I’m ashamed of Matt Hardy. Eighty percent of what Jim Cornette says about pro wrestling is spot on. Cornette has been critical about AEW many times before. "If he's going to lambaste somebody, I wish he would lambaste another company other than AEW as much as he does," Ross said. The other 20 percent makes the 80 percent almost not worth listening to. At the end of the day, how well do you perform bell to bell and can you put sentences together to encourage me to stay tuned or to come back. “I take some of that personally. Here are some of the highlights: “I will never watch this fucking shit again. Jim has a huge set of fans and they listen to his podcast quite regularly. Jim Ross joined AEW when they opened their doors, and he doesn’t regret that decision. It reminds me of a young Paul Heyman." I’m disappointed in all of them, I don’t want to see them personally again because I’d have to tell them. Jim Cornette discussed the Stadium Stampede match from AEW Double or Nothing on Saturday night during a recent edition of Cornette’s Drive-Thru. Fuck all you people. Find something else to do with your fucking lives like I have, because I’m too embarrassed to be involved with these people and this industry, because of shit like this.”. WWE Reaching Out To Several Wrestlers Who Appear On AEW Dark, WWE’s Current Plan For Title Changes Before Survivor Series Revealed, EC3 Is Already Done With Impact Wrestling, WWE Cancels Trademark On Cody Rhodes’ Name, Top WWE Superstars Prefer Scripted Promos Instead Of Improvising Them, He was also quite vocal about how they booked Nyla Rose as the AEW Women’s World Chmpion, an inappropriate remark with racial connotations, WWE Executive Explains Operating ThunderDome During Coronavirus Pandemic, Chris Jericho Proclaims Another Nickname For Himself After AEW Tops 1 Million Viewers, Mustafa Ali Explains Leadership Strategy For Retribution, AEW’s New Hour-Long Show Confirmed For TNT. Best boss I've ever had in Tony Khan. I've been able to try to move on in that regard. Jim Cornette criticized AEW on several occasions. Once your account is created, you'll be logged-in to this account. But that's not my call. I’m ashamed of Jim Ross for not walking out on this. "Old JR was wrong, and I don't mind saying it. During the Grilling JR Podcast, Jim Ross talked about the career of Jim Cornette. The bottom line is, I don't think Cornette would ever be able to bend his principles and philosophies to make that work." Ross compared a young Cornette on the mic to a current day MJF in AEW. He has heard what Jim Cornette says about the company he works for, and JR doesn’t appreciate it. JR said he wishes Cornette would stop bashing AEW and see that there's a new era in wrestling, and that this is what is getting over to the fans. He also stated that fans should not take everything so literally. All Rights Reserved. Ross responded with the following. It's a different world. He has heard what Jim Cornette says about the company he works for, and JR doesn’t appreciate it. And Tony Khan can take his sports based presentation and shove it up his fucking ass.”, “They’re all fucking morons for doing this. “We’re still friends,” Ross said, “we’ve never agreed on all kinds of things because he is the kind of guy that rarely has a compromising moment. Jim Cornette Goes on Negative Rant About AEW Stadium Stampede Match. "I'm not telling you I like it, I'm telling you that's what it is. Ross continued to mention how he's made changes to his style and his perception of the business compared to what it was for him in the past. "There's talents in AEW that I didn't have the utmost confidence in that Tony Khan did," Ross said. At age 22, Ross said Cornette was one of the best promos in the wrestling business and one of the most talented managers at the time. I’m ashamed of Matt Hardy. You can't manage them exactly the same." 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And it’s the last time I’ll be fucking watching this horseshit. Cody revealed on social media that he has tremendous respect for Jim and that he did not mind what Jim said. The world is changing, and a lot of us just have to change with it or get out. "I take some of that personally. He has come down on their booking, and their in-ring work as well. That's why this kid MJF is going to be such a star, and a bigger star as the days go on. We got a lot of smaller guys in AEW that can do that." On a recent edition of Cornette’s Drive-Thru, Jim Cornette discussed the Stadium Stampede match from AEW Double or Nothing on Saturday night. You get along or you move along in today’s world, where you’re talking to young talents that have been raised in different homes, with different philosophies, and a different era than we were. Below is a recent heated Twitter exchange between Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer and Old School Wrestling Legend Jim Cornette over AEW wrestler Kenny Omega: Dave I've been sick all week so fuck it. "Sometimes that means that the senior members, like me, have got to compromise," Ross said. My call is to show up, and do my job, and do the best I can to get talent over. AEW has received a lot of criticism since its inception from Jim Cornette. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. "You have to change and be willing to listen to another alternative. I’m ashamed of Tony Schiavone. He said that some people in the business need to change or simply leave. "He's 23 years old, and his skillset is well beyond his years. He said that people like Cornette need to realize that this is a brand new era in the wrestling business, and he talked about how much he enjoys his job with AEW. Here are some of the highlights: “I will never watch this fucking shit again. When you login first time using a Social Login button, we collect your account public profile information shared by Social Login provider, based on your privacy settings. As a manager and creative writer, he has worked for Jim Crockett Promotions, World Championship Wrestling and the World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment (now WWE), and ... Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. It’s a different world. I’m ashamed of Tony Schiavone. Jim Ross joined AEW when they opened their doors, and he doesn’t regret that decision. Ross also mentioned his skeptical thinking when he first saw some of the smaller talent in AEW be positioned as top stars. Jim Cornette still has his podcasts, but not much else nowadays. When I see MJF create his own promos, create his own content, it reminds me of Jim Cornette. Throughout the show, Ross mentioned how Cornette has been very critical of AEW on his podcast, the Jim Cornette Experience, citing some of the talent as being too small and not believable. You can’t manage them exactly the same.”. "I'm enjoying the hell out of my job right now. I don’t want to see them professionally again because I don’t want to see anybody involved in this ever again.”, “If this is what wrestling is now, it needs to die. He said it was a joke, but it was also a sign that perhaps Jim Cornette does purely exist in a place where society has passed him by. The world is changing, and a lot of us just have to change with it or get out. WWE Reveals New Flexible Work Policy For Employees, More From WWE Town Hall Meeting Held Today, WInc Daily: Cody Rhodes Trademark Update, "Not A Political Person" Chris Jericho (Feat. Would love your thoughts, please comment. He said he was quickly proven wrong, and learned that Tony Khan was right to believe in the talent the way he did. "It reminds me where we are right now with MJF," Ross said. The Undertaker News – Rare Photos Released, Lesnar/Big Show, More, AEW News – Awesome Eddie Kingston/Jon Moxley Segment, Page/Omega Hype, Jericho Says He Could Get Cornette An AEW Consultant Job If He’d Just “Shut The F*ck Up”, Donald Trump Tests Positive For COVID-19, Several Wrestlers React, Jim Cornette Loses Preliminary Injunction Over G-Raver T-Shirt – Details. During Grilling JR, the WWE Hall Of Fame announcer spoke about his old co-worker who shares a first name with him. There's things I call in wrestling, and it's been this way for years, that I don't like.