We use cookies to make wikiHow great. Alternatively, you can feed the end of a pipe cleaner through each hole, then bend the ends to hold them in place. Yes, the wind needs to be able to flow through it. Put the windsock out on a day when the wind is stronger, or try making sure that the windsock is within full reach of the wind. Loop a piece of string around the ring (which now has the blue bag attached) through the hole you just made and tie a double knot. Now put a zip tie on the other side and tie the windsock to it. Instructions to make your own windsock: Cut the rim off an empty plastic yogourt or sour cream container to create a ring (see picture below). How can I make the tissue paper move faster? Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. -----April- rosetta 3 nights May - walled garden 3 nights June- ?? Ronnie Daniels writes content for blog, website and print publication. You can buy them in many beautiful colours, or you can make your own unique windsock. Put the cone into the ring you created with the open side up, pulling almost all the way through. You can also use party streamers, ribbon, or even cellophane! Plan on having about 5 to 7 strips. Also hot glue this in place and remember to cut of the excess. Tested. Hot glue them in place. Make each one a different color for a rainbow windsock! Attach the bag handles to the pole using tape or a stapler. By using our site, you agree to our. An adult should handle all steps involving cutting plastic. As far as I can make out I will buy a 4m pole with 1 spike or 5m pole with 2. Make sure that the holes are across from each other. Put the wooden post in the hole and level it by tamping in a little dirt around the bottom just to hold it in place. Tap the windsock swivel down into the top of the conduit pipe securely and tie the windsock to the swivel arm. Dry it off with a towel. Snip the end off the corner on the bag (now the end of the cone) so that the wind can pass through. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 187,770 times. Place the end of the metal pipe into the adjustable flag pole mount and tighten the knob on the side to lock it in place. Hang your windsock someplace that gets a nice breeze. Attach it about six inches from the top. "As a visual learner, the video made it much more pleasurable and quicker.". % of people told us that this article helped them. Writing professionally since 2007, Daniels has been published on various websites and offline in "Mirror Mirror Magazine." Thanks in advance for any advice. Lay out a blue recycle bag and keeping one corner intact, cut it into a large triangle. Young children will need help with this step. Do not leave paper windsocks outside in the rain or snow. You may need to cut more strips of plastic, depending on the size of the bottle. You can use a glue stick or liquid school glue. Feed the end through both holes. Put on your safety glasses and use the power drill and the wood screws to attach the adjustable flag pole mount onto the side of the wooden pole. Last Updated: October 8, 2020 Wrap the edge of the bag over the ring and tape into place with. Cut the rim off an empty plastic yogourt or sour cream container to create a ring (see picture below). Use the post hole digger to dig a hole about 2 feet deep. The angle can be adjusted with the wing nut on the side of the flag pole mount. Hole punch the bag right near the ring. Windsocks provide a useful and attractive addition to your yard. Constantly improving his craft and writing better articles and stories has become Daniels' goal in life. Wear safety glasses to make safety job number one. The streamers don't all have to be the same color. Acrylic craft paint will work great for this, but you can also use poster paint or tempera paint. If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow.