In training (using a Pocket Radar) we realized that the best readings came when he hit the ball directly at the radar. As I mentioned previously, the exit velocity test is a measure of how much force the player can transfer from their body through the bat and into the ball. Will Trickle-Down Recruiting Affect the Ivies? By NCAA rules colleges weren't able to contact him until September 1 of his Junior year which was only a few days ago. All said they were interested in him being part of their program but none offered a scholarship which can only becomes official at National Signing Day of the players Senior year. The core is responsible for transferring force from the lower body to the upper body. NJCAA Ruling - What The Coaches Are Saying. They did skills tests for Exit Velocity (Tee), .......Are we playing tee ball in high school now??? Once you reach that point and you still want a faster car then we have to build a bigger engine. What was the first thing the owner of this organization said to him when he stepped off the mound? Keep encouraging him and keep yourself grounded on your expectations for him. The main purpose for measuring exit velocity is to determine a player’s potential for hitting with power. Recording exit velocity off of a pitched ball will add approximately 5-15 mph to the reading. Also, if his game is how you describe, you are going to want offers to the strongest programs possible to use as leverage for any potential signing bonus negotiations. Radar guns give the most accurate reading if the ball is hit/thrown in the direct line of the gun. I know PG uses wood, but do they have you use a standard bat (since they collect the Diamond Kinetics metrics) off the tee? He also had Raw Throwing Velocity of 90mph which was the fastest for any non pitcher. 3. Gotcha. Exit Velocity off the Tee, from 84 to 95+mph, 60 Speed from 7.4 to 6.92, Size from 6'2"/175 to 6'3"/195 of muscle. Your email address will not be published. est if you have a helper with you to hold the radar gun and do the recording. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. When my son participated in a showcase last year they had certain bats that they had to use in the cage off of a tee for the EV, but could use any wood bat in the games. The exit velocities that you are seeing when you watch a Major League game are off of a pitched ball. Btw mlb hitters who can hit more than 25 homers mostly have a max EV of 110+. Online tutorials have allowed anybody with internet access to gather more information on how the swing should look and feel. Of course in HS you can hit well with a 75 mph exit velo if you have contact ability but in d1 that is probably not going to work. Working hard to have a great Junior year Baseball season. If he is a pro prospect, I’m a little surprised there isn’t an offer already. I know PG uses wood, but do they have you use a standard bat (since they collect the Diamond Kinetics metrics) off the tee? It is said that. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. If you are hitting into a net or screen, your helper can also choose to position their self behind the screen, and facing you, so that you are hitting directly toward them. Replies and comments they make will be collapsed/hidden by default. Scouts and coaches use exit velocity as a measure how much force a player can transfer from the body through the bat and into the ball. Scouts have told me, Skills Tests tell you who has the potential to play at the next level. Lake does not have the most efficient swing but generates 100+ exit velo because he has built a powerful motor. A prime example of a guy with a motor of a Ferrari showing his rotational power hitting 101. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Every hitter’s swing is different so every hitter has a different optimal contact point. However, there are a few common keys and mistakes that add or take away from exit velocity. To properly load the hands, the hitter can imagine a catcher behind them and angle the knob of the bat towards the imaginary catcher’s mask. The exit velocity test in baseball has the comparison to the bench press, vertical, or broad jump test in football. Set the Tee for YOUR Optimal Contact Point. Grandson’s improved Exit Velocity = 103 mph (Avg 91+/ High 103). You must be signed in to continue. He has been contacted by 6 different colleges. Wood bats are great training tools in the offseason due to a smaller sweet spot and instant feedback given by bat vibration and sound. Teams can offer a 9 year old if they want, age has nothing to do with it. You still have to show ability in the game. We're planning on putting together a Profile with links to videos and sending it to all the colleges on his wish list. Of course there are also non great hitters who can hit 110 in a game but still that is a baseline you need to hit when you want to get to the highest level, Current Visitors: 91 (8 members, 83 guests). DO NOT Buy a New Bat Until You Read This….USA Baseball 2018 Youth Baseball Bat Regulations, Top 5 Best Baseball Hitting Training Aids for 2019, Best Baseball Pitching Machine Reviews for 2018, Tips and Drills for Teaching Kids to Catch a Baseball, 6 Baseball Fielding Training Aids YOU Should be Using. Once the body has reached its power potential, the only way to continue development is to increase the amount of force the body can produce. As for bat size, experiment with different sizes and see what works best for you. I go to a game I see a player hit the ball I see how the ball comes off the bat. That coupled with a 400'+HR over the Center field fence Verified he was worth being put on scouts follow list. Coaches and scouts talk and if you have +Skills and can play word gets around. It does not matter if they have a leg kick, toe tap or any other load style as long as they get their weight to their back leg.. The exit velocity test is simple: a radar gun records the speed of how hard an athlete can hit a baseball off of a tee into a net. Others get on plane easier with a low pitch so they lower the tee to maximize their swing path. He’s working really hard and hopefully his dreams can com true. However, if they are still accelerating or even decelerating at contact, ball exit velocity will decrease. He has been contacted by 6 different colleges. How to Measure Exit Velocity. Set a ball up on the tee and get in position to hit. Of course there is also the eye test of an experienced scout but this is extremely subjective. If the core is weak or not in a strong position, some or all of the force from the lower body will not be transferred through the kinetic chain and into the bat. Hopefully your son has a little clearer picture of how this works, because this is an important year for your grandson, and you seem to have an idea of what is going on, but you need a little clearer understanding of how this plays out. Scouts and coaches use exit velocity as a measure how much force a player can transfer from the body through the bat and into the ball. It seems if you're 6'2"/6'3" 180/200 can run <6.8, Raw Throw 92+, Exit Velocity 95+ you will get a great deal of interest. The first position is the bat angle. Good testing can't tell you if a HS kid can hit at the D1 Level but it certainly can tell you who can't compete at the next level. Hitters with high exit velocity readings have the ability to hit the ball harder, and possibly farther, than those with lower numbers. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are as essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. A brand new baseball is going to give you a higher exit velocity than an old, beat up one. We understand this will be a very important year for my grandson and he is working with a baseball specific trainer to be the best he can be. At PBR they measure exit velo off the tee while the player swings his own bat. It's just a normal Marucci wood bat. If the bat is traveling at any angle besides directly towards the radar gun at contact with the ball, power is being wasted and exit velocity is not at its peak potential. Sorta like when my son was going to showcases and we would see a batter would hit many hard shots during the skills BP pitched with lobs from the L-screen. But what is exit velocity? While, Some batting tees create more drag on the ball and bat than others. That usually happens prior to or concurrent with pro scouts taking notice. When you block a person, they can no longer invite you to a private message or post to your profile wall. Rather than focusing on timing and identifying the pitch, hitters are concerned with mechanics. However, come showcase day for high school or college players, metal bats will outperform woods bats in exit velocity tests due to the increased trampoline effect and larger sweet spot. These differences occur because all hitters have a point in their swing at which they achieve maximum bat acceleration. The hitter’s hands must be in a strong position to do so. Grandson's goal is to get drafted or play for a major college program. In this article we will clear that up for you, as well as show you how to measure exit velocity, why you would want to measure it, and what is the average exit velocity by age. My son hasn’t picked up a bat during summer or showcases since before  sophomore year but these were his showcase stats last time he did...he’s now a PO. Peach, if your grandson is raking like that, as a 2021, and isn’t committed already I would say something isn’t adding up. To be explosive forward, the hitter must first load their weight into a strong back leg. He is just starting his Junior year and hopefully he'll continue to improve, but a lot can happen in 2 years so who knows. Coaches place value in athletic swings because they know that the bat speed will transfer to game-like situations and robotic swings will not. It seems like they had an option of 32" or 33". How to Increase Exit Velocity When Hitting: 5 Quick Tips, Here are the top rated USA Baseball Bats for 2018,, NCAA College Baseball Recruiting Tips For Parents & Athletes, I'm sure if he's good enough he'll get an official offer once he starts his Senior year. Thanks. Exit Velocity seems to be getting more and more notice from scouts. Having flow and rhythm to the swing will allow the hitter to stay loose and whip the bat through the zone. Or are you allowed to use your own bat for the exit velocity measurement? You want to find the perfect mix of bat weight and swing speed. These cookies do not store any personal information. This will be different for everybody based on varying strength levels and swing mechanics, but this is where the Force = Mass X Acceleration equation comes into play.