Now it’s time to send your message – hit the ‘Send’ bar at the bottom of the screen and expect replies! Please make IG comments chronological's a turn off and you will lose followers. Instagram follow limit in … Whether you are an individual looking to effortlessly share content to your friends or a marketer wanting to increase your follower base – it is a feature that does wonders. For example, if someone stumbles upon your Instagram page, they can click on the upper right icon and send it right over to their friends as a message. To learn how to save video, read my article - How to Save Videos From Instagram DM - 2 Methods + Bonus Tip. If you think about it, the people that you choose to Direct Message are likely to be friends or accounts you're actively showing you're interested in interacting with, right? It has many features and also gets updated time to time with new features.Instagram has recently published new one called Instagram Chronological Order. A detailed guide on the sales funnel creation + 5 real examples! Only time will tell whether Instagram chooses to monetize the feature by adding sponsored suggestions, but for now, it looks like the options are just based purely off what you've been searching or the people you're interacting with. This is not the same as buying followers or likes from fake accounts. Now that you know how the Instagram DM feature is used for sharing content, messages or the photos and videos that you take – you should see its full potential when used for business. For example: Some groups have minimum follower requirements (1K, 5K, 10K, 20K, 25K, 5oK etc) and these groups tend to have Telegram bots that can check if you satisfy the pod's requirements or not. The click bait headline is the only reason people are reading this article. Don’t forget to check if your friends have viewed your message. Suppose you’ve found some cool profile and want to share it with your mates. 7. Download my free spreadsheet of Instagram Engagement Pods, The google sheet has over 200+ Instagram engagement pods for telegram and includes. For example, messages can be sent instead of tagging your friends – but also to win more followers. Required fields are marked *, The Things That Make Instagram DM A Lot Better For Sending Messages Than Other Platforms, How To Send a Message Using Instagram Direct, Step 1: Snap a Photo Or Video And Run Through The Filter, Alternatively, you can start with snapping a, Step 2: Tap ‘Next’ And Add Your Description, Step 3: Switch From ‘Followers’ To ‘Direct’, Step 5: Choose Up To 15 Recipients By Tapping The Circles, Step 6: Your Message Is In Your Instagram DM Feed Now, Step 7: Check If Your Friends Have Seen Your Message, Sending Instagram DMs With Content From Your Feed, 1. First you check the rules. the sort order will be organized alphabetically by the name on their profile NOT their username.