Rabbits keep an average body temperature of 101-103 degrees Fahrenheit and can be easily affected by hypothermia if submerged in water. To receive email updatesEnter your email address: The Rabbit House is proudly powered by To do this, when you sprinkle the powder on it, carefully cover its head with your hand so the powder doe snot irritate it. You can see in the picture, the flesh, is the pink, the skin, is the white/black. I get the odd 'coon, skunk, fox, and other animals on the property. By keeping them for so long do they not become more gassy? To make a sink or tub bath as safe as possible: After its bath, first towel-dry your rabbit as much as possible, and then blow-dry its coat to finish the drying process. Even if they are nearly covered in mud, it’s a better idea to use a dry bath section by section than to get them wet, as this poses a risk of sending them into shock. I divided my pile in two, half for his supper and half to dry out. Mother Earth News: How to Tan Rabbit Hides. I just skinned my first 2 rabbits, & I've been looking for a way to tan/cure the pelts. Squeeze the excess water from the pelt. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was some way to store them up so Scamp could eat them all year around? keep an eye open :). However, always remember: If you’re in doubt about any health-related issue with your rabbit, call your vet to confirm what your next best step is! the flesh contains blood veins, and insulation for the rabbit. Dry shampoos for rabbits usually come in powder. I’m really not sure about either of those two so best not to risk it. 3-4 rabbits would easily feed a family of 4 or so. lay the skin down in the middle of the board. make sure you use brand new salt each time. Don't tug too hard and do it very softly and slowly. You are here: Blog » Diet » Making Winter Forage. And was wondering how much i could sell it for? Any animal with fur can be tanned this way. Take advantage and clean its cage so your rabbit doesn't get too dirty either. There is a wild bunny in my yard every night that munches on a patch of sweet grass. Did you make this project? How to Tell if my Rabbit is Male or Female, How to Know if your Pit Bull Is Purebred - Foolproof Traits, Why You Should Not Put A Bell On Your Cat. stretch one end of the pelt to the end of the board and put 2 nails or staples through the pelt, into the board, on the very edge of the skin. They sure look tasty, I know my bunny would like them! about 1/4 inch from the end of the pelt. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. Cornstarch-based baby powder, free of talc, scents or other additives; Rubber mat to avoid slipping; Fine-toothed pet comb; Small, hand-held vacuum; Dry Bath – Step By Step. An avid animal lover, Roland started this blog to help all varieties of pets and their owners on their journey to living their best lives. Once all the flesh is removed, take about 1 container of plain, non-iodized salt (about 79 cents a container) and cover the pelt with it. Rinse a fresh rabbit hide with cold water to cool it.