The story about the singer in his nu-metal band is genuinely one of the funniest things I have ever read (it made me cry with laughter on a train) and ‘Fell Foot Sound’ and ‘Cabadging’ are both classics, though there’s at least one great joke in even the most minor scrapes. Unfortunately what makes him a funny performer hasn't translated too well to the printed page. Listen now on iTunes and Spotify. “They bought this big charity cheque and gave it to her,” he recalled. “They said, 'What you going to do with the money Joan?' I bloody love James Acaster, I do. Yes, please. Yes, that’s right Acaster waxed lyrical about the drink for five whole minutes. James Acaster has been nominated for the Edinburgh Comedy Award five times and has appeared on prime-time TV shows like MOCK THE WEEK, LIVE AT THE APOLLO and RUSSELL HOWARD'S STAND UP CENTRAL.. “They covered the fact that basically, throughout her life, she had given most of her income to charities, so she was like the best person in the world.”. Let me start this by saying I love James Acaster. Welcome back. I recall first seeing him in 2011 on Russell Howard’s Good News and being an avid follower ever since. Appearing on Josh Widdicombe's radio show to recount these stories, the feature was christened 'James Acaster's classic scrapes'. See if your friends have read any of James Acaster's books. Talking about the moment as “career suicide” the 35-year-old said that even when he realised that things were going wrong, he just couldn’t stop himself. Long live the coat hanger lady, she was the best !!! Some of the gags were hilarious and was laughing out so loud .... others were tedious and general skimming material. and they are hilarious there but only brought a smile to my face in the book, perhaps because they were already familiar. He might actually be my ultimate favourite comedian, which made picking up his memoir a no-brainer. But this was a bit shit. Error rating book. The book not so much, at most it made me smile. Yes it's scripted but so is 'The West Wing' and that's why it's amazing.”, “I was never one of those student who thought it was great to see their teaches outside of school, in their normal clothes, living their normal life like a normal person. “I'm not used to performing in front of this crowd,” he declared. Listen: James Acaster and Ed Gamble talk best man speeches and why they hate Simon Cowell. Listen: James Acaster and Ed Gamble talk best man speeches and why they hate Simon Cowell “They had a chat with her before bringing me on and it was a really sweet chat,” he told Thornton. i am now going to go listen to him recount the cabbage story on josh's radio show bc that's how much i loved this! So far, so good, but emotions starting to run high when they then awarded the lady in question – Joan – a £10,000 cheque. Some people love books. I actually preferred to keep them as they were: smartly dressed and in charge, maybe even as role models. This is easily the funniest book I've ever read. I laughed out loud on the first page, and carried on in a similar vein from there. Listened to this on audiobook and laughed SO HARD. I just could never tell those stories in such a funny way! There are a few tales I was familiar with because I've seen him tell them on panel shows, etc. every single story was hilarious (i laughed out loud so many times!!) 301 pages of Acaster hilarity? Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Not just ‘heh’s or fast exhales, actual laughter. He seems like a genuinly good bloke, and there were some funny moments, just not enough for my liking.