Some breast cancer patients already get a specialized gene test to help determine what treatment is right for them. Material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without a link to the original content. Jonathan Rothberg net worth is. At least a dozen venture-backed companies are competing for the title. Sailing: Demetriades just finished a ten-day race from Southern California LAST And treat cancer patients with customized drugs. cache 4h 2m Together and separately, they attempt both to untangle genetic differences among individuals that can affect disease and to develop novel treatments that target disease at the genetic and molecular levels. Audaciously named the Personal Genome Machine (PGM), the silicon-based device is the smallest and cheapest DNA decoder ever to hit the market. 33 Anousheh Ansari Vice President/General Manager, Sonus Networks Wealth $180.3 million--Age 35 Money can't buy privacy: Ansari shares a house with her father-in-law and He thought he could do better. with $4.05 billion, 6 Vinny Smith Chairman/CEO Quest Software Wealth $780 million--Age 37 Smith remains resolutely optimistic: "Tough times are the best opportunities for good companies to become You think you've heard this before, don't you? better." But existing machines from Illumina and Life Technologies can take up to eight days to return any data--an eternity for cancer patients who need treatment right away. 37 Jonathan M. Rothberg Chairman/CEO/Founder CuraGen Wealth $168 million--Age 38 With two master's degrees and a Ph.D., he got a late start in business: "I would be on the top of your rich list if I had skipped graduate school." Rothberg founded CuraGen, one of the world's first genomics companies, in 1991, while studying at Yale. *75% off Pro membership valid for first year of Pro Individual with the purchase of a Butterfly iQ+. And yet, during conversations, he constantly steers the subject back to the disease, even though it makes him emotional. Curagen went public in 1999. 13, with $1.03 billion, 12 Jen-Hsun Huang President/CEO/Co-Founder Nvidia Wealth $507 million--Age 38 Lucky star: Huang was born on Feb. 17, 1963--the same day as No. Please log in if you don't want to post Jul 17, 2017 - Jonathan Rothberg is the owner of the yacht Gene Machine. “If you walk into a lab, it’s very inefficient,” he said. Were we ever wrong. The company expects to ship its first machine, which it calls the Personal Laboratory System, or PLS, in 2007. It hasn't happened. "What is possible now . (Turns out he's too poor anyway.) They cost $600,000, take a week to yield results and need scads of technicians to run them. 26, couldn't find an affordable Internet firewall, they decided to Finally, sequencing could ultimately be a bust if it proves tough to find genes linked to disease, or improved cancer diagnoses and hoped-for improvements in manufacturing drugs. More proof: Illumina's shares are up 700% over five years. 12, with $1.37 billion, 25 Sudhakar Ravi CTO/Co-founder SonicWALL Wealth $218.9 million--Age 36 When he and little brother Sreekanth, No. A machine for massively parallel DNA sequencing human genome. The house is facing the Long Island Sound. In 2009 drug developer Celldex Therapeutics of Needham, Mass. That brings us to the trickiest part of this year's list: the celebrities. Our Super Yacht Owners Database: more than 1,100 Yachts and Yacht Owners. The net worth of Rothberg is estimated at US$ 500 million. brother-in-law. With three children under the age of five, Bonnie joined the institute as director of clinical development. Jonathan Rothberg is an American scientist and entrepreneur. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. LAST YEAR'S RANK: No. In the company’s early years, Jonathan would bring home sets of newly generated differential gene expression (DGE) profiling data sets and ask his wife, Bonnie Gould Rothberg, M.D.