Plug in a base to speak to the bulbs, and then plug in the bulbs to the regular sockets. While Google Home is compatible with a wider array of smart home products than Siri is, it’s still not as many as Alexa can work with. Cancel at anytime. Is Alexa the home assistant of your dreams? Prime members will get free music, as well as next day delivery on any shopping done through the smart speaker. Amazon Echo is always switched on and will be always patiently waiting for your commands. However, if, say, someone in your house is already named Alexa, you can change the wake word to something else: Amazon, Echo, or Computer. While Amazon has integrated a ton of useful features into the Alexa experience, you can expand that even further by installing third-party skills. Alexa, Tell my Husband He's Wrong Throw Pillow Cover 16 x 16, Hidden Zipper Linen Decorative Pillow Cushion Case for Bed Living Room Sofa Couch Bedroom Home Decor SheMugs Next page More from Echo & Alexa Folks going about their daily lives, chatting with Amazon’s amicable virtual assistant. Your Amazon Echo just got a must-have upgrade and here’s new things... Amazon Echo – What it is, how much does it cost and what to ask Alexa, Amazon Echo can do a number of household management tasks, The Echo using Amazon's Alexa voice control. Alexa has a growing list, and Siri’s funny questions always seem to be evolving. I did what I suspect many people do: I gave up. However, we have not tested this in person, so this is speculative (for now). For example, I tasked both AI’s with three questions: “What’s the temperature outside?”, “When do the Sharks play next?”, and “What movie should I see this weekend?” Amazon understood all three questions perfectly, while Siri thought the latter was “What movies with you this weekend.”. However, if you stream music on Apple Music, Soundcloud, or Google Play, you’ll want to go with a Google Home over an Echo. Amazon’s AI, thanks to its third-party skills, can actually respond (or act) on a wider variety of requests than you can with Google’s assistant, though. Audio quality may be in the ear of the beholder. Add around $100 to the Smart Lock purchase to have Geek Squad, Amazon, or an Amazon sub-contractor like Hello Tech install a deadbolt lock, drill holes and cut mortises into the door, install a cylinder, thumb level and faceplate, and install the strike plate in the doorjamb. If you add multiple music sources to the app, you can choose a default one. The recipe can also be sent to your phone, if you need to pop to the shop for ingredients. The one geared to home automation is called the Echo Plus. That’s a big decision, but again, the great thing about this point in time is you don’t have to do it at once. The microphone will pick up your command word, which can be any number of questions or tasks. The key difference is that with Apple’s HomePod, the compatible devices need to be HomeKit-enabled, where Echo-compatible smart home products don’t (necessarily). – If you've set up your location in the Alexa app, you can use your Echo to find restaurant recommendations in your local area. From time to time, both Siri and Alexa slip up and don’t quite understand what you’re saying (or asking). From there, you can ask Alexa all sorts of questions: You can ask her to play music, ask about the weather, or ask her to convert measurements for you. Unfortunately, if you want one now you’ll have to wait—it’s not shipping until December. There are also a number of hidden features and quirky questions-and-answers you can ask Alexa. She only responds when summoned, and you can talk to her using normal sentences. The products all fall under the DIY category. Basically: Both are comparable in terms of quality. These companies work with dealers for installation, on top of the purchase price, and some charge monthly subscriptions. In the actual Settings section of this menu, you can customize your Alexa experience further. You can switch on “Purchase by Voice” in the Voice Purchasing section of the Settings menu, which will let you make and confirm purchases as long as you have a valid 1-Click payment method set up on Amazon. "Alexa, give me a chocolate brownie recipe" – This uses the Allrecipes skill to provide detailed cooking instructions for chocolate brownies. You can also link your FireTV or Dish network streamers to your account, and connect with Kindle or Audible for e-books. By tapping the menu icon on the left-hand side of the app, then Music, Video, & Books, you can log into your favorite media sources, including Spotify and Pandora for music. Add another $250 for that, and the total is $1650. If you want no-frills information and functionality, a Google Home may make more sense for you. For example, you can say: “Alexa, what’s the weather in London today?”. The Amazon Echo Dot starts at £49.99, offering fewer features for a smaller, more subtle speaker that can play music and answer questions. Both AI’s gave me the current weather report, Alexa said she didn’t have information for the Sharks query, and Alexa also didn’t have a response for the movie question. You can then ask Alexa any number of questions or give it a selection of tasks to complete and it will be done. Smart garage door opener, to monitor who’s coming in and out, via an app. A smart lock, from companies like August Home and Schlage, for opening the door with your phone or via Alexa. However, you still may not know all that much about her. For example, you could say “Alexa, start my day” for her to start playing your daily Flash Briefing, give you an update on the weather, and turn on the lights in the living room. Alternatively, a great replacement if you've lost dice from a board game. Amazon has several Echo units available. Now comes the hard part. See today's front and back pages, download the newspaper, Let’s go down the list of what you might want, choosing some of the most common smart-home products: The Ring video door bell, which shows you who’s at the door and lets you answer from anywhere. It all depends on what you’re looking for. You can push alerts or notifications when an order is out for delivery or has been delivered, or give a status update with product names when you ask “Where’s my stuff?” She can also remind you to re-order purchases you’ve previously bought on Amazon.