They also have their drink promos which are perfect for those who’ve been wanted to get drunk and have lots of fun at Hanoi Red Light District. You simple go to these coffee shops and you will find some hot girls that would go with you for an agreed price. It is a great place for both people traveling alone and in groups. To be informed of the latest articles, subscribe: Cuban Women Can Make Great Girlfriends in 2019, The Alpha Male Personality Traits That Every Man Wants, Is It Getting Harder To Get Laid These Days, How To Get Her Back After She Lost Interest In You, Singles Vacations Gaining Popularity Among Men, How Good Body Language Can Attract The Right Women, the Vietnamese nightlife is one of the best in Asia. After I was residing in Hanoi, people kept always saying that Hanoi was a laid-back city … It is a bar, pub and a restaurant in one situated in Old Quarter. The Kabukicho area of Shinjuku is expensive. The a whole bunch of bars, clubs, lounges and clubs in Hanoi range from extremely hip to famous and chilled out venues. Maybe you wanted to listen to some EDM, hip-hop, deep house and R&B music, well, you can all have it here in Hero Club Hanoi. And recommend some reasonable hotels in RLD ? It is not actually new to hear from our fellow foreigners to have their wallets or gadgets taken by some random Hanoi prostitute and I’m pretty sure you don’t want to experience the same thing when in the city. In terms of "naughty enjoyable times" and women, Saigon City nightlife would be the number one in Vietnam however you don’t have to forget about Hanoi. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. So, enjoy and have a great time at Hanoi Red Light District! Your email address will not be published. August 2018 , Written by Sean. Vietnamese girls are quite open-minded for meeting foreigners in Hanoi. A large portion of single foreign guys are looking for sex in Hanoi. Read this red light district guide to help you along your travels in Vietnam. Bangkok and Pattaya are better than Hanoi for nightlife my opinion anyway. The city has many well-known nightclubs that you should be checking out whenever you are in town. It is quite popular with the younger Hanoi girls. What made this particular Hanoi Red Light District are their prostitutes who are offering a ‘quick train’ which means prostitutes for one service. They offer local shows and local draft beers which are also sold at a very reasonable price. Vietnam’s popular mega city in the south isn’t only famous for banh mi sandwiches and excursions to the Mekong river delta, but of course also for its notorious nightlife and various places to meet girls. Located on a man-made island at InterContinental Hanoi West Lake, this is a nice place to relax and have a drink or two (that is, if the budget permits). Hanoi have many nightclubs spread along the city where you can surely have a good time listening to wild music while watching all those party people dancing their arse out and some of these Hanoi nightclubs are the following: This particular night spot that you can find at Old Quarter, Hanoi is actually one of the old bars in Hanoi Red Light District that is still running until this very moment. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. After I was residing in Hanoi, people kept always saying that Hanoi was a laid-back city with rude folks, a curfew at 2am and polluted weather.. Required fields are marked *. There is a reason why it has grown in popularity over the recent years. I simply spent 15 days in Hanoi and I must say I used to be so surprised by the Hanoi red light district. I mean in Asia it is normal, but in my own country back home things are not always in your face. But STD’s are very common among among sex workers and prostitutes. Your interactions with the girls in Hanoi will be much better this way. As you stroll around the streets of Gia Lam road, you can eventually find dozens of prostitutes from the red light cafes in the place sitting outside, wearing a sexy dress and some may be topless at all. Related: best places to get sex massage in Vietnam. December 2018 When it comes to how much you would have to pay if you are going to try these erotic massage parlors, a hand job from their sexy girls usually costs 100k up to 300k Dongs but if you are lucky enough to find a place where you can have a full service (sex), they usually charge 500k Dongs for it. This is the best place to be if you want variety of music. Here’s a classification of different nightlife in Hanoi: Going to nightclubs is probably the best idea and place to hang out and have a couple of drinks for you and your friends if you are into the loud and techno music. You haven’t been to Hanoi if you haven’t sat down and have a drink or two in this place. So even if you plan to visit the city’s red light areas, it is still recommended to have the online dating accounts as a back up. If you wanted to try these erotic massage parlors in Hanoi Red Light District, you can definitely find a lot of them all over the city but most of these massage parlors are located at Thuy Khue and just nearby Doc Ngu thus you can simply visit these places and you can surely find what you’ve been looking for.