'; 'can you think of anything the writer has left out here? 'Is this a good title for the poem? [Verse 2] I feel a hot wind on my shoulder Make sure they ask a variety of each. But I only wanna see you when I'm gone DJ Quik switches it up on this reggae-inspired track and says some real sh*t. Perfectly describing all the emotions you could possibly feel while smoking, he reminds us that weed is just medication to help us see more clearly. I only did what I could How can we tell he is like this? Bluntworthy Lyrics: I'm in love with Mary Jane // She's my main thing // She makes me feel alright // She makes my heart sing // And when I'm feeling low // She comes as no surprise// Turns me on with her love // Takes me to paradise. I understand just a little Of course, "Stay High" is a classic but their song "Where Is The Bud" posed a pressing question that every stoner asks themselves every day. Lyrics to 'Mexican Radio' by Wall Of Voodoo. If possible, play a video or multimedia web image of an iguana in its habitat. Bluntworthy Lyrics: Got a lil bit of Blueberry Yum Yum // and I neva would of thought that they could eva taste this goooooood // Thank God for the man who put it in my hoooooood // Its got me singin' melodies I neva thought I woooouuuuld. I loved it but JH was the voice of reason and acoustic guitar and a kind of spaghetti western riff replaced it, which is definitely more tasteful. Part of the success and depth of children's responses will depend on the willingness of the teacher concerned to allow them to interpret the poem through these other methods. Their movie "Mac And Devin Go To High School" created an entire album of smoking tracks but "That Good" is the one that'll make you just keep burning. If you're still not sure if your parents blaze or not, turn on this song and see if they have any sort of emotional reaction to it. Love and unity alone can get to me // Or if a girl, need me. Discussion on the impact of the performance upon us. I hear the rhythms of the music You sure do. What are the key words? Part of the success and depth of children's responses will depend on the willingness of the teacher concerned to allow them to interpret the poem through these other methods. Pretty much everything they put out was legendary during their epic run in the '90s. This begins with noting the rhymes in individual stanzas; and could lead on to how the poem moves the story along (or not). During Wiz Khalifa's legendary summer back in 2010 when he dropped the mixtape Kush & OJ, people began to take notice of the Pittsburgh rapper. These sections are sequenced by the class in collaboration with the teacher, who can conduct the choir, or appoint a conductor. @RogueEnergy 'Please Mrs Butler' is the title poem of one of the most popular collections of poems for children in the ... Where does poetry end and song begin? Back when Snoop went through his Rastafarian phase, he was actually putting out some dope music. Discuss with the children what it looks like, how it moves, what it might be like to touch. Bluntworthy Lyrics: You ever eat a whole bag of crackers that were so old That they weren't crispy anymore? Bluntworthy Lyrics: I'm smoking everywhere I go (No stick, no seeds, just Al Green) // I always gotta keep one rolled (I keep that, need that, got that) // I'm rolling every gram I own (that purp, that bomb, that kush) // don't gotta understand, they know I smoke that, fire that, good that good that. We've all been through our bong-only phase so we all know how crucial this Cypress Hill pro-glass anthem is. When in doubt, always throw on "Pass The Dutchie.". I know you're hearing this song This song was probably playing on every street corner in America in 2000. Families come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. His soulful lyrics about getting weed by the pound, then smoking it, is enough inspiration for us to get through the day (just so we can go home and light one up). These could be closed ('How long have you had your iguana?') Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. And the touch of a world that is older So sick that you can suck my d*ck. I'm on a mexican radio, I dial it in and tune the station I love writing lyrics that are incredibly specific and vivid, but are pretty much fabrications. I buy the product and never use it We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. I wrote a really dirgey piano line that was in a really weird scale and sounded a bit 2spooky4me. The Freda Payne sample from her song "I Get High" served as the perfect stoner anthem as Styles P delivered some classic New York verses. Before he was busy being in the movies and being a grown ass man, Ludacris was making party tracks that most of us were too young to get turnt to. What do we learn about the iguana and how it behaves: from the way it is described? Bluntworthy Lyrics: Oooh, you make my High, come down // Oooh, you make my High Come down // You make my high Come All the way, down // Oooh, you make my High Come down. Bluntworthy Lyrics: High! Get instant explanation for any acronym or abbreviation that hits you anywhere on the web. // Just gimme quiet place and lemme roll my weed // Where ain't nobody in my business don't nobody gotta know // Let all your conscious go and blow it by the O // I'm here but my minds gone.