Yu-gyeom has two piercings, one on each ear lobe. Apparently, he prefers wearing the pointy, arrow-like earring on his left ear lobe. Fans suspected that it was another piercing under his tongue. The group received a total of 45 awards out of 117 nominations. The ceremony was held on December 4 at the Nagoya Dome in Japan, with Park Bo Gum as host. It’s amazing to see him effortlessly glowing without any piercings. Facebook. Music Bank is a South Korean music television program broadcast by KBS. We all know that Got7 has a unique style. The Billboard Music Award are held to honor artists for commercial performance in the United States based on record charts published by Billboard. We provide you with the latest Korean news. Let’s take another look at his piercings! It is also a crazy record for the group for rewriting history in South Korea as the only group that swept all of the Daesang awards in 2019 and early 2020. (626) 298-1111. susan@susansimmons.com. Spinning Top: Between Security & Insecurity, https://got7.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_Awards_and_Nominations?oldid=14659, Most Promising Newcomer Award (Overseas Category). Have any questions? We have to agree that his decision was a good one because he totally rocks with these piercings! CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Got7’s Piercings Appreciation – How Many Does Every Member Have? Honestly i always wonder how Korean view KMA? In the Barbie dreamhouse with Barbie rings, Barbie beach house, Barbie Benz, Barbie white picket, Barbie fence, EXO: 12 ( 3 @ GDA, 4 @ MAMA, 2 @ MMA, 3 @ SMA), BB: 10 ( 1 @ GDA, 5 @ MAMA, 2 @ MMA, 1 @ SMA), SNSD: 10 ( 3 @ GDA, 1 MAMA, 3 @ MMA, 2 @ SMA, 1 @ KMA), BEAST : 2 ( 2 @ MMA); WONDER GIRLS : 2 ( 1 @ SMA, 1 @ MAMA), BUSKER BUSKER: 2 (2 @ MMA), MISS A : 1 ( 1 @ MAMA); 2PM: 1 ( 1 @ MAMA), SHINee: 1 @ MMA, 2AM: 1 @ GDA, Jewelry 1 @ GDA, SNSD, EXO, SG WANNABE, SUJU, are one of 5 artists to win GDA Daesang 3 times, SNSD and Jewelry are only girl groups ever win a DAESANG @ GDA, SNSD, EXO, SG WANNABE are one of 4 artists to win DAESANG 3 years in a row @ GDA, BB IS THE MOST AWARDED KPOP ARTIST in MAMA, BB and SNSD are only KPOP groups to win Digital Daesang 2 times @ GDA, WONDER GIRLS AND SNSD are 2 out of 3 KPOP girl groups to ever win SMA Daesang, † High Deaconess of the Reformed Church of Taeyong â€. Then he thought it for about 30 minutes before he finally decided to do it and held Yu-gyeom’s hands. He seems to prefer relatively small and simple earrings, compared to JB. Twitter. This page contains a list of awards and nominations received by GOT7 since their debut. But wearing black studs isn’t a bad look, either. I know this is for groups only, but does the ranking change if you included soloists? Jin-young is the only member of Got7 who has never been pierced! It kind of reminds us of JB, who likes to wear big and unique earrings. EDIT: lol so considering groups EXO comes first actually, what is this slayage, EXO being second and far by only 2 trophies with only 4 years of activity. The group’s agency, JYP Entertainment, later made a statement saying that it was not a piercing, but a bubble.