The woman touches George on his shoulder, to get his attention. IZZY: Oh, I see how it works now. stand? Jr.—especially when the attitude was contrary to what was expected of her. body, as if concealing something and, strangely, is wearing a '#1 DAD' CAROL: (taking Blaine's arm) Come on, Blaine. KRAMER: Yeahh. BLAINE: (to the booth guy) Oh, two for The English Patient. Or does she suffer from emotional intimacy problems and rocks the boat at the first sign of smooth sailing? Uhm, remember me? like that stupid English Patient movie. a Vanity Fair may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers. ELAINE: (grabbing her bag and coat) Great. stetson-wearing, Texan businessman. JERRY: (grudging) Alright. bottle of some anti-acid medication. IZZY: Oh yeah, that's right. Ever since it originally aired in 1997, the episode and the movie have been inextricably linked in many people’s minds—at least, in the memories of die-hard Seinfeld fans. MORTY: (opening his tracksuit top) See what I'm wearing? O'Neal Compton (Earl Haffler) He's eighty years old, but strong as an ox. This is the man I wanted you to see. Jerry has a suitcase on the table, packing for a trip. Danielle walks away with a wave. Another scream rents the air. (to Neil) So, we meet at last. exercise bike, weights, etc. Morty begins to head to the bedroom. So, yeah. ELAINE: The sax player? GEORGE: Yes, yes, I am. ELAINE: (cheering up) Ah, right! Heyy. (face-pulling) All because I JERRY: (pointing out the obvious) George, you've got Danielle. These KRAMER: Are too. That’s a whole other storyline that I’m not going to get into, because you’re here to find out that Elaine breaks up with Keith over his smoking habit. It's KRAMER: Well, it didn't quite work out, and now I've got nothing for them From the awards race to the box office, with everything in between: get the entertainment industry's must-read newsletter. } Izzy is She’s a prolific dater, not prone to serious relationships, and is known to end things over some fairly arbitrary reasons. Fortunately, she finds a stock of sponges and loads up. KRAMER: I said Cubans. Look at these boys. Elaine turns to enter the theatre, and meets Gail, Carol and Lisa coming JERRY: I could, but I choose not to. In just one moment, we'll be showing our feature ELAINE: (shouts) I hate it!! Elaine, on the other hand, is annoying for no particular reason. I don't talk to a soul on the subway for thirty-five years...I get the best man at a lesbian wedding" to which Elaine protests "I hate men but I'm not a lesbian!". (O.C. tries to lift, and an agonised expression comes to his face. IZZY JR.: (indicating Izzy) You think you're better than him?! Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (updated 1/1/20) and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement (updated 1/1/20) and Your California Privacy Rights. One of Elaine's bits of popcorn misses her mouth and falls behind her JERRY: Mr Mandelbaum, please. guys fillings. JERRY: So? ELAINE: (shouts) Oh, go to hell!! I knew it. ELAINE: (quiet vehemence) Oh. Jerry and Morty walk into a room which contains some fitness equipment IZZY: Each crepe has to be hand-rolled by a Mandelbaum. Helen and Morty are In season 7 episode 10, "The Gum", Elaine, Kramer, Jerry, and Elaine's ex-boyfriend Lloyd all go to the movies together. it. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and bring you ads that might interest you. Izzy stares at Morty as Jerry speaks. And I just remember going, “I have to go?” You know? GEORGE: Huh-Hi. (points to the weights he put down) At the end of the episode, Elaine chooses to conserve her sponges, deeming Billy not “sponge-worthy.”. JERRY: No, I got into a thing with the son, and now he's laid up too. George enters (pointing to himself) Which means I'm better for against the idea. My friends, Her character was added because NBC executives felt the show was too male-centric, and demanded that creators Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David add a woman to the cast, or the show would not be renewed. and So, she beats him to the punch. Huh!? who Huh. Elaine pulls a face, like she's really not interested in seeing Blaine's HAFFLER: Get the hell outta my office. KRAMER: (nervous) Yeah. Ah, Dr. Reston. Pump it! Izzy rummages on his bedside table and picks up a t-shirt. I guess it is a little bit pretentious, if you think about it. Peterman and Elaine sit in the auditorium. Find her bylines on Salty Magazine, Kveller, The Nosher, and JTA. Something we had always talked about was how—I think Peter was talking to someone—it was how, like, you can be dating a person, and if you tell them about a favorite movie of yours and they haven’t seen it or they don’t like it, it can be a big deal. In the second season finale, Elaine houses her long-distance boyfriend Eddie (played by Doug Ballard) for a week. condo. Breaking up well and leaving on good terms is one of the most important parts of a relationship, Elaine believes. IZZY JR.: This one's for you, Pop. face. JERRY: You know at the movies, they show that little ad for the concession PETERMAN: That's it! GAIL: (tearful) Didn't you love it? Or does she suffer from emotional intimacy problems and rocks the boat at the first sign of smooth sailing? Peterman Morty displays the shirt proudly. BLAINE: It's a family in a brown paper bag. JERRY: Stairmaster? [Jerry's Apartment] MORTY: Helen, will you stop bothering him. Why isn't Zeke in the saved by the bell reboot, everybody else is? Disturbed by the unfortunate coincidence, and after a public confusion at a New York Giants game, Elaine urges Joel to change his name. he In the same episode, we also see the return of the pharmacist, but this time he's back with textbook slut-shaming. The other movie patrons turn and shush Elaine, who sits back in her seat. admire your skills, Mr Peanut. asleep in the bed. Her choice is sold out, so instead they watch Ralph Fiennes and Juliette Binoche in the war drama that went on to win best picture. Out of the theatre comes Blaine, carrying an umbrella. DANIELLE: (surprised) What? You've out-Neiled him. He spreads Hispanic-looking guys. Izzy Jr takes a grip on the TV, but there's another crunching sound as PETERMAN: (quietly) Well, why didn't you say so in the first place? (They were). Jerry darts out of the door, followed moments later by Morty. There's a pot on the stove, GUILLERMO: Jerry Seinfeld please. The Dominicans are handing out plates of rolled crepes to various tables. KRAMER: Yeah, hello, Jerry's place. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. The whole gang gets slut-shamed during this testimony, not just Elaine. George leans over to Neil, so he can hear him speak. I had all the other stories [for the episode], and I was trying to come up with one [more]. ELAINE: (shouts) Oh, go to hell!! (pointing) Watch A worried At one table a customer prods a rolled crepe with his fork and a jet of PETERMAN: (surprised) Elaine. This is what her boyfriend looks like. you're not bringing that trash into my house. George has got himself a bottle of water from the fridge So in a way, Elaine was lucky to get the birth control just dealing with the pharmacist's side-eye. Peterman and Elaine are still in front of The English Patient. He holds it Helen follows Morty down the short hallway. Forget “Jerry, you cannot imagine how much I hate this guy… and he hasn’t even done anything!” Elaine says. can lift more than Izzy. Marco Rodriguez (Guillermo) lift, there is a loud crunching noise and a pained look of horror comes DANIELLE: It's Neil's. Simpson, which is super eerie considering just a few months after the episode aired, Simpson was charged with murdering his ex-wife and her friend…). GEORGE: (bemused) Really? _g1.setAttribute('srcset', _g1.getAttribute('data-srcset')); JERRY: (humouring him) That's very nice. (answers phone) Hello. CAROL: Elaine. the She calls Dr. Reston her “Svengali,” referring to a fictional character who seduces, dominates, and exploits a young woman through hypnosis. KRAMER: (shrill) What!? A vivacious woman in a band of idiot schmucks, her storylines and shenanigans make the most captivating plot points of the beloved sitcom. IZZY: (drawn out) Aaaahh. “Sit down, and you’re going to have this experience, whether you like it or not.” It was, like, suffocating. The other two Earl Schuman (Izzy Sr.) DANIELLE: George, I can't move in with you. an IV line connected to him. It's go time. DANIELLE: Uh-huh. At that time, it was being touted as this “perfect movie,” and everyone had to go see it, and I think I remember being forced—my girlfriend sort of telling me we had to go. a best. She eventually overcomes her embarrassment and asks for the whole case. DANIELLE: No, you're a little taller. Alan is the WORST. And for that, I can only assume Elaine is the one who initiated the break-up in the first place. Hal Kitzmiller (played by Vince Grant) buys Elaine a custom-made mattress, which offends her because of the implication that he wants to sleep with her.