[5] He died in 1805 and for the next four years, Jane, Cassandra, and their mother lived first in rented quarters and then in Southampton where they shared a house with Frank Austen's family. 1 0 obj O}�#���X�����F�I�E��X)��c�q#|$ Term Dates; Photo Gallery; Contact; Home; Contact; Share This Page. Spring – Austen and Cassandra attend Abbey School, November – James Austen travels to the Continent, December – Austen and Cassandra leave Abbey School, Autumn – James Austen returns from the Continent, December – Amateur theatricals at Steventon continue –, January – Amateur theatricals continue at Steventon –, March – Amateur theatrical continue at Steventon –, Summer – Mr. and Mrs. Austen take Jane and Cassandra to, 23 December – Francis Austen leaves the Royal Naval Academy and sails to the, Winter – Amateur theatricals continue at Steventon –, Publication of the first issue of James Austen's periodical, Posthumous publication of the second part of, 26 August – The French Assembly adopts the, Autumn – Edward Austen returns to England from Grand Tour, Parliament withdraws motions for the repeal of the, Charles Austen enters the Royal Naval Academy, 27 December – Edward Austen marries Elizabeth Bridges; they move to Rowling House, Edward's residence in Kent, February–March – Publication of Part I of, 27 March – James Austen marries Anne Mathew; they move to the, October – Jane and Cassandra Austen visit the Lloyds at Ibthorpe House, near, Winter? [11] Anne Brydges Lefroy, wife of Rev. The Inspiration Trust is an educational trust who's academies span Norfolk and north Suffolk. George Austen and Cassandra Leigh, Jane Austen's parents, lived in Steventon, Hampshire, where Rev. Austen's death in 1805) and married Austen's brother Frank late in life. Sorry! [7] Austen lived at Chawton until she moved to Winchester for medical treatment shortly before her death in 1817. [18], Jane Austen was primarily educated at home by her father and older brothers and through her own reading. endobj The warmest welcome to Jane Austen College sixth form. [13], Austen met, danced with, and perhaps fell in love with Thomas Lefroy during the Christmas holidays in 1795. She had six brothers—James, George, Charles, Francis, Henry, and Edward—and a beloved older sister, Cassandra. I look forward to meeting you and working together with you to help make your future a successful and exciting one. Attend our Sixth Form online open evening on 20th October from 5pm - 7pm to find out more about joining us. Inquiring reader Lily recently wrote to me and expressed her frustration at not being able to locate the publication dates of Jane Austen’s minor works online. The proportion progressing to university, employment and/or training is much better than the national average.' stream However, Lefroy departed to begin his law studies in January 1796 and he and Jane never saw each other again. [6] In 1809, Jane, Cassandra, and their mother moved permanently into a large "cottage" in Chawton village that was part of Edward's nearby estate. We have established ourselves in recent years as one of Norfolk’s top sixth forms, with our students consistently achieving some of the county’s leading results. We make no apology for challenging our students and having high aspirations for them. It is part of the Inspiration Trust, that opened in September 2014. The ultra-modern sports hall boasts provision for 4 badminton courts, netball, basketball, 5 a side football, korfball, table tennis, volleyball, trampolining has areas also available for martial arts and dance. [14] Samuel Blackall, a Fellow of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, and a friend of Mrs. Anne Lefroy, was seriously interested in marrying Austen in 1797. Wednesday 1st April. George Austen (Jane's father) dies suddenly in Bath, 25 March – Mrs. Austen and her daughters move to 25 Gay Street, Bath, June – Mrs. Austen, Jane, and Cassandra travel to Godmersham via Steventon, taking Anna with them, 18 June – James Austen's daughter, Caroline, born, Summer – Possible courtship of Jane Austen by Edward Bridges, Summer – Martha Lloyd joins the Austen household, 17 September–November – Jane and Cassandra travel to, 21 October – Nelson's fleet defeats combined French and Spanish fleet at the, January – Mrs. Austen and her daughters visit Steventon, 29 January – Mrs. Austen returns to Bath and takes lodgings in Trim Street, February–mid-March – Jane and Cassandra visit the Biggs sisters at Manydown, returning to Bath via Steventon, 2 July – Mrs. Austen and her daughters finally leave Bath, and go via Clifton to Adlestrop, 24 July – Francis Austen marries Mary Gibson, 14 August–mid-October – Mrs. Austen and her daughters visit the Coopers at, October – Austen family takes lodgings in, Winter – Cassandra Austen visits Godmersham, March – Austen family moves into a house in Castle Square, Southampton, April – Henry brings Cassandra back to Southampton from Godmersham via London, 19 May – Charles Austen marries Fanny Palmer in Bermuda, September – Edward Austen arranges family gathering at, January–March – Jane and Cassandra stay at Steventon, Manydown, and with the Fowles at, 15 May – Henry and Jane Austen at Steventon, 14 June – Jane Austen travels to Godmersham with James and Mary, 28 September – Cassandra travels to Godmersham, 10 October – Elizabeth Austen (Edward's wife) dies after eleventh childbirth, February – Cassandra returns to Southampton, 5 April – Austen attempts unsuccessfully to pressure Crosby to publish, 15 May – Mrs. Austen and her daughters begin visit to Godmersham, 7 July – Austen family and Martha Lloyd move to, August – Jane Austen's interest in writing revives, October – Edward Austen and Fanny visit Chawton, November – Edward Austen and Fanny visit Chawton, March – Austen stays with Henry in London, August – Charles Austen and family return to England, November – Jane Austen visits James at Steventon, April – Edward Austen and Fanny visit Chawton, 9–25 June – Mrs. Austen and Jane visit Steventon; Cassandra goes to Godmersham, 14 October – Edward Austen officially adopts "Knight" as surname, October–December – Napoleon's defeated army retreats from Russia (, 21 April – Edward Austen and family come to Chawton Great House and stay for four months, 22 April – Jane Austen goes to London to attend the dying Eliza de Feuillide, 19 May – Henry Austen takes Jane to London for a fortnight, September – Edward Austen and Jane travel via London to Godmersham (her last visit there), 13 November – Edward Austen takes Jane back to Chawton via London, 1 March – Henry Austen takes Jane to London, April – Jane Austen returns to Chawton via, April – Edward Austen and family stay at Chawton Great House for two months, August – Francis Austen and family move into Chawton Great House and stay there for about two years, 3 September – Henry Austen takes Jane home to Chawton, 6 September – Charles's wife Fanny dies after childbirth, 25 November – Austen visits Henry in London, 5 December – Henry takes Jane back to Chawton, 25 December – Jane and Cassandra stay with Mrs. Heathcote and Miss Bigg in, 2–16 January – Jane and Cassandra stay at Steventon; they also visit Ashe and Laverstoke, March or April? @JAustenCollege - October 12th 2020. Friday 14th February . The warmest welcome to Jane Austen College sixth form. From joining the college debating society or choir, to getting involved with sports clubs or drama productions, you will be able to develop your passions at Jane Austen College. )�2���~��H=�]�s����Px=�9��[K��@�7����ĝ3�"�\�`�J�\�`+j�Ɣ���$GH���������������>(,���5 Monday 24th February to . The UK has some of the world’s top universities and our students achieve the results that help get them there. All of our students have the opportunity to develop as rounded, confident young people, exploring their personal interests and developing new passions. [17] Austen biographer Park Honan suggests that Jane may have received a proposal of marriage from Edward Bridges, a brother of Edward Austen's wife Elizabeth, in 1805, but biographer Claire Tomalin dismisses this claim. Wednesday 18th December. – Jane and Cassandra Austen visit Edward and Elizabeth Austen at Rowling, September – Charles Austen leaves the Royal Naval Academy and goes to sea, 3 May – Death of Anne Mathew (James' wife) at Deane; infant Anna sent to live at Steventon rectory, December–January 1796 – Austen's flirtation with Tom Lefroy on his visit to Ashe rectory, April – Jane and Cassandra Austen visit the Coopers at, Summer? ?ĉ��Ƹg��kd6�^#��k�]~���2�bl�_d ڴ�C!�Y�A^nV���B��+H�ٚH�c�Z��NJ��:fںи���Z���/�W���:G�[�� 1W�mv�7p��VdC���No����3ĸ'NW�cgb�|k����5Ⱦ�c�@�#���CS�y. The warmest welcome to Jane Austen College, a wonderful school of which I am proud to be principal. Cassandra is said to have approved of this young man, but he died unexpectedly several months later, before he and Jane could be together again. x��=�n�8�� �?��Y$�(��4�ef0��3=����>8��hDZ���3���*^t!e96�vƖDU�X,����}�0�ߓ�?������|�������}�.���W�f�/��� ���3���w\D�Q��8�eEDI�1R/߿�����w��O}�}���gJhBn޿�$���D�L2s���]LV������ſ��?߿�I���ߠ�1�yє�"�SN�X�c�X�ŊF1� �E$r�o����ͪj-�v�ζU��b{> Friday 25th October. [21] William Cowper's poetry was a favourite as were the novels of Samuel Richardson. She considered poet and novelist Sir Walter Scott a rival. Term 1: Health & Wellbeing - Hockey & Basketball, Term 2: Anatomy & Physiology - Badminton & Swimming, Term 3: Anatomy & Physiology - Tennis & Athletics, Term 1: Movement Analysis/Sport Psychology - Netball & Football, Term 2: Socio-Cultural Influences/Physical Training - Volleyball & Table Tennis, Term 3: Physical Training - Athletics & Handball, ©2020 Jane Austen College Registered number: 08179349.