Rinse our your tub, and fill your bath with warm water. I’m not aware of an every three hour bath I’ve never heard of that before. Hello gn thank u universe n sa-fo n others for bring obara meji back. Spiritual baths work to cleanse, reset, and restore your auric body. Many people do not know the importance of spiritual baths, what they really are or how or why they work. These spiritualists are what you call “monkey see monkey do spirituatlists” and they’re more plenty than the real ones out there. I have some medicines here to pull prosperity but oonuh have to wait till I am back home, it work trust me! This felt much more authentic. Though they are different, spiritual bathing or ritual bathing can have great effects on your physical wellbeing, as well. The month of February, we will focus on defying and redefining love. The good old Jamaican White Rum, (Gin can be substituted) is also excellent. There are very specific directions to follow in order to maximize the effect. Set your traditional massage expectations aside and enjoy the experience. Giver thankw, Sign me up when you ready…sorry me start up the sulfur thing…. Not all of these frequencies are high and positive. n add salt and pour it from head to toe can that be considered a bath? Review tags are currently only available for English language reviews. I noticed there is no recent post here from Obara Meji is she on vacation? Because many people go through these things with no idea of what is happening to them. What kind of bath should i do to help with prosperity and luck changing if there is any thing as good luck then it has not passed my way. Hi SW, send me an email at [email protected] so we can speak further. Take a shower before taking the ritual bath. Guided meditations are an awareness tool that allows us to be in conscious, present creation with ourselves. Hi Hazel, that is a good question and I will do a post on it very soon so keep watching the site. I was taken to a priest and they smoked me out for cleansing I’m not sure if this is good or bad she also gave me a red ribbon on my right wrist and said let it fall off naturally. SInce then I have really refrained from meat (no particular reason, just felt right) and I… Read more ». Your heart is pure, sweet and kind. I’ve walked here before without any problem, but this day was much different. Is there anything you tell me to spiritually to increase fertlity to become pregnant? Gut Bacteria May Be Controlling Your Mood, Should You Fix It? There’s a reason why they say that floating in the Dead Sea is so good for your skin, because the high salt content helps repair damaged cells, stimulate blood flow, and provides for a general detox. It will be published this summer. I had a wonderful steam bath and massage her last week. I was once told by monther that no fasting or baths when my Mary visiting. They have gone through years of training and initiations, understanding how certain things are done within the universe, time and space, and so with us, we know instantly through divining with our great oracle, the solution for any problems. I will definately remind you and can’t wait. Change your mindset. Oct 20, 2014 @ 12:54:32. She is also a full-time college student, holds an Associate’s Degree in Science and, will became a fully-certified Dietitian in 2015. Greetings Obara! This self love herbal bath can be used to boost confidence and attract love. It is a common practice in Jamaica for Jamaicans to “burn out” a new apartment or house before they move in. Say what feels right. Can Holistic Health Care Give Your Pet a Longer, Healthier Life? bless one and all. Hi SW, send me an email at embracingspirituality@gmail.com so we can speak further. Now, a practical traditionalist who works with nature does not have to wait on guides or spirits to tell them what to do. Reblogged this on Embracing Spirituality. I can tell you all kinda a story. Energy therapist, also advises, “do NOT prepare or have the bath around 6 am, 12 noon, 6 pm, 12 midnight. Use in odd numbers. I will definately remind you and can’t wait. All powers in heaven and on Earth Bows at the Mention of JESUS . Smoke in general will kill bacteria and purify any space in which it is allowed to waft, which is why you should smudge. I remember my mother used to use that for cleansing/healing baths. As important as it is to clean your physical body, it is important to cleanse your spiritual body on a regular basis. You are more than your troubles. I was plotting how to die peacefully and hiw not to upset whoever found me. For the best results, air dry when you get out of the bath. Hi Obara, and as I reached home I stripped off my clothing, tossed them aside and never wore them again. For more on the purifying properties of crystals check out. Here are some common, easy to find magic ingredients that work great in spiritual baths: Herbs - Parsley for purification, love, and overall well beingBasil for relaxation, sweetness, happiness, love, and protectionRue for protection, banishing negativity, and cleansingMarjoram for sweetness, relief, love, and protection from sadness, Flowers - Rose for calmness and loveLavender for purification and relaxationJasmine for purification Carnation for energy and protection, Oils - Frankincense for purification and divine connectionChamomile for relaxationVetiver for grounding, Spices and Other - Sea Salt for purification and cleansingCitrus slices for energy Cinnamon sticks for strength and courage Honey for sweetness. Research what affirmations are, and how your thoughts create reality. im giving my self a next week if nothing gets better i will know what to do. I normally don’t wake up if I’m not working or come here so early. Visualize the water supporting your intent of purification and groundedness. JESUS is ur Solution if u can follow Him how He wants u to. Taking a spiritual or ritual bath is meant to cleanse and protect a person spiritually; therefore, making it different from a normal bath you might do every day. Good luck! Once you step into the water, you are. Some people may also experience panic attacks or anxiety attacks and this is due more times than not to unhealthy energies that surrounds the person. 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