Made by fans in Auckland, New Zealand. Mobile site. Click your username (at the top of each page) for shortcuts to the main sections of your account. Mobile site. We reserve the right to remove television-related content from our service at any time. Your Upgrades purchased via the in-app purchase option in our iOS app automatically renew each year unless you cancel them. All subscriptions are charged annually; there is no monthly option. Please use the following links to make payment for a gift of a year of Pro or Patron. For currently airing shows it displays a timeline of when & where they will air. Apple sends a reminder shortly before the renewal date. Yes. To maintain a consistent user experience, we lock the posters of popular films from being updated once they are released. If you’ve previously saved film-related activity at IMDb or another service, we can help you Do this as you watch films (to populate your Diary) or to share your opinion of a film you’ve seen in the past (providing a watched date is optional). These filters are located in the menu attached to the ‘eye’ icon above the watchlist posters (and in the filters page in our iOS app). Older revisions of reviews and lists are not stored when you make updates, so it is not possible to restore an older version. Yes. Reviews that you have deleted are included in the deleted folder, and reviews for deleted films are included in the main reviews.csv file. If you would like your content hidden from search engines, please contact support. (Note that a re-watch will still count towards your ‘Films’ total for the year the first time you watch it during that year, but not on subsequent views. (Also, check out the full legal version.). There are a couple reasons why an unavailable username may not have a corresponding profile: we reserve some usernames for our own future possible use; and there are also a number of deactivated accounts that still have their original username attached. Letterboxd is for reviews of films you’ve seen, not those you want to see. Yes, we include all your published and deleted reviews in our account export bundle (available in Settings). We request read-only access to your Twitter account for three reasons: to fetch your avatar, to make it harder to impersonate other members, and so that we can show a list of your Twitter friends who also have Letterboxd accounts. Letterboxd is a social network for sharing your taste in film. Subscribers at this level or above are able to change their username once every 90 days via the Settings page on our website. If one of your totals is incorrect, try saving changes to your Settings page on our website in order to reset your account caches (there is no need to change any settings). Pro we compute detailed stats based on all your Adding tags as you log films lets you easily recall them based on any criteria. Use it as a diary to record your opinion about films as you watch them, or just to keep track of films you’ve seen in the past. Settings. Hide watched films activated to find more great films to watch. Pro members get an ad-free experience, personalized all-time and annual stats pages, the ability to clone other members’ lists, filter activity streams by entry type, filter lists (and other views) by what’s available on popular streaming services, and much more. Tags may reflect your own genre taxonomy, an occasion or festival, where/how/with whom you saw a film, the type or style of a list, or anything else you care to use them for. section and marking a few films you’ve seen. No. Each link above applies the specified filter and cancels any other active filter. Feel free to use the Report function to alert us to trailer (or other pre-release) reviews, which we’ll remove at our discretion. If you spot a released film with an incorrect or inferior poster, please let us know and we’ll consider updating it (due to the volume of requests we are not able to respond individually to poster requests). ten films logged. (You can also downgrade. All Letterboxd members have a watchlist to collect films they’d like to see. Yes (with the exception of any list or watchlist you’ve set as private). I just started using the TV time app. If you provide ratings for films, you can later sort films by these ratings, useful for making year-end lists. Each time you change the email address associated with your account, we send you an email containing a link, to ensure you’ve provided an address that you can receive messages to. Blocking a member does not hide your content from them, as Letterboxd does not provide private accounts, which are required to protect your content in this way. The blocked member is also prevented from replying to (or liking) any of your content, and you won’t see activity relating to them in your feed. As of August 2018, Facebook no longer permits external services to automatically publish content to its users’ timelines. We never post on your behalf unless you manually share content using our Share options (see below). lets you keep a list of films you want to see. Create as many curated lists as you wish, for favorite genre films, your collection of physical discs, or your favorite heist films. and mark a few films you want to see—use the ‘clock’ on a film or review page, When paying by eCheck, your account will be upgraded once the eCheck payment clears. Letterboxd (Website) Letterboxed is an online tool that helps you keep a tab on all the movies you have watched till date. We provide easy tools for making and sharing lists/collections of films too. You may freely browse all of Letterboxd without an account, but you’ll need to create one if you want to log any films or otherwise participate. 31 films, Justin LaLiberty If you wish to gift a subscription to an Apple subscriber, consider buying them an App Store gift card. If you're only looking to track your TV shows then I recommend it. Watchlist These were (mostly) removed from the site as the result of a policy change at TMDb. If you need the activity dates for when you marked each film, these are included in your account export bundle, which you can download from your Settings screen in our website. What started as a Hallowe’en gag is now a permanent feature: if you browse the Horror genre on our site, or visit the profile of a Pro member that mentions #horror in their bio, or you just live horror, you’ll see this effect. Yes. By default anyone can comment on your reviews and lists, but you can update your settings to allow only people you follow to comment, or disable others from commenting at all. You can ‘like’ a film any time to show you enjoyed it, which builds up your Profile and Likes pages, or rate films (via the film’s page, or by logging it, or using the Actions menu on any poster) to give your friends a better idea of how much you loved (or hated) it, and they’ll see this on your Ratings page and in their activity feed (if it’s part of a review or diary entry).