117 199, // Download Link: https://gamebanana.com/scripts/10459, "      press [Keypad 0-9] to Select Music", // Keys (You may change the keys; See TF2 Wiki - Scripting for details), "play /misc/null.wav; alias keypad_0 list_0; alias keypad_1 list_1; alias keypad_2 list_2; alias keypad_3 list_3; alias keypad_4 list_4; alias keypad_5 list_5; alias keypad_6 list_x; alias keypad_7 list_7; alias keypad_8 disable; alias keypad_9 disable", "alias keypad_0 track_00; alias keypad_1 track_01; alias keypad_2 track_02; alias keypad_3 track_03; alias keypad_4 track_04; alias keypad_5 track_05; alias keypad_6 track_06; alias keypad_7 track_07; alias keypad_8 track_08; alias keypad_9 track_09", "alias keypad_0 track_10; alias keypad_1 track_11; alias keypad_2 track_12; alias keypad_3 track_13; alias keypad_4 track_14; alias keypad_5 track_15; alias keypad_6 track_16; alias keypad_7 track_17; alias keypad_8 track_18; alias keypad_9 track_19", "alias keypad_0 track_20; alias keypad_1 track_21; alias keypad_2 track_22; alias keypad_3 track_23; alias keypad_4 track_24; alias keypad_5 track_25; alias keypad_6 track_26; alias keypad_7 track_27; alias keypad_8 track_28; alias keypad_9 track_29", "alias keypad_0 track_30; alias keypad_1 track_31; alias keypad_2 track_32; alias keypad_3 track_33; alias keypad_4 track_34; alias keypad_5 track_35; alias keypad_6 track_36; alias keypad_7 track_37; alias keypad_8 track_38; alias keypad_9 track_39", "alias keypad_0 track_40; alias keypad_1 track_41; alias keypad_2 track_42; alias keypad_3 track_43; alias keypad_4 track_44; alias keypad_5 track_45; alias keypad_6 track_46; alias keypad_7 track_47; alias keypad_8 track_48; alias keypad_9 track_49", "alias keypad_0 track_50; alias keypad_1 track_51; alias keypad_2 track_52; alias keypad_3 track_53; alias keypad_4 track_54; alias keypad_5 track_55; alias keypad_6 track_56; alias keypad_7 track_57; alias keypad_8 track_58; alias keypad_9 track_59", "alias keypad_0 track_70; alias keypad_1 track_71; alias keypad_2 track_72; alias keypad_3 track_73; alias keypad_4 track_74; alias keypad_5 track_75; alias keypad_6 track_76; alias keypad_7 track_77; alias keypad_8 track_78; alias keypad_9 track_79", "play /items/halloween/cat01.wav ;alias keypad_6 error", "play /items/halloween/banshee01.wav ;alias keypad_6 track_666", "play /ui/holiday/gamestartup_halloween.mp3", "play /ui/holiday/gamestartup_halloween1.mp3", "play /ui/holiday/gamestartup_soldier.mp3", "play /items/tf_music_upgrade_machine.wav", "play /music/conga_sketch_167bpm_01-04.wav", "play /ui/cyoa_musicfasterthanaspeedingbullet.mp3", "play /ui/cyoa_musicplayingwithdanger.mp3", // List of Official Team Fortress 2 Soundtrack (1st May, 2020), // List of Special Team Fortress 2 Music (1st May, 2020), // 41. 12 53 25 138 55 68 Bonus Round                       (unused Robot Destruction bonus round music), // 45. 94 If you are, then you can put some of your own music in the game so it has a chance of playing when you start up the game! 111 59 Stalemate                         (Match Draw Theme), // 75. share. 86 149 There is nothing special to TF2. If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. 38 But here’s the thing. 190 97 95 83 17 25 26 Listen to tf2 music on a map specific stock map! 28 52 32, "play ui/gamestartup1.mp3; echo TF2 Main Theme; alias music musicL1", "play ui/gamestartup2.mp3; echo Playing With Danger; alias music musicL2", "play ui/gamestartup3.mp3; echo Rocket Jump Waltz; alias music musicL3", "play ui/gamestartup4.mp3; echo The Art Of War; alias music musicL4", "play ui/gamestartup5.mp3; echo Faster Than A Speeding Bullet; alias music musicL5", "play ui/gamestartup6.mp3; echo Petite Chou-Flour*; alias music musicL6", "play ui/gamestartup7.mp3; echo Right Behind You*; alias music musicL7", "play ui/gamestartup8.mp3; echo Intruder Alert; alias music musicL8", "play ui/gamestartup9.mp3; echo Drunken Pipe Bomb; alias music musicL9", "play ui/gamestartup10.mp3; echo More Gun; alias music musicL10", "play ui/gamestartup11.mp3; echo A Little Heart to Heart*; alias music musicL11", "play ui/gamestartup12.mp3; echo Medic! 82 12 146 Cossack Sandvich                  (Kazotsky Kick taunt), // 49. 163 Are you tired of hearing the same music when you boot up Team Fortress 2? User account menu. 33 1 We use cookies to make wikiHow great. Square Dance                      (Square Dance taunt), // 44. 44 31 89 4 193 Posted by 6 years ago. By using our site, you agree to our, How to Add Your Own Game Startup Music in Team Fortress 2, please log in or create a wikiHow account, consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. 147 136 125 *; alias music musicL16", "play ui/gamestartup17.mp3; echo Dapper Cadaver*; alias music musicL17", "play ui/gamestartup18.mp3; echo Rise of the Living Bread; alias music musicL18", "play ui/gamestartup19.mp3; echo Red Bread; alias music musicL19", "play ui/gamestartup20.mp3; echo Three Days to Live; alias music musicL20", "play ui/gamestartup21.mp3; echo Seduce Me! Sudden Death                      (Sudden Death Round Theme), // 74. Have you ever wanted to listen to the Team Fortress 2 Soundtrack during actual gameplay rather instead of letting it go to waist on the main menu? Log in sign up. 100 13 Your Team Lost                    (Match Failure Theme), // 73. You need to press and hold the Push-to-Talk key of TF2 and then press the hotkey of the sound you want to play. to create shortcuts to your favorite games! 141 175 31 Carousel of Curses                (Carnival of Carnage — temporary curses), // 47. Killstreak                        (requested by Kellyn Nova), // 666. 57 173 169 2 87 133 189 58 More Gun                          (Guitar only), // 55. 110 alias musicL0 "play ui/gamestartup1.mp3; echo TF2 Main Theme; alias music musicL1" alias musicL1 "play ui/gamestartup2.mp3; echo Playing With Danger; alias music musicL2" alias musicL2 "play ui/gamestartup3.mp3; echo Rocket Jump Waltz; alias music musicL3" alias musicL3 "play ui/gamestartup4.mp3; echo The Art Of War; alias music musicL4" alias musicL4 "play … TF2 is now free to Play. 108 Or visit our home page to browse our featured articles. 16 // Link: https://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Team_Fortress_2_Official_Soundtrack, // Team Fortress 2 Official Wiki - Scripting, // Link: https://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Scripting, "Rick May / 1940 - 2020 / That was a hell of a campaign son! 5 More Gun                          (Background tones only), // 56. 174 (??? 197 Sort by. Help. 167 How to play music over the mic. ), // 1. 66 150 (Guitar and drums only, also plays More Gun's background tones), // List of Miscellaneous Sound Effects (1st May, 2020), // 71. Close. Keypad_Enter + Keypad_0 + Keypad_3 ==> Play Track 03 ==> Rocket Jump Waltz This script is also easy to update as I left some unused space for future soundtracks (i.e. Upgrade Station                   (unused MvM upgrade music), // 42. 35 6 Playing With Danger               (Removed lead piano), // 57. This thread is archived. // 1. Team Fortress 2 (Main Theme)      (Removed lead trumpet), // 59. 134 191 ??? Right Behind You                  (Removed low ambient tones), // 58. Please help us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your ad blocker. 129 18 15 61 120 13 88 118 50 You can use the command voice_loopback 1 in TF2 to hear what is actually transmitted to others. 184 144 113 176 @retrobacon74 no. 123 187 101 Yes. 182 158 79 48 hide. 29 This article either has not yet passed our initial quality review process or has been flagged by a wikiHow editor for potential content concerns that would make it unhelpful to readers. 46 130 62 119 The music toggled by this script can overlap with the music that the game is playing (e.g. in valve servers most mods are disabled, so you wont even see them while you play. Maybe you didn’t have a microphone. 34 There are many ways to achieve what you’re after. 78 177 135 54 5 comments. 121 11 152 103 We know ads can be annoying, but they’re what allow us to make all of wikiHow available for free. 127 10 If you would like to view this article even though it's in quality review, please log in or create a wikiHow account. 49 This script will play any music with just 3 button press: e.g. 0. Maybe you wanted to do it in some certain way. report. Best way to play music over voice chat? 5 16 Receive these membership benefits: Install and manage your mods easily with community-made 1-Click mod downloaders. 8 106 181 *; alias music musicL12", "play ui/gamestartup13.mp3; echo Archimedes*; alias music musicL13", "play ui/gamestartup14.mp3; echo Dreams of Cruelty*; alias music musicL14", "play ui/gamestartup15.mp3; echo The Calm*; alias music musicL15", "play ui/gamestartup16.mp3; echo Robots! 98 104 188 17 179 91 112 30 0. 76 Signup or login 115 165 51 72 69 ; alias music musicL26", "play music/carousel_of_curses.wav; echo ; alias music musicL27", "play ui/holiday/gamestartup_halloween1.mp3; echo ; alias music musicL28", "play music/bump_in_the_night.wav; echo ; alias music musicL29", "play ui/holiday/gamestartup_halloween.mp3; echo ; alias music musicL0", Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 4.0 Unported License, DummyPrivateMessageAddFormRequesterModule.