I plan to work with them on future projects. The point the line reaches will need to be marked with some spray paint. Replace the metal stake in the ground with a 2-inch square wooden stake. That way, you’re not left with any unanswered questions. stand horizontally with the metal rebar sticking out. department store. aside, you can proceed to the next step. There are several steps to take for you to level a ground pool without digging. that you use your garden hose to first drain at all the water inside. Would recommend them highly and definitely use them again! I thought the quote was very affordable, and will be recommending him to my friends. Repeat several times at different spots around the circle, and look for the measurements to all be the same. You can do this by wetting your sand and using a tamper. me, you’ll find that having all of them will make the process much easier and you need to do is get one long wood board, let it stand horizontally, then This will Land Grading 101: How to Level Ground Without Digging. Great quality dirt, quick responses to all my inquiries. They did an outstanding job. I even found out after they'd left on the last day that the guys had hauled my empty trashcans back up from the curb for me just to be nice! It’s important to note that you should not use soil during the leveling process. Before you pour the sand, you will need to secure the boards to the ground. I will definitely use Dirt Connections again. Very easy to work with from start to finish!! And there you have it– an easy way to level ground for pool without even picking up a shovel. The guys who came to the project site were so kind, helpful, respectful, and communicative. But what if we told you there is He was so nice and friendly and delivered just the amount I needed. My company, Benchmark Utility Services, has used Dirt Connections for many jobs and they always deliver for us! Choose area, use a can of marking paint to paint a circle 2' larger that your pool. Chuck was great to work with! Place these boards on the ground where you will install your pool. Great professional company, contracted for for some gravel and grading to extend driveway and did an outstanding job. The next day I had the proposal in my inbox with the cost and, again, clearly describing the job and what I could expect from them and it was very easy to read and understand. Chuck was very personable and professional, clearly describing everything they would be doing and answering many questions I hadn't even thought of. If the drop is too much, you can get uneven compaction of the sand, leading to a swimming pool that is not level. The first step This is the second time I've worked with Chuck. screw is tightly fitted in, tie the rope to the ring part of the screw. You will know it is level when your board pivots without getting stuck. Chuck Moore and his staff have helped our family with multiple projects, including moving, snow removal, and water remediation! Would strongly recommend. That’s why this guide on how to level a pool without digging was created in the first place. I had a wonderful experience with Dirt Connections. I highly recommend anyone needing dirt for their yards/jobs to use Dirt Connections. He was able to help me meet a deadline. Although, your boards should be at least 1 to 2 feet longer than the diameter of your pool. Before anything else, you need to move the pool away from the ground that it was on. There is an easy way to level your pool without having to dig up the ground. Chuck made sure the mistake was corrected quickly and went the extra mile. The only thing you need to do is hammer a wood board the board, use some duct tape to stick the level to that area. How To Level Ground For Pool Without Digging 1. Additionally, SageBathrooms.com participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. Start the leveling process by pivoting the plank around the area. Responds quickly and very flexible to meet any request. If it wraps around the metal rod, your measurement will not be accurate. Create a base; The first and most important step to this process is to create a base that is level for whatever project you have in mind, in this case a swimming pool. The instructions to receive the load were explicit and they made sure I knew what I was getting. good clean fill dirt. Tie the string to the metal stake. He told me I needed twice as much as my contractor suggested. I worked with Chuck who was VERY accommodating. Highly recommend! Chuck contacted me immediately after I placed my order and had the dirt delivered to me in less than 24 hours. Once you’ve gotten ahold of rebar and hammer it into the drilled hole so that it’ll stay inside. He walked us through the whole process, and made us feel at home about our siding and brick repair. Very responsive and professional. I am going to call Chuck and Dirt Connections about our future bathroom and concrete driveway remodeling as well. Next, line the nail in your plank up with the wooden stake. Dirt Connections showed up at 7am the next morning! If the weather is humid and the ground is hard, you’ll use up so much energy that can be used on other things. will no longer have to worry about buying a shovel or breaking your back trying We would strongly recommend them to anyone needing any of their services! Dirt showed up same day! Highly recommended! He was easy to get a hold of and quick to respond. Those steps include: Ensure that your ground has less than a 2-inch difference between the shallow end and the deep end. The soil cannot take the weight of your pool. LandArt Associates, LLC utilizes Dirt Connections services whenever performing projects in the Northern VA/DC area. At first glance, to level a pool without even having to dig a small hole? Excellent service. You can remove it with a sod cutter. For a prompt, precise, professional free estimate, complete the form below or call 703-940-9949. make it much easier to take the pool out of the way. Chuck kept me in the loop during each step of the way. board to scrape the sand that makes the ground uneven. needs to be out of the way. Great guy, great company, thanks Chuck! Very shortly after I accepted the proposal Martir called and we arranged payment (made very convenient) and he got the permit request in right away. Thank you Chuck for making this work on short notice. Great service, great dirt, all around great experience! The rest of the materials may require you to pay a visit to the Look at the line level will to see whether the string is level, and then measure from the string to the ground. Chuck over at Dirt Connections is excellent. Highly recommend. The reason for pouring it here is to raise the ground until it is level. Since the pool needs to sit on a firm base, it is not practical or advised to raise the low point. Also, certain states require a fence or safety barrier around your pool. I am currently living on property that is not owned by me, and the owners said that I could set up the pool, but I cannot dig up the grass / ground at all to level it. Except, there’s only one issue: You don’t want to dig up your yard. He was correct. Chuck was great and very friendly. Once the pool is put On the day of the drop off, I requested an alteration to the original order, which he took in stride. they’re not hard to find and not at all expensive. Do this around the entire circle of sand that you poured. The delivery (1/2 truckload) was timely and as promised. The goal Chuck answered the phone, was extremely polite and knowledgeable, and pointed me in the right direction! Next, wet it down, and tamp it down with your tamper. While many park their... Standard Bathroom Vanity Dimensions (with Photos). The first thing What could I possibly use to protect the pool from holes, etc. Save yourself the hassle of re-leveling by taking your time. Is the *any* to safely level an above-ground pool (Intex/Summer Waves style) without completely digging out the ground? Chuck and his team were simply great. Standard Single-Car Garage Dimensions (with Photos). Tips For Leveling Your Intex Above Ground Swimming Pool Area With Sand If you have more than a few inches drop, it is a good idea to level off the top side a bit first. the number of tools and materials that you’ll need may seem a lot, but trust That’s okay! If I ever need dirt again this is where I will go. Once the limestone has hardened, you can add soil and extra limestone over it. They're always willing to help, and they do so quickly and professionally! I can’t say enough good things about my experience. As for the crew, they were on time or early, answered any questions I had, were a pleasure to have around, and were right on schedule completing the job. Can I Use Something Other Than Sand to Level My Pool Without Digging? What Happens if the Ground is Not Level for a Pool? Chuck took the time to walk me through the entire process.