meant be in a family that I should never resort to violence that I should never be mean or disrespectful to anyone or call them any disgraceful slurred word so the fact that this person thinks it's okay to go ahead and call me a whore and the n word and the fact that I'm such a b I don't think Frank and Ashley understand what it means to be juggalo they use it to beat up people as she literally beats on her man treats him like crap Ashley thinks it's okay to go ahead and punch people in hit them and try to kill them and all she can do is laugh about it and she wants to teach her baby or her child her child's in CYFD custody right now but she wants to teach your child what it means to be Juggalo so her I did teaching them is teaching them how to kill people and how to beat people up and she is already told her kid that's what it means to be a juggalo well I don't think it does the fact that she's getting ready to have another baby and she wants to teach that baby to beat and kill and hurt people too I don't think her and Frank know what it really means to be Juggalo the fact that they want to other fake Juggalos who go around beating robbing and killing people and doing all these drugs and stuff like they want those two people to let me come and remove my actual Hatchet that was passed down to me they want them to remove it from me because I refused to go to her face and tell her that she was right and I am the N word and I'm such the b word and that I don't deserve to have my children because of her I lost custody of my kids and I've been one of the perfect juggalo family members of my family my papa my mama would have not allowed me to come out here if they didn't think I could handle myself but I don't resort to violence so even though she wants to fight me you just been too scared to step out of my house to go and help out with the rest of my juggalo family because she wants the injury and I have a child to think about and I can't leave him when he has no other family members he doesn't have a mom and he doesn't have a dad I'm his only mother my mom and my daughter how did numb Colorado I'm the only birth mother for my kid I told you remember who had knocked me up because before I met my old school family I was working the streets I didn't know how to survive I was young and I was naive and I was stupid at the time and when these two old schoolers from Colorado Tech me in they taught me how to care for myself how to treat myself like a real woman they didn't teach me how to defend myself cuz we don't resort to violence so because they taught me how to keep in mind that violence is not always the answer I don't believe in violence so I won't fight against this woman and I don't know what to do but I know the one thing I do know is I believe in peace and Harmony so the fact that this woman wants to fight me over some clothes and a blanket I don't understand it she seems to think I stole it and I've been taught never to steal from anyone who's ever done me wrong or whether they have not done me wrong I never to steal or do anything to harm someone else or to hurt someone else or take anything that belongs to that person so she seems to think I did other people that stayed in my room The Night They Came To Stay had stolen their stuff and I even offered to put $500 towards whatever it was they had in my room to replace whatever was taken from them and she blew it off she called me a lying b word and told me I didn't have $500 on a card for them even though I did and because they didn't want it I used it for the rest of my juggalo family so I don't know how to deal with this issue and I'm hoping you guys can tell me what I'm supposed to do or send someone out here to help me but I think you guys are right it's time that people really learn what it means to be family so I had copied your list of rules down and I'm going to post them for my entire juggalo family so at least my family can learn from what you guys have put on your page that violence should never be a part of a Juggalos life there should not be any drugs or alcohol there should be no discrimination and nothing I'm going to the rules I saw on your page are not the rules that I was taught to live by so I'm going to spend everyday of my life living by those rules I didn't even know them I just decided to look them up cuz my family never taught me the rules they just taught me what I needed to do to survive on here so I'm glad to know somebody lives there life the same way I do with no violence no drugs no alcohol no slurred words no inward no b word towards nobody I just hope I can find a forever family their lives the same way you guys do I'm literally out here on my own nobody helps me or cares for me nobody supports me through that my juggalo standards out here so I hope I find a family just like you guys did cuz it's really hard being the only Juggalo of my family out here and it's hard being a juggalo by myself cuz I don't know what to do I've messed up my back and I'm just struggling and anytime I've asked anyone who claims to be my family or friend out here who say they're Juggalo but they're not real Juggalos cuz when I've asked for their help the first thing they ask is what's in it for me and I didn't realize that's what a family does to another family member but I could really use some help trying to get these two Juggalos off my back if anyone's willing to help I'd really appreciate it I'm disabled and I just don't want to be scared to step out my door every day knowing that this Juggalo couple is willing to kill me over a couple of blankets and some clothes that I didn't even take.