Mornings, I always awaken at 5 AM to turn him out. That is the primary reason I wish I had enough land (and in a climate that is either hot enough or cold enough to kill the eggs/larvae) for the horses to just fertilize the soil as nature intended and I would only have to clear stuff in feeding areas. We will put a pile of mares poop in the stall where ever we want him to poop once he smells this he will continue to poop on that exact spot and will continue to after getting gelded its awesome and makes life so much easier. She used to turn her stall into a mess, not anymore! Once they stopped pooing there, I moved the box with no recurrence. So these horses that have been kept in small enclosures can take longer to train as well. So this is how quickly you can confuse them if things are not done correctly each and every time. I would love to hear your feedback and know what your experiences or challenges have been with managing your equine partner’s manure. Register for our free library that provides you access to valuable, cutting edge information on caring for your horse naturally. I try to get teens in to do the fields in the summer, and in the winter I just leave it as we can’t even get a wheelbarrow out there. At first he would run out there and immediately turn around and come right back to me. The pile was probably about 8-10 feet wide and maybe at least 5 feet tall. Are you composting? They all just like kids , all different personalities . As I said, I appreciate the posts and article on this topic…maybe I can use the info to get him to stop permanently. If your horses are not understanding yet where to poo, then leave more poo in the chosen spot. I compost and spread the poop I pick up and have moved my pile 3 times in four years. However, this is not enough piles, and as you can see, the horses have also pooed down the center of the barn and not in either of the two designated poo areas! Okay let’s move it. But at my barn, even eating right next to one of their 10×12-foot poo areas piled 18-inches high with manure… my horses were almost clear of flies! So even though my horses have only a tiny fraction of the land they would have/need in the wild to be self-sustaining, I’m looking for the ways I can work with their nature-based wisdom to provide a better environment – which, thankfully, usually means less work for me! Notice in the video below titled “VooDoo” the stud piles around the watering hole and the horses’ behavior. Our attention was more on the baby than the mother because she was so cute – I’d never seen a real live rhinoceros baby before. I have dry stalls and loving it! The Empowered Mustang: Herd Update 2 Years Later, Tapping Session to Transform Fear in Difficult Times, Horse Hates Living Conditions But I Can’t Move, Horses Apply Mudpaint-Warpaint on a Cold Afternoon, LTYH Podcast: Ways to Meditate with your Horse & Why you Should, Guided Healing Meditation in the Big Barn, Working Horses, Working Cattle – An Insider’s Ethos, Horse Wisdom: Take Risks, Face Fears & Write a New Story. The stud pile concept works in this smaller area as well. Pretty cool! Super Easy Sheath Cleaning for Geldings – BUT Should You? For her very next poo, she walked straight over to the poo area and defecated! But remember we are trusting in the wisdom and experience of these animals… So I resisted my urge to remove or re-locate these poo areas and I left them alone and watched instead. Filed Under: Best of Soulful Equine, Horse Behavior, Natural Lifestyle, Videos Tagged With: Jaime Jackson, Manure Management, Paddock Paradise, Wild Horse Model, Wild Horses. Let them know it is SO much easier for you if they poo there. Now why the heck would they do that?? First is the clear fact that some horses are naturally clean. However, if we understand more about horses’ natural behavior and their tendencies, we can work with them rather than against them. REAL Communication – Unhaltered Horses & Unfenced Land, Equine Genome Project Gives Modern Breeders a Big Fat FAIL. Barn poo spot – out of the way of traffic and horses eating at the slow feeders. So in addition to the herd’s self-selected poo areas (pics above) I chose this edge of the paddock: And I chose this corner inside the big barn: Step 2: Leave at Least Three Manure Piles in Each Poo Area. Horses orient more by smell, than by sight. I was really cheezed. This concept is discussed more in a book by Jaime Jackson called Paddock Paradise: A Guide to Natural Horse Boarding. However, while you are still training your horses where to poo, leave a lot more poo to show them that THIS is the poo spot. My boys were really/are fat so I had to make sure I was monitoring the situation and counting poop helps. Taking Responsibility When the Horses tell me to Get Lost! Natural Method to Untangle a Severely Matted Tail,, Physical Horse vs Spiritual Horse in Difficult Situations, Visit to Knepp Estate – Wild Conversations, Horse Wisdom: Losing a Child, or Being the Child that Left, Dogs and Horses – Safety, Control and Mirroring, Horse Wisdom: Strategic Action in Difficult Relationships, Herd Livestream – Quarantine Trauma & New Stories, The Spiritual Meaning of Wasp, Hornet – Part 1, The Mutually Beneficial Relationship of Hornets & Horses – Part 2, Herbs & Supplements for Inflammation, Laminitis, Immune Support, Understanding the Spiritual Nature of Horse-Human Relationship, Wild Horses Wild Birds – Same Communication, Healing for Angry, Brutalized Horse Part 3 – Acceptance, Creek Crossing Bush Jumping Mayhem with the Herd. Yep, it’s Pretty Cool! hahaha) but she will poop in other areas. Susan S I’ve been potty training mine for years now, ppl not only made fun of me, they thought it couldn’t be done! It’s also a place you can put on your list for donations each year. However, this year, he didn’t need to remove any manure from the paddock poo area as it had converted itself into flat earth! Imagine it a few times as you call them over. Much as we would love this training to be a straight progression to success, it usually isn’t! A lot of the theories in your blog are very interesting….like the stuff about the flies? With 11 it now takes 2 hours just to do poo and hay (stock the slow feeders). The other option that mimics this phenomenon is to hang those liquid fly traps around eating areas. The giraffes liked to stick their whole head through our car window to say hi. I obsess over poop counting and checking and observing. So, to all of you out there who have potty trained horses; POST VIDEOS PLEASE! You won’t go wrong by adding at least one of these wonderful books to your equine health care library. In actuality , they are easier to train than a dog as with canine , it takes weeks, with equine, it’s literally overnight at the first stage of getting on top of their cycle! This form of scent marking causes repeated dunging in the same place. If you’re doing everything as outlined above, but your horses are still crapping all over the place, here’s a checklist of things to watch out for and possibly correct: #1 Your manure piles aren’t fresh or piled up – check that you are leaving the newest/freshest piles of manure to mark poo areas. Lots of praise and a peppermint when they go out. My two horses have decided to poop while they eat. Really cheezed! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. © 2019-2020 STACY WESTFALL | WEBSITE BY MAP, PRIVACY | TERMS | CONTACT | STUDENT LOGIN. Which Paddock Surface is Best for a Rainy Climate. In the wild, horses will eat and fertilize an area, then move on to a new/fresh area. Then there’s my 34 yr old gelding that was very neat always in corner then cover it up! For me this was the edges of the paddock and one corner of the barn. Would a horse really not go even if desperate? It makes for an easy clean up! I’m loving this more than anyone will ever know I worried that they may hold it for too long being so loyal to this although after about 8 hours , they will go if I’m not there to take them outside the barn to relieve themselves! Natural Method to Electrocute and Get Rid of Horse Lice! Her daughter does the same thing!! When she put him in the trailer, he’d pee. Then as soon as he did, I would give him a treat. As soon as I returned, I made sure that at least 4 piles were left in each location – take a look and see how this gives a much stronger visual cue to the horses: And at the back of the barn, I also left 4 piles, although when first teaching them, I used to leave 6 or 7 piles in this location – if it’s not really noticeable, make the signal stronger! I discussed this with my optometrist father and he informed me that the horses’ eye fluid contains protein and this is what the flies are after. It worked, but was very inconvenient to have to lift the bucket up to the hook. Keep the dog in that spot until it goes, then offer a reward. It was sold and unfortunately the new owners weren’t told so apparently it didn’t go to the toilet so it died. So the first thing you’d do is clean the area up and remove all the kicked-around poo: Now that you’ve got the area clean, add fresh manure piles to signal the horses where to poo. It usually takes me about 15 minutes total on a 1/4 mile track. After witnessing the rhinoceros many years prior, along with observation and researching wild horse models, this made total sense to me. If you have a "kind" horse they'll pick a spot to poop and make life cleaning up a little easier. It makes it much easier to manage manure. Paddock Paradise: A Guide to Natural Horse Boarding, The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Horse Manure, Protecting The Wild Horse – A Symbol Of Our American Heritage, Feral Horses of the Barrier Islands – Eastern United States, Wild Burros of the Mojave Desert Southwestern United States, Feral Horses of the Prairie – Western United States, Scent-marking behaviour by stallions: an assessment of function in a reintroduced population of Przewalski horses (Equus ferus przewalskii), To Blanket Your Horse or Not to Blanket … That Is the Question, The News You Don’t Want (but Need) to Hear About Managing Equine Parasites.