For now, just one thought: whether you lean left or right, let's agree that nothing could better honor our nation's highest ideals than counting every single vote cast. In 2005 the students were split between the original campus and the new campus. I am JMHS class of 89. Help us take action by donating! “John Marshall is proud to partner with the Washington Redskins to support our students and families to build success.”, Dear #RPS Strong Family, I'm reaching out with this special RPS Direct to share that two students from J.B. Fisher Elementary School have tested positive for COVID-19. The OKCPS attempted to open the school as “Centennial High School” as an alternative school for the closed Gateway Avademy, but this did not pan out. Zombie kids come outta no where lol. In an effort to keep up with changing tastes, in 1978 the hotel went through a significant remodel, with tile paving, gold leaf, and 18' atrium in stainless steel. Call the RPS Family Support Helplne at (804) 780-6195 and learn more about other resources available to families. In comparison to other high schools built by the OKCPS at this time it was considered the best. It features 2 gyms, tennis courts, football fields, and an auditorium. Donations will help fund clean ups, securing of buildings and hopeful restorations as we work with the owners who want to bring them back to life. John Marshall High School Opens of Loads of Love Laundry Center, Subscribe to RSS Feed - "RPS Direct" Emails from Superintendent Kamras. Turning to RPS, Board Vice-Chair Cheryl Burke and I had the honor today of surprising four of our teachers at their homes with the news that they won a 2020 R.E.B Award for Teaching Excellence. If you don’t use it, the Bb footer will slide up. different than it did then. However, that deal was never completed. Some very good pictures though. Thanks to Amado Rodriguez of Oklahoma City Public Schools for the tour. Sign up and get notified about upcoming volunteer events! Once your account is created, you'll be logged-in to this account. Learn more and schedule an appointment for free immunizations through the Richmond City Health District and area partners. Thank you so much for capturing all the little details about the old John Marshall. 3 m2 g, Great pictures, Thanks for sharing the memories. The boundaries changed several times over the years. It is really sad that they spend money on all of that stuff and it is all wasted. Copyright © 2002-2020 Blackboard, Inc. All rights reserved. Help AOK take action to save some of these places on Patreon! Welcome to the official start to the 20-21 school year! Liked it? Hate to see it go. We may be starting the year in an unconventional way, but it is still a start! Makes me wish someone would do something with those textbooks and musical instruments. Those of us who went there for 6 years know EVERY nook and cranny in that school. Click here to sign up for our Virtual Parent/Teacher Conferences.