Which Company Does Slide Optic Cut For 1911 Pistols? That's amazing. You'll need to know the sight cut on your pistol (Novak, BoMar, etc) as well as the mounting pattern of your red dot (RMR, Vortex Viper, SIG Romeo, etc). I was in your situation a couple of years ago, and opted to try the J-Point reflex sight that mounts in the rear sight dovetail. The others just look bulky to me. Simply, remove the rear iron sight and install the dovetail optic mount adapter there. Red dots are acceptable but nothing that projects down range. I don't shoot very well to begin with but I enjoy it. Now I just have to figure out which 1911 it will be that I put this red dot on. Great pistol! I would say this is more of an issue on a 22lr. lol I hear alot of hate from kimber but I've know people that have owned this same gun and never had a problem with it. Also... they’ve probably never rung a 100yd target (consistently) with they’re 1911. We can even recoat the slide for a few bucks more. Crimson Trace makes laser grips. Most guns can with modifications; the slide needs to be milled by a smith for the red dot you want. He will field questions personally via phone and help you. IMO. So the question is – how to install red dot sight on a 1911 pistol like Kimber, Colt and others? Also gives you a reason to get another gun. A forum community dedicated to Ruger firearm owners and enthusiasts. Now I just have to figure out which 1911 it will be that I put this red dot on. You could also get a frame mounted base for the red dot. Chet, the owner, is a great guy. Can You Put A Red Dot Sight On A Classic 1911 Handgun? They did this with older race guns. Come join the discussion about optics, hunting, gunsmithing, styles, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! EGW makes mounting plates that will slot into the sight dovetail. Also, ignore the haters asking/saying “wHy wOuLd yOu dO tHaT”... dude it’s your gun. Hey there r/1911 I'm posting the same thing I just did on r/guns and forgot this sub was here. Any gunsmith should be able to do an RMR cut for you (or any other specified sight milling). Make sure you buy the correct plate, though. BadAssOptic.com is a participant in the Amazon.com Services LLC Associates, Impact Radius & ShareASale Affiliate Programs, affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com, Brownells.com & opticsplanet.com. Thanks friend. (And out could always convert back to the irons if you ever wanted.) consider going CT laser grips. Yes, you can have the RMR removed and put a plate in the open slot (again, plate will need to be cut specific for that slide), but the sights will be suppressor height and your holdover changes dramatically vs. stock sights. https://www.egwguns.com/pistol-and-red-dot-mounts/mounts-by-firearm-brand-sight-cut/?brand=749, If it were anything other than a Kimber I would suggest that what you are proposing is sacrilege, but as it is, "you do you, bro.". Do what you want and make it cool according to your own wants and needs! It increases target acquisition speed and accuracy especially with natural 1911 grip angle, the dot just appears right in front of you off the draw. The answer is – People can mill the slide, use a dovetail adapter plate or buy an optic ready 1911. Enjoy it and have fun! So my question is which mount do I need? Shooting it with a reflex optic is a game-changer. If they can make bunch custom RDS ready GLOCK slides, I bet they can mill the 1911 slides for an optic. I’d start with deciding what brand, then asking a local gunsmith how much and their turnaround time. Primary Machine will cut your slide for ~$170.