“I don’t understand…” he growled quietly, “I don’t understand!” he screamed, grinding his teeth, his face became more terrifying, “I was the only one who stayed by your side when your parents preferred working rather than staying with you! For four years she suffered with such a loneliness. “You are only a hindrance to me”. He turned around and when my father saw Jason’s face, he opened his eyes wide and my mother covered her mouth to conceal her screams. In spite of everything, why didn’t I get rid of them? Suddenly something hit him in the head shattering it into pieces. As soon as she saw my exhausted face, the In that, moment a smirk reappeared on Jason’s face. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It was unmistakably a toy, one of those with a winding key. Personality Jason Toymaker Creepypasta You are stuck in a cell with the insane, toy-obsessed killer. He started to rave, to contort himself and jerk his head as if he went over the brink because of me. Why did this thought persecute me? I was a loyal friend, while the ones surrounding you only looked for you when they needed you! When I finally saw him, his face primed a bomb that exploded, setting my memories that were buried deep in the corners of my mind all those years free. Jason the Toymaker is a monster that appears in the creepypasta of the same name. Jason the Toymaker was once a human named Jason Meyer. He kidnapped my friends turning them into his ‘Toy Dolls’ and I was bluntly stupid to always admire them! Find someone to play with for all eternity. It doesn't matter to what extent the chosen keeps the promise becau… The terror overwhelmed me, and Daisy’s blood on my fingers was more real than anything else I have felt. It was funny, but he looked like the only stuffed toy that was harmless. A sort of subdued sound… like a wheeze. I realized my parents were next to my room according to the sounds I heard, they must have heard me screaming, but the monster blocked the entrance. ", We run to the kitchen, hearing that monster’s laugh follow us and once we were in, we could still see through the windows, the toy maker’s little factory. I managed to escape his clutches running as far from him as I could. All the rest disappeared in the dark, so did he. I suddenly saw my mother’s eyes, they were wide and full of fright then there was a light followed by an explosion. In the half-light, I could see his evil smirk, as if he was waiting for my reaction. It was some sort of paranoia, as if I was being persecuted by something. What she had to do with it? I put my ear over her chest and heard another sound along with that horrible wheeze, the pounding of a heart. "Jason the ToyMaker" by Krisantyl - MrCreepyPasta's Storytime. She fell to the ground a stain of blood spilling from beneath her body. At the age of nine, something happened to my family. As long as he is the Center of attention he is a cinnamon roll but if he doesn't get the attention he wants he'll be a living hell. Unknown “Of course it was me, my splendid creature! My mother sank her nails in his blackish flesh, which flaked apart producing a nauseating smell, but she could not set herself free since his grip was wrapped so tightly. Jason the Toymaker is a creature with human features who loves building and inventing toys.