“Why don’t you show us the way to Strongford? Satori mainly is strong against heroes who gain energy or heroes who have high intelligence. In this article, I will be talking about specific hero counters. Lion HelmetAsklepius' StaffBook of FateSphere of PowerSphere of PowerOppressor's Crown Heroic Chest Even if she doesn’t one-shot enemy hero poison most likely will finish the work. 3 comments. Cleaver counters back line heros with his hook. Bet he just left for the University to walk around without a hat on in cold weather!” Nothing would stop Martha from rambling. As already I mentioned Cleaver is a great counter to Martha with his Rusty Hook. Best counter to Andvari and Martha team. His magic defense is almost 0... if someone is actually using him as the main tank just blast em with magic he'll fold like a cheap sack. Soon enough, the battle was over. Also Cleaver can be countered with Dorian as I already told that earlier in this article. “That’s so... unexpected!” Violet +2 Besides that Lian is good as a second damage dealer she is also considered as a Keira’s counter pick. Violet Cleaver is a counter to back row enemies like Martha, Lars, Helios, Thea, etc. “We can’t just invite him to the woods of Zarakkar all the time. Celeste is a counter to all healers, Astroth, lifesteal heroes and Yasmine. “Uh oh, let’s go help the poor baby out, my friend!” Their actual targets were the orcs following the elderly ladies, shouting and jeering. Role “Stop grumbling, Martha,” replied the tortoise, offering a space on her shell. Martha turned around to face the master of the boomerangs. I have to see my son!” spoke the old woman with gray hair, patting a large tortoise shell with her wrinkled hand. G Martha nodded to Heidi and saw him nod in return. “Martha, get down!” exclaimed the tortoise, halting her movement with all four legs and dropping to her belly. Helios is a counter to all critical damage heroes like Jhu, Ishmael, Yasmine, Artemis, Jet. Wooden ShieldSteel PauldronWooden ShieldLucky DiceTraveller's ShoesOil Lamp 8.0k. Main Stat Could a demon really want to slay that cute little creature?” Martha was especially talkative on that day. Yasmine is a counter to Keira, Kharh, Orion, Twins and almost all squishy damage dealers. “How about a cup of tea, Josephine?” Martha suddenly asked. Cornelius is a good counter to mages but often can’t find his spot in most meta compositions so he gets left behind. His boomerangs shredded his enemies while the spirits of his ancestors healed his wounds. Hero Wars Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. “Look at that, Josephine! A special type of tea grows in the woods of Zarakkar. Sphere of PowerDragon's HeartAsklepius' StaffDragon's HeartEvil Genius CuirassPiercing Gaze Winter Skin WeaponZarakkari Teapot (Armor) Default SkinIntelligence Cleaver’s Rusty hook will grab the furthest enemy and … In that moment, the Guardian’s attacks grew so rapid that the demon simply could not keep up with them anymore. “Come now, Cornelius! The tortoise changed her course with a sad sigh, and the two elderly friends went on to chide the demon a couple minutes thereafter. She has good prospects in the game. “Come now, Martha,” replied the tortoise in an unexpectedly warm voice. Here we are, supporting them like this, and they...” Dark GrailFlaming HeartProspero's HelmetDiviner's OrbHand of MidasBook of Prophecies Orange +3 W Light CrystalDragon's HeartSoul CatcherSacred RosaryEnchanter's StaffProspero's Helmet Cleaver is extremely hard to get hero but if you are lucky enough to get him then you will be able to counter many teams just because of his hook ability. Andvari was made as a counter to Kharh teams because you needed not so popular teams to beat him. Artifacts That means Satori won’t be able to instantly kill 2 enemy heroes. Kiera is a big multiple hitter, she too can counter Martha by knocking over her pot. “Grannies, you say!” grumbled Martha, unable to sit still atop the shell. Intelligence Martha is a really good counter to Jhu because her healing is bigger than Jhu’s damage when his skill I See You is active. Twins will often loose even to Keira because they will end up fighting Keira who will be pushed into Dorian’s aura and won’t be stoppable. 75% Upvoted. Archived. We are investing a lot of time to make this website and ads are the only way how we can keep this project going. Nebula and Sebastian is a counter to Satori and heroes who rely on negative effects. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Grannies! Green +1 Magic HatHand of MidasDark GrailPastor's SealRaven King's CloakFlaming Heart The capital should be just a little while away.”. Blue +1 Best counter to Andvari and Martha team. Martha (Hero Wars) is worth downloading, although she is a new character in the game, she has already received the attention of experienced players.