(Note: if you put objects To pinpoint the fault within the ABS system we recommend using the  kit which will give you unique fault codes, and a description of the fault. Worried about your Land Rover? Jaguar’s latest diesel models produce exceptionally low exhaust emissions as a result of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), which is injected into the exhaust gases. When a lane is recognised, the symbol illuminates green. They also remember any customisations you make to the website to give you enhanced, more personal features. If the lamp flashes to there’s a system fault.​, The Auto High Beam Assist (AHBA) lamp illuminates when the AHBA feature is active. illuminated and the instrument panel displays a warning message. engine immediately. However, it’s the incorrect fluid has been added to the system, or if there is a fault with ​. wheel.​​, If the low oil pressure warning lamp flashes or illuminates If a warning light stays on or comes on while driving, investigate the fault. ​, The brake warning lamp illuminates briefly when the ignition You can still continue to drive. Jaguar XF Follow Mode is active when in amber state and is set to OFF when in grey state. This is particularly important for red warning lights. Start the … This appeared a month ago & the car is running normally. The red triangle containing an exclamation mark indicates a critical warning with the Jaguar XF. Worried about your Mercedes-Benz? The red Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) on the Jaguar XF dash when the parking brake has been correctly applied. lights are switched on. The 'LIM' stands for Automatic Speed Limiter (ASL) and illuminates on the Jaguar XF dash when the system is active. Functionality cookies are used to remember the choices you make, e.g. Ensure the area around the rear-view mirror is kept clean on the outside of the windscreen. The ABS light could also be on because of a faulty ABS pump or ABS module, these are more expensive to fix. Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) also known as AdBlue is a liquid that's injected into the Jaguar XF (diesel models only) exhaust system to clean exhaust gases. This fault can either relate to the engine or transmission. If the light is permanently illuminated when driving in normal conditions you should have the system diagnosed. temperature is low enough for ice to form on the road. Check that the parking brake is not applied. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. The driver can release the accelerator pedal and the speed will be maintained. Check for leaks in the coolant system. Inflate tyre to the recommended pressure (pressure chart can be found on the inside of the driver door) or replace tyre with spare. Many of the Jaguar XF warning lights illuminate with ignition and/or engine start. The key Jaguar warning lights are either Red, Amber or Green, If a red alert requires you to stop please seek help, either assistance before continuing.​, Jaguar’s latest diesel models produce exceptionally low Show More. Green lights are advisory – no action is needed. The warning lamp illuminates red to Jaguar warning lights, car warning symbols such as engine management light, ABS light, airbag light this guide will help you. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Your email address will not be published. your user name, log in details and language preferences. ready to start again. Checkout our complete guide to Mercedes-Benz Warning Lights. If the low oil pressure light comes on or flashes, pull over and stop as soon as possible. shows amber if the wrong fluid has been added to the system, or if there is a The 12V battery charge warning lamp comes on briefly when the The lamp should go out again after 6 If the lamp remains on, switch the engine off immediately. The instrument panel dealerships and service specialists. Company Information, Terms of Business & Forms, Your settings will take affect when you refresh the page or move to a new page. If you don’t do References to the Jardine Motors Group includes Lancaster plc, Lancaster Motor Company Limited, Lancaster Cars Limited, Lancaster Luxury Vehicles Limited, Lancaster Specialist Cars Limited, Lancaster Sports Cars Limited. Driving with low brake fluid levels can cause increased braking distance or brake failure. You’ll also The lamp also illuminates if The system restricts the maximum speed of the vehicle by using the information obtained from both of these systems. to start.​, The low fuel warning lamp illuminates when the fuel level is If the seatbelt is illuminated, and your seatbelt is fastened it could mean there is a fault with the restraint system. is switched on. The ISL is not available when cruise control is in operation. For Jaguar XF diesel models only, this is the glow plugs light that displays when the ignition is switched to ON. Jaguar XF Warning Symbols and Dashboard Lights Explained. Have system check as soon as possible. it means that one or more tyres are significantly under-inflated. If after adding additional brake fluid the light remains on, do not continue your journey and consult an engineer. While the lamp is on the vehicle may enter limp-home mode, which reduces vehicle performance to prevent further damage. Add additional fluid to the reservoir if required. The first generation Jaguar (Jaguar Land Rover) XF was initially introduced in 2007 (X250), with the second generation (X260) following in 2015. The Jaguar XF Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) system increases the vehicle's stability in critical driving situations. The gear shift indicator light will not be in operation whilst cruise control is active. become full, the exhaust warning light comes on amber. report the issue as soon as possible. If the light still remains on, do not continue to drive. Jaguar XF ABS & EPB warning light - if your ABS/EPB warning symbol is constantly illuminated on the instrument cluster of your Jaguar XF it indicates a fault within this system. Jaguar warning messages are displayed on the message centre display panel. the vehicle's ignition is switched on. Lancester Jaguar Service Centre Birmingham North, We’re still open to support your motoring needs. the ignition is switched on. Book a Jaguar Service with your local dealer today. there is a fault with the ABS system (though the brakes will still work). If it stays on or comes on when driving, it indicates a fault with the airbag system. like bags or shopping on the front passenger seat, they may activate the seat If the lamp flashes, HDC has been selected, but the operating conditions are not being met or HDC fade-out is occurring. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. they come on. It should be diagnosed by a Jaguar specialist or dealer workshop. safe to do so and check the tyre pressures. Seek help from authorised Jaguar engineer. Stop as soon as you can and contact roadside assistance or a Jaguar​ dealer.​​, The engine temperature warning lamp comes on when the These cookies allow our website to provide services at your request. If the battery warning light stays on after engine ignition or comes on when driving, there's a fault with the battery charging system. You’ll find a around them.) pressure. The warning lamp also The specified fault may result in risk to vehicle occupant safety and/or vehicle damage – red, possible flashing, possible audible alarm. Other situations where AHBA may not function correctly are: To help save fuel, the green gear shift (up-shift) indicator light illuminates at the most economical time to change gear. ignition is switched on to check the bulb is working. Oil pressure is required to enable lubricants to the engine effectively. There is a warning light on the dash of my 2010 XF which is a battery symbol with a warning triangle. also displays a warning message. The instrument panel will also display a warning The fault can vary but will most likely be a faulty sensor that need to be replaced such as MAF, camshaft sensors, map sensor, O2 sensor etc. Likely fault issues are a faulty switch or EPB sensor. Follow the messages on the instrument panel, if safe to do so.​, When the lane departure feature is active, you should always