You don't have to do it :P. Here is the Rainwing-Seawing! Or perhaps a Skywing/Mudwing. or a queen? They were friends until Nightstar says he has a crush on her. What would happen if they met lol- I'm a murderer! ? Gender Content (Blackphoenix the SkyWing NightWing), Growl!?!??! "Anyway, I think I remember what happened....? "Riddle, don't fight with your alter egos! What would you want to be?? none of the characters or artwork on mine but I was unable to find artists so I wanted to shout them out. Rainforest Kingdom, Ice Kingdom, Jade Mountain Academy She has a ridged back, complete with dazzling white, gray, and blue scales. The prophecy said. THE MOST POWER-Me: I SAID NOT AN ANIMUS!!! She was about to kill him, but then she saw his charming and kind nature. wOW LoK, iM SO aMazInG. I'm camouflaging! Wolf (IceWing father), unnamed RainWing mother, Crystalweaver (Riddleweaver), Crysture (Vulture), Cryfish (Starfish), "Oooh... magic sparkle dragons... wait... was I killing dragons???? If you are not receiving emails from us, please try after 8am EST. Please do not use without AFW's permission! I bet Glint can make you some.". They found Sunbeam, and she explained that a student had a prophecy that happened right now. When two species merge together a hybrid is born, The first is a Sandwing with Skywing wings and colors of red, Then the dragon that comes when a Nightwing and Mudwing have bred, An Icewing and Rainwing hybrid that will be found hatched in a cave deep underground, Now as you will find a dragon merged between Sea and Sky, Hey, ghost dragon! Wait, I'm an Icewing. Aurora and Current were at the Jade Mountain river when it happened. Aurora never takes off her jewelry and rarely changes into her wolf form, however. Dislikes It's a pet. Female Besides, it's going to make me go a little koo-koo. ):Macaw- @minergold48, Sandwings (MORE!,, Chicken, the Rainforest, Current, Sunbeam, and studying and drawing, scrolls Creator She never does, though because she read what happens to a dragon who overused their powers. -To her sister Northforest, "Look who's talking. That venom is... consider that a warning, colorful little dragonet. Gecko is also the source of Auri's animus powers, seeing how mysteriously Gecko is an animus. That's just paint. PLEASE DO NOT USE (THESE CHARACTERS ARE USED IN MY BOOK) THIS IS A WIP Likes Student/Animus You're louder than that chicken I ate in the morning. Gecko is Aurora's father. Auri has light blue spots lining up with her scales, and the curled tail. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Quote Although she's actually fairly intelligent, she prefers to be hyper and optimistic rather than appear serious and wise. ", "Haha! No." They became best friends pretty fast, and when they were about to leave on the search for Freeze, she yelled: "Wait for meee!" When they first met, Auri tried hiding behind a scroll about Seawings. Mudwing, Sandwing, Skywing, Seawing, Rainwing, Icewing, or Nightwing. -A sarcastic comment to Queen Wren, Constantly moving through the Ice Kingdom, always hiding, now in the town of Sanctuary, Mother enchanted her to be able to become a wolf at will for disguise, icescales. Aurora is very bitter as well, and is very stubborn and a pessimist. However, to be absolutely crystal-clear, she's also... a bit of a psychopath. )Scale Color//Horn Color//Eye Color//Personality//Backstory//Family//Crush//Mate//Dragonets//Other//, Skywing/NightwingsSkyfire @kidosaur (F) § < > ^, Seawing/NightwingsMoonbrook @LeaffeatherRiverClan (F) /// § < > ^, Nightwing/SkywingsSkyfire @kidosaur (F) § < > ^, Nightwing/SeawingsMoonbrook @LeaffeatherRiverClan (F) /// § < > ^. Current, Quicksand (Not really), Nightstar Character Information Auri is, indeed, part Rainwing and part Icewing. Tribe Seawings (MORE! Like Frostbite, he also cares greatly for Auri.