I get the broken link message, but not from external links – I’m having this problem only with Facebook. For example, a username could be taken by a Page that isn’t published yet. I created a new Facebook page for a political organization and tried to friend my friends by clicking on their names. I don’t want to lose any of my followers but I need to change the URL to reflect my current business roles. facebook.com/xxxxxxxxx for the URL shortcut it will not let me and is saying its already taken. Check if you have at least 100 – 50 – 25 likes minimum needed for username to change. How can hide or remove my fb username url ? Facebook won’t let me change it since I already did long ago. For some reason when I click edit on the URL, it does not give me any option to change my URL name. I’m confused. Can you please advise what i can do? Even if you could complain, they won’t release certain names. How do I get around this without creating a brand new page? There’s a possibility of creating a new page and merging the two pages. Then proceed. My password is correct. You’ve probably linked your FB Page in at least one sidebar, header, or footer widget (I had three). Last Updated: April 30, 2019 I have tried reloading and restarting and logging out and in. There might be a possibility of turning your profile into a business page, or merging the two. I don’t see PAGE INFO on the left side, instead, under OVERVIEW, it says WORK AND EDUCATION, PLACES YOU’VE LIVED, and so on. Go here: https://www.facebook.com/help/174210519303259. I’d like to change my personal page’s URL to something a bit more generic to maintain some sort of privacy. Tap Save on iPhone or the checkmark icon on Android. I haven’t changed the URL before, so this is the first time. I setup the custom url for thr group om my profile page not the group page. Your new URL may take a while to appear as your username in Facebook Messenger. Great information, thanks! I just wanted to add, my first ‘Page’ has 1 like and the username option is there. Then “Contact and Basic Info.” That’s where you can edit the URL. Thank you. Printed materials? I am not aware of any. Like “Koli soda” or whatever you think most likely for your own customers. However, as a precaution in case the name change was not possible (and to prevent someone else taking it), I set up a separate ‘back-up’ facebook account with the new rebranded name. There is nothing about a username anywhere… I’ve even done a search for it. Now is it possible to create a new page having url facebook.com/abccompany. Hi Iana, Facebook seems to keep a tight lid on the one-change limit. I setup a web page for a group. Explain why. FB tells me I can’t have this name bc it is taken. I set up a facebook profile a while back and the URL “shortcut”, I have recently set up a facebook page and now when I try to pick the username for my page EX.) Any advice would be much appreciated! Hello Sydney ! Try to find someone who specializes in this; if they can help you, there may be a fee. Make changes to the privacy of your information by selecting the current privacy setting … Margarete. Thanks Sue. I have used a name (Say ‘http://facebook.com/MyURL’) which lands to my particular account page.