Hogtown Mascots specialize in serving clients across North America with custom mascot costumes. Do this in a well-ventilated area or you will get brain damage and likely hallucinate! The cost is based on density, so you’ll want to get the softest foam that will do the job. So awesome, Lynne! They carry multiple types of medium and high density foam, ship fast if you’re willing to shell out a little extra, and have good customer service and return policies. What this results in is a costume that gets very hot inside for the person wearing it. And no one likes interacting with a tired looking mascot. Step 1-Choose the simplest possible design. ), 7 Design Guidelines for Creating a Mascot Costume, 5 Ways to Upgrade Your Business Processes with Software, 5 Aspects You Will Enjoy from a Beginner Dance Class, 6 Shopping Best Practices at a Flower Shop, 3 Call Centre Services You Need for Your Business, The Top 5 Benefits of the Internet of Things, 6 Simple Ways on How to Invest in AI Startups, 4 Safety Tips to Stay Safe on Electric Bikes. Mascots are not just used by companies for promotional purposes. Note the shape at the bottom of the head where it rests on the shoulders. The head will be naturally top-heavy so you will want to compensate by keeping it as low on the body as possible. [This “Mother Bears Pizza” mascot head](http://i.imgur.com/qhsfxNs.jpg) was my first attempt at this sort of thing and it turned out great! Clear visibility will also ensure there are no accidents. Glue them down well using LOTS of spray glue. October 11, 2018 How to make your own 'Gritty' Halloween costume on a tight (or big) budget Mascots, fashion designers, seamstresses and more offer tips on being the perfect Flyers mascot If there is a store that carries it, they will probably be able to help you work out how much to buy, as well. And please tell me how much it cost! Contact us to learn more about our tiered advertising packages. (I tested out the idea of fangs but decided not to use them.). Put some kind of masking tape over the vents so they do not get glue spray on them. Consider including attire that will support your event goals (iNews Journal will never disclose your e-mail address to any advertiser. Insert the vent into the mouth area. It will take time to get it where you want it. Keep all of them in mind and make sure you have the answer to how easy it will be before the work begins. When applying fur, cover the battery space then slit a hole in the covering to remove and insert the battery. Please and Thank you :). I would really appreciate it! A mascot is a great addition to any event. Please try again. The Tiger costume had white screens on the whisker pads instead of the eyes, which also provided some peripheral vision. Custom made mascot costumes can get very expensive if you don’t keep a check on all the things that are included in its design. (NO GLUE REQUIRED. To the preschool demographic, you're a giant stuffed animal. That being said, mascot costumes for kids shouldn’t be designed the same way you would create one for a sports team or corporate event. This will immediately make the kids feel as though the mascot is a part of the event that should be engaged. 2 – The eyes don’t have to be carved straight back. Creating a knight in armor on an … Consider letting the kids design the mascot themselves For example, if you plan on handing out event hats, shirts or wrist bands out to every kid at the event, you should have your mascot wear one as well. Or individuals may use mascots as part of their business or the services they offer. Thus, the costume has to be as comfortable to be in as possible. A costume that gets too hot will also result in the wearer losing their energy faster, which will show in the interaction of your mascot with the audience. Dozens of projects in every issue covering Robots, Drones, 3D printing, craft and more, Tips and skill-building tutorials with inspiration from the leaders of the maker community. they are 24″ square come in a pack of four are usually black on one side and a color on the other. Characters design and animation. Don't leave it on too long or you will invariably pass out. Can you recommend any store for me? Continue to enlarge the interior space, matching the pieces to one another as you go along. 1 – Make sure you put the fan in facing the correct direction. We offer an optional drinking system in our costumes, which makes staying hydrated simple and easy. The very bottom of one is gone, They use a material similar to flip flops. The reCAPTCHA box was not checked. This will allow your mascot to better connect with the kids, as it fits perfectly into the theme of what they already were expecting in the first place. Insert the fan in the same way. Otherwise it blows your CO2 back at you and you can get dizzy fast. It doesn’t cost a lot of money to make, the result is amazing, and it’s very easy to make as long as you put the time and effort into building it. You can opt out by clicking the configure button below. It is expensive! I certainly took full advantage of that, and you should, too. Don’t eat or smoke while wearing your mascot costume. I found this website and my teacher said that it would be a great idea if our classroom had a mascot. I love this bear design. Have fun. Give the mascot a pair of cartoon-like eyes Remember that you’re not making a realistic model of an animal, but rather an entertaining character that kids will find engaging. Use plumber's "goop" and glue it down well. Here are some additional tips from a former mascot (Towson State University Tiger, 1987-88). The Tiger costume had white screens on the whisker pads instead of the eyes, which also provided some peripheral vision. Create the proper space for it and glue it with plumber's "goop" or some other rubber-based glue or epoxy. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. What this results in is a costume that gets very hot inside for the person wearing it. XD. Use bright colours That’s why your mascot should always have a huge grin on its face. They'll charge straight into you for a hug, slamming their foreheads you-know-where. Even if the creature that you are modeling the mascot after normally has smaller — or even nonexistent — eyes, you should do this. Enter your e-mail address to begin your news subscription. Eventually, you will be satisfied with the look. Keep trying it on and asking others' opinions. Hope yours does too. :), Begin carving away foam until the desired shape begins to emerge. You could also try looking for “fabric stores” with your city’s name in a search engine or in the yellow pages of your phone book. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. The sides and back of the head are great too – the vent will probably show but it won’t interfere with pictures too much and the kids don’t care. I stitch it to a piece of vinyl with a cutout for the eye hole to reinforce it and get rid of any sharp or pokey edges. For example, if you are creating a mascot to entertain kids during one of Canada’s many fish festivals, then you should definitely consider creating a mascot designed to either look like a fish or a fisherman/woman; if you are creating a mascot for a grade school event, then your mascot should be modeled after the one that the school already has. Then who knows what it will come out looking like? Create an inset space for them and then glue them in solidly. ©2020 Make Community LLC. Be sure to continually try the pieces on as you go to achieve the desired space inside. Next, begin hollowing out the center space, starting from the bottom and working upwards layer by layer. I worked around that by swaggering side-to-side whenever I walked, which people kind of expect a mascot … A mascot suit is a license to make a complete &#^ of yourself in front of ten thousand people, with almost no accountability. Create a space for it with a lip to hold it. what kind of foam? However, professional mascot costumes can carry an exorbitant price tag. Make sure it stays on good. Making a custom mascot costume can be a time consuming activity. DON’T tell your volunteer mascot just how bad it can be. Use what you already have for the design Your school, league or organization can save a lot of money if you make the costume yourself. Begin gluing on the fur using the foam spray adhesive. CAUTION!!! Making the ears (optional) is essentially the same process. I just want to say thanks so much to the creator(s) of this website and I love your costume designs. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Hogtown Mascots is bullfrogpowered® with 100% green electricity. A pair of big cartoon-like eyes will make your mascot feel like a live action cartoon character; kids love cartoons. Continue to try the head on as you go to ensure a good size and fit. Come to us with an idea or design and we’ll do the rest. Do you have pictures of it posted anywhere? Be sure to test the eyes out before gluing them in. DO NOT GLUE IT IN. (If you’ve ever carved a pumpkin and done this so the candle shows better, you’ll know what I mean.) Just tell them what you're gluing and say you want the best. They create higher brand recall for your business. How to design mascot costumes for kids’ events and festivals, Come to us with an idea or design and we’ll do the rest. I used cross-stitch thread. If you are in the market for getting a mascot, think about getting them custom made. Custom made mascot costumes since 2001. Try to put any seams you have near folds in the shape or at the back. (Why should colleges have all the fun?) This guide will show, step by step, the basic procedure for building a lightweight foam and fur school mascot head. Our regularly updated news articles continue to attract new readers every day. These cookies do not store any personal information. The person wearing a mascot costume often has to do it in uncomfortable weather conditions and for long periods of time. Install this in the head to vent warm air out. Just right. You could also use school logo sportswear but be sure to buy the biggest possible. Otherwise, your mascot could accidentally scare the kids instead of entertaining them. BAM Mascots - Mascot Costumes for Teams, Sports, Schools, Organizations, Businesses. 4 – Add in two large loops of elastic to go under the arms. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Seriously. Take a lot of breaks, every 20-25 minutes. Decide where the eyes should be and carve them out a little bit smaller than the vent covers. Mascot costumes for kids should have bold, bright colours. The nose will get LOTS of kisses and squeezes! We detected that you have javascript disabled. Each mascot is made-to-order, bringing to life and reflecting our clients' concepts, goals, and aspirations. The thread will be difficult to sew and will require pulling it very tight. Dull colours on the other hand, will make your mascot costume feel boring and gloomy. As a grassroots news organization, building a loyal readership means a lot to us. Unveil your new mascot and get ready for LOTS of hugs and high fives (high fours in this case). The ears are a great spot for hiding a vent. With a few household items, a few craft store supplies and a little creativity, you can make a basic nut costume right at home. ^^;; Which type of foam would you usually purchase for this sort of project? An uncomfortable costume will take all the attention of the person inside of it away from being a great mascot and divert it to all the discomfort they are experiencing. As far as how much goes, that would depend on the size and shape our your project. It just takes time. They also help you stand out in a crowd of businesses. How hot does it get. Finally (and I apologize for not including photos), use a large curved upholstery needle to sew the ears onto the head. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website.