All was working at that time. We spoke with LG and they scheduled a different repair company, Advanced Appliance, to come out on January 6, 2020 to replace the compressor and filter again. >I think you have a compressor ends in LANE. check the resistances in all three windings to rule out an open winding. Is the programmer a part, or something you would need to be LG auth warranty in order to get? I think you have a compressor ends in LANE which is different than the Universal compressors that are LANA. Yes. If you're working on an inverter compressor system where the compressor isn't running, you can't power an inverter compressor directly to test it. I think the part # TCA38091801 comes with the Compressor and software jig as a kit. Did you look up the current part number to replace the LANE compressor? In test mode 1, it measures >200V at the compressor which would appear to indicate that the compressor is good. One of the fittings might be restricted which can be causing the compressor to slow down, shut off and try again. From what I heard LG has stopped selling the new universal compressor and the software jig to the general public. The main PCB on this unit has a "test mode" that forces the compressor to run, according to the unit service manual. On January 10th, the technician came back out to make an adjustment to the refrigerator and check on the status. So I don't know if you can find the main board anymore from online part sites. Thanks. But you can (and should!) It should have read, "The LG part number for the FC75LANE compressor is TCA36411702". The use of a different inverter system with the FC75LANE compressor is a big help. The LG part number for the FC75LANA compressor is TCA36411702 and this appears to still be available. Only authorized LG technicians can order them. Quote from: houptee on August 12, 2019, 09:17:01 AM, They extended the warranty for parts and labor to 5 years and compressor is still 10 years total but owner pays labor after the first 5 years from date of purchase. You might want to check the fittings you brazed when you put on the compressor and filter drier. Thanks for the timely reply, that is helpful. The instruction sheet for the software update tool says if you have trouble updating call LG technical support 800-847-7597. Try the link on this page at the top for maybe they can get it. Disclosure: This website contains affiliate links, Meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no cost to you. The main PCB on this unit has a "test mode" that forces the compressor to run, according to the unit service manual.