This family looked sane and honest and I believed them. © 2020 Scientific American, a Division of Nature America, Inc. Support our award-winning coverage of advances in science & technology. The team has encountered Bigfoot-like creatures on multiple occasions, Huckleberry has been possessed by the Mothman, and Trapper gets attacked by a "Wildman" at one point. Since the terrasaur is a very heavy nocturnal creature, it stands to reason that when it does not have warm air updrafts that it would flap faster more like a bat to stay in the sky. This change in narrative allows Chasing Monsters to captivate a much larger audience which appeals to more than just fisher people. They then reenact the story as told as if it had been recorded on a I-Phone. If you like shows where stereotypical Hillbillies pretend to chase mythical animals who keep other mythical animals as pets, then this is the perfect show for you. That had to be the funniest thing I've read in years. ?A smart woman surrounded by goofs,she looks a real goer. But my wife could see it vividly. In 2017 season 2 was released and then in August 2018, Season 3 of Chasing Monsters containing 12 episodes was released in Canada as well as in Asia. The show was then renamed Chasing Monsters internationally. Aren't we supposed to be lights to this world? ..they have some awesome toys too. That it was 'The Angel of Death'. Makes me sick. I've seen many things but nothing out of place, I also never been in water clearer the possibly 200 ft. Then I took it personal when you reviled me on a personal level. And I would never be around any of those fools with loaded guns! Good show for a laugh though. INDEED! If its that big, wouldnt it make a racket running through the woods? VIDEO: Next on Stage High School Top 3 Announced - Live at 8pm ET! And what does the sea have to do with mountain monsters? I've lived in the heart of "Bigfoot country" for decades and, despite plenty of time in the woods, seen absolutely no evidence to support the belief. There is nothing real or even remotely funny about the show. The fact that I put the fish back into the water conveys a very strong message, which most of the audience instinctively understand. Any way that's my 'Wraith/Phantom Bear Panther' story. If anyone thinks this show real, They need to have their head examined.This so-called Hillbilly team are the worst actors ( I use the term lightly) on the T.V. Ok I want to weigh in:I saw my first show with relatives who are split on whether it is real or fake.I believe it is very staged. I wonder what acually got in his eye if any thing. Reply. The re-enactments are of incidents that people tell us about. As a former teacher, my intention with the programs is to educate: to make people aware of these creatures — and to encourage them to care about them. I ask her what is wrong and she says that she feels God is telling us to turn around and go back. Legend of the Hairy Beast (5.) Had to read it 3 times and laughed harder each time I read it. I am a medical professional but I do not go off a tangent about the strange things I see. Now I know what you're thinking, "TV shows are made up, no way! We are talking about the show Mountain Monsters not Moby Dick. (Etcetera) if you were wondering. The success of the 4th season sparked the interest of new TV channels around the world. You habe t o be pretty sure what your shooting at. Wampus beast! Hardy har har!!!! Every Fall, a brave group of fishermen abandon their jobs as lobstermen for six weeks to pursue monsters of the deep that can bring in a fortune. Who came up with the stupid names for these so called monsters anyhow? The list of possibilities is long and Cyril knows that the only way to truly identify the beast is to explore the mysterious waters here, and try to catch it. The footprints they find look to perfect. So when you say you live in bigfoot country and seen no evidence, I can say I live by the ocean and also seen no evidence of these monsters you speak of. Cyril is compared to the Indiana Jones of fishing. . Case in point: You talk like that to them and your liable to get your ass handed to you. Using only his hands and feet as bait, Cyril's on a mission to catch a powerful fish that can grow almost as big as a man: the catfish. And if you think that this is real, explain why their quarry always manages to "escape"? Look at what turning a fish into an actual monster has done to sharks. Watched the show for the first time tonight.....2 words....stupid crap. Only in this version of Scooby-Doo, the bad guys always end up getting away from those meddling kids! Really though it's just entertainment. That was the most disappointing episode I've seen. His second play, "Circus Ugly," was showcased in USC's "Under Construction" series. An ample use of fake blood, snappy jump cuts of people drowning, screaming, and dying fill each episode. At the end of the first episode of season four, the audience was given a shocking revelation: Trapper had a health scare and the team fears that he might not make it. They've created mice that can glow. Agreed. Sorry for all the deletes I deleted the posts I now disagree with. Please, I write you to ask not to blur the line between real and fake for the sake of entertainment. If you want people to believe it's the real thing (and that does stretch the imagination a lot) then at least keep the rope from being visible. Austin is currently a member of Mens et Mensa Society for the Study of Medieval Food and his local chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, as well as holds membership in the Academy of Leisure Studies. Please watch on Monsterquest the Demon Flier episode on Youtube. Big Foot possibly, sheepsquach, devil dog, hogzilia NO! Shame on those grown idiots for putting that crap out there! I love Finding Bigfoot & I totally believe they exist. My wife an I watch the film too try to figure out where they are acutally filming. The show often contorts interesting stories of unexamined animals in our rivers and lakes into fiction. At that moment she let out a scream. They have to say no animals were hunted because they film out of season and depending on where they are dont have the necessary hunting licenses that protect them from actual hunting. West Virginia is being overun with nasty critters then. BUT, I remember going through a hurricane in the N. Atlantic. Or making a little wooden rabbit hutch to catch a 9ft critter-monster. We only recently captured the fabled giant squid on camera. You call the Hillbillies insanity tell that to the lady in Papua New Ginuea who watched a man get ripped apart by a terrasaur. Bears, skunks, racoons,wild hogs, yes, but that other crap? Science communicators have a hard enough time as it is setting the record straight and I genuinely like River Monsters. And the gruesome re-enactments do the same. Buck is the young gun of the group who has no experience but a big heart. We do know more the the SOB type of discription of things in the woods. Though I'd like to give Rannae(?) You will clearly see the head going left to right and the wings flapping. and note to the cant catch ANYTHING being that noisy! Yes the show is truly half and half. He doesn't seem to know anyone very well except for Jeff. I looked and did for a moment sware I saw a black shadowy thing. Christopher Sieber?Visits Backstage LIVE with Richard Ridge- Watch Now! [7], In the early 2000s, Chauquet arrived in Toronto, eventually settling in Quebec where he began working on his broadcast project. We ran for our lives. What could be better entertainment than hillbillies running around the woods with guns looking for bigfoot? BORING...WHAT A YAWNER. Oh my God! 2. I second that!!! I like the show, but of course it's completely scripted and fake. I saw that on FOX news. I'm sure any real farmer would want to put a stop to that ASAP. Let us know in the comments! Company of Angels was founded in 1959 as an artists' cooperative, and celebrated its 50th anniversary in October 2009. I don't think most wild hog would. I hate to think about how many children watch this every week and now have nightmares about things that do not exist. I received an email from the host of River Monsters, biologist Jeremy Wade, who wanted to respond personally to my article. Sloppy piece of video work there. As I tried to say it's PTEROSAUR not terrasaur I was trying to spell. The "thing" was against a tree, and even it was a big tree with a 3ft (across) trunk, the object in question was only twice the size of the trunk, not anywhere near 20-30ft across. NEED TO GET BETTER GRAPHICS FOR THE ANIMALS LOL THANKS FOR READING {GO GET UM WILD BILL AND BUCK} THESE GUYS ARE HALARIOUS, The show is fake because you can tell the way that wild bill speaks it is like he is reading from cards. I love USA. Stocking is spelled Stalking, ether is spelled either, due drugs is correctly spelled do drugs.... shall I continue or do you get it? Discovery had to go into full-on PR mode, and released a statement saying that though Tice would be laid up for a while, he was still alive and in good health. : ). I also tried to edit in post the angel of death story but oddly it kept posting the grammatic and scriptural error... wierd. I believe in gun rights 2nd amendment and Sasquatch but the characters undermind both.. That is generally an ARMY saying and he says it ALLLLLLL the time. There is a guy who found some strange stuff and doesn’t know what it is, therefore mermaids. Please let ninastartopowero see this. Totally fake, but I have seen worse acting on TV. Course, with Buck there ain't nuttin ta be askeered of! While there are quite a few reality TV series that are staged, we can tell you that “Mountain Men” is the real thing. No technically speaking. Most people have never heard of Destination America, but it is quite fitting to have the show about a rag-tag team of good 'ol backwoods boys air on a lesser-known channel. I love watching the show. Much like Wild Bill and his ok, hand sign and "getter done marine". We realize that this probably comes as a shock to absolutely none of you. This group of "men" have brought shame on hunters and men of Appalachia. These "men" talk like they are country men raised in the woods, but the slightest noise they're on their knees like scared little boys. This taps into everybody’s hard-wired fascination with predators, the legacy of being descended from ancestors who paid attention to dangerous things in the environment. They had camera set up on a goat which you could see plainly but the "wolfman" walked past the camera was all white supposedly from the heat of the "special" camera.