They are affordable and well supported. It’s also worth noting that this is a CARB legal intake, so even you Cali dudes can rock it on your street car. The five-speed automatic incorporates a manual-shift provision. The 2003 – 2004 350Z & G35 Non Rev-Up version of the VQ35 engine produced 287 horsepower. Therefore, many enthusiasts upgrade their G35's V6 engine, installing everything from internal modifications to fully built turbo kits. G35 vs G37: Visuals. Your suspension, brakes, wheels, and tires affect how you car sticks to the road. It’s not that hard, kids! The Rev-up engine produced more horsepower by adding variable valve timing to the exhaust camshaft, revised ECU tuning, slightly different internals, and a different intake plenum. The only downside to the Rev-Up is that they are known to suffer from oil consumption issues. Infiniti G25 (222 HP) – 2.5 L Wheel fitment is difficult as there’s a lot of variables at play. Even though its suspension is taut, the ride is surprisingly smooth, but jolts inevitably occur on rougher surfaces. Many amenity. Incredibly quick from a stop. Required fields are marked *. Some automakers include roadside assistance with their bumper-to-bumper or powertrain warranties, while others have separate policies. Reset. Save cars. Please let us know my adding a comment and we’ll revise this article for you. The 2003 – 2004 350Z & G35 Non Rev-Up version of the VQ35 engine produced 287 horsepower. With both the regular suspension and the tauter setup, the ride is surprisingly smooth on most surfaces. tamaz0125  if you follow the links in the story they’ll take you to the manufacturer pages with pricing. It’s important to know that you need to do an ECU reset after installing a plenum spacer, or else your car will run worse than before, but this is really simple to do. On the dyno the G pumped out an underwhelming 221.8 whp and 215.2 wtq, and turned an equally uninspiring lap time of 1:29.198-seconds. OEM G35 coupes and sedans both use DOT 3 brake fluid, which can be easily “cooked” or boiled during heavy braking sessions, such as when racing. Your email address will not be published. I like how the polyurethane filter housing shields it from engine heat and how it integrates perfectly with the OE power duct that draws fresh air in from outside the engine bay. The Rev-up engine produced more horsepower by adding variable valve timing to the exhaust camshaft, revised ECU tuning, slightly different internals, and a different intake plenum. What does this mean? Strut bars also have a cosmetic appeal. Let’s dive right into this article and compare Infiniti G35 vs G37. Cost is certainly relative, but for non eBay parts that are designed, tested and built in America, I consider these parts very good value. This is one of the most popular G35 mods among owners as an upgrade really allows you to make your car more unique. Compare What headers did you use I’m looking change my whole exhuats just bought my g35 3 days ago. The latest generation of the Infinity G35 produces more than 300 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque in its stock form. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media. We always intended to do some tuning but never got around to it. Wheel diameter, width, offset. A good coilover upgrade will allow you to fine tune your G35’s suspension for street driving, track races, or hill climbs. 6) Standard and Alternative Wheel and Tire Sizes. That problem stemmed from the G35’s heavy weight of 3,628 lbs, which made the car’s suspension work hard rather than feel sporty. In G35s equipped with a five-speed-automatic transmission, the 3.5-liter V-6 develops 280 hp and 270 pounds-feet of torque. Which is the preferred? It wasn’t until 2005 that both the G35 coupe and sedan received a sport-tuned suspension upgrade on all its models. Both of these really contributed to improving the ride quality of the G35. Of course, this well-matched package can significantly improve your car’s handling both on the street and the track. Always upgrade to a more powerful brake kit before you upgrade to braided hose. RARE FIND - Parting with my beautiful and well maintained 2009 AWD Infiniti G37x - rocket. Now have 155K. Infiniti G35 (306 HP) – 3.5 L The Infinity G35 is no slouch in the performance department. These incorporate a refined intake pipe design, which places the air filter away from the heat of the engine bay, ideally in the path of oncoming ambient air. Most people running aftermarket wheels will go with something in the 17×7.5″ to 19×9″ range, with 17″ and 18″ wheels being the norm. Test pipes, or “straight pipes,” are illegal for street use in most states, but they are a simple way to improve performance and increase noise of your G35 coupe or sedan. Before long, aftermarket parts became readily available. Extensive modification isn't necessary, though, if you're looking to upgrade your Infinity G35's performance. Being naturally aspirated, if you want to get more power out of your Infiniti G35, eventually you’ll need to look at exhaust headers. Your steering will be more “point and shoot” rather than “point and roll”. Sign Up, Already have an account? Check with local and state emissions laws, as intake and exhaust modifications are forbidden in some areas. If you’re wanting to lower your car, you might want to choose the adjustable control arms in this list as they will give you a better range of camber adjustment on a lowered Infiniti G35. 7-speed automatic with tiptronics - auto everything - LUXURY SEDAN - freshly detailed (professionally) * insi... Mileage 175,000 km $11,300. These brake hoses are less likely to “bulge” than OEM brake hoses. We won’t encourage you to use these on the street, but laws aside these are great bang for buck mod. The first and second generation of this model was Nissan Primera, adapted for the US market.Starting with the third generation, this is JDM Nissan Skyline for the US market. Nobody wants their G35 to sound exactly the same as the next guy! 2002 Infiniti G35: Sedan: 3.5L V6: RWD: 5A: 7.1 sec: 15.6 sec @ 92 mph: 17/24/21 mpg: Car and Driver: Sedan: 3.5L V6: RWD: 5A: 6.2 sec: 14.7 sec @ 95.2 mph: 17/24/20.9 mpg: Road & Track : Infiniti G37 0-60 Times and 1/4 Mile Times. Equipped with a 280-hp, 3.5-liter V-6 and a five-speed-automatic transmission, the G35x also has 17-inch alloy wheels, a tire-pressure monitor and the Vehicle Dynamic Control stability system. This is the most subjective part of the whole debate. G35 sedans from 2002-2006, and coupes from 2003-2007, are 3.5-liter VQ35DE V6 engines. The G35 received the following grades on a scale of A-F.*. Read more, It would be easy to be seduced by the looks of the Infiniti G35 coupe; it IS an original shape like no other – almost breathtakingly beautiful, and it presages the appearance... Infinity g35 set up is difficult than Others. Has chrome wheels with 20's. Infiniti G35 (302 HP) – 3.5 L, 4 Generation, V36 (2006 – 2015): Aftermarket sway bars can increase torsional stiffness between 40% and 250%, and the stiffness can be adjusted. Often called a basic warranty or new-vehicle warranty, a bumper-to-bumper policy covers components like air conditioning, audio systems, vehicle sensors, fuel systems and major electrical components. The truth is, intake, plenum spacer, and exhaust upgrades will only take you so far. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. You can achieve 30-horsepower gains from your G35 with just basic bolt-on modifications. The system automatically transfers optimum engine torque to the appropriate wheels according to road and driving conditions. Here are some of the best options on the market: The space between your car’s intake and the rest of the engine is called a plenum chamber. The first and second generation of this model was Nissan Primera, adapted for the US market. At best they’ll make your car a little bit faster and more responsive, but they will never make a significant difference. No short cuts here. While coilovers need to be manually adjusted for height, air suspension uses air bags to lower and raise a car’s ride height, using an air compressor that can be operated by a button or switch. Bad brake fluid can make any brake pad or rotor upgrade a waste. Lowered on KW V3 coilovers and Advan RSII 18-inch wheels the G35 looks proper. They’re also known as stabilizer bars or anti-roll bars. Powerful brakes allow your car to stop faster, allowing you to brake later for corners. The 2005 redesign includes a new hood, trunk, bumpers, body-colored side sills and dual-circle LED taillamps. Wheel upgrades can help with handling and looks. The Infiniti started selling in North America in November 8, 1989. We like the plenum spacers from these companies: Aftermarket exhaust systems help your engine to breathe, improve power and response and make your car sound better. The factory G35 exhaust manifold is technically able to be “ported”, but the cost and effort involved isn’t worth it. The standard gasoline-powered Q50 retained the original Nissan Skyline brand. 3.7L/326-HP/269-lb-ft DOHC 24-valve V6. Some include consumables including brake pads and windshield wipers; others do not. Bumper-to-bumper warranties typically expire faster than powertrain warranties.