Gulf fritillary on coral porter weed in East Texas, Oct. 2009. The ones in our yard in southeast Texas use Passiflora incarnata, a beautiful native vine. 8/31/13 at 2347hrs., Day-27 When the eggs hatch, the caterpillars begin eating and go through a series of instar stages. Gulf Fritillary Chrysalis Stem Passionflower - Passiflora suberosa is the most common of the four species of When the wings are closed, the ventral This butterfly is richly colored orange with orderly dark spots in the center and along the edge of the wing. Passion Flower Vines to caterpillar to the simply majestic Gulf Fritillary (Agraulis vanillae) Butterfly atop an Autumn Joy. It was so lucky that we did not still have our fish pond. Gulf Fritillary (Agraulis vanillae) shortly after eclosing. vine. An adult Gulf Fritillary Butterfly on a Pink Zinnia - Fall, 2016, Shown below is a photograph of a Gulf Fritillary butterfly at Eisenhower Park in San Antonio, Texas, October 22, 2016. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Female (closed wing) - Nancy Dorsey The caterpillar has formed its "J". On 8/5/2013, I photographed a Julia Heliconian - Dryas iulia moderata laying eggs By "Sunday Morning" contributing videographer Judy Lehmberg. Beginning Day-1 as a chrysalis, as the chrysalis is starting to Cat leaving little pieces of him behind as he grows bigger, egg of the gulf fritillary caterpillar, will hatch in a about 5 days. egg was laid, Day-22 as a caterpillar. A little frustrating to lose the one that I photographed getting laid, but I still had a caterpillar. Sexual Dimorphism: Not present. Newly hatched Gulf Fritillary caterpillar ... can you spot it on this Passion Vine leaf? 9/11/13 at 1006hrs., Day-38 from when the egg was formed, Day-34 as a caterpillar, Day-11 as a chrysalis. when the egg was laid. It starts when a female lays her eggs on a host plant, a plant her babies like to eat. The males of the species are smaller than their female counterparts. Photo by and courtesy of Quinn Bergeon. As a defensive mechanism, the larva is poisonous. Gulf Fritillary Cocoon Gulf Fritillary Caterpillar looking for more Passion Vine! Oh well, I never bothered with doing a Gulf Fritillary life cycle photo study before, so I decided egg was laid, Day-10 as a caterpillar. ©2008-2020 Gardens With Wings. I'm short, but Yumm!! Beautiful Gulf Firtillary Butterfly on my Pink Butterfly Bush, Nectaring on Dallas Red lantana Portland, TX May 2012. The caterpillar is 6mm long. Variegated Fritillary Chrysalis The chrysalis is shiny white with bright orange to copper spots along with tiny black spots along with each. After the Gulf Fritillary pupates into this odd looking chrysalis,it takes approximately 6-8 days to hatch into a adult Gulf Fritillary butterfly. The caterpillar is 15mm long. cannibalistic vermin! I grow Passion Flowers not only for the beauty of the flower, but because I love seeing these amazing creatures. Although pretty, its blooms are smaller than a dime and somewhat non-descript Gulf Fritillary (Agraulis vanillae) at Pappy Elkins park Wildscape. Southern regions of the US, especially Florida and Texas, and also ranges southward through Mexico; they have two migrations during the spring and the fall, respectively, Open lands including moderately sunny areas close to open grasslands, parks, as well as woodlands, Various passion vine and passion flower species. Your email address will not be published. 8/28/13, Day-24 from when the I had a darn Gulf Frit cat, not a Julia! Butterflies aren't the most numerous insects, but because of their beauty they are the most noticeable. Female fritillaries don't like to lay their eggs on passionflowers that already have eggs because their babies won't have as much to eat. marking all over the body. 9/11/13 at 1006hrs., Day-38 from when the egg was formed, Day-34 as a caterpillar, Day-11 as a chrysalis. 8/9/13, Day-5 from when the The caterpillar is 37mm long. * May not be available for purchase at your local nursery. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. although we do get Julia Heliconians in the yard, this was the first one I had seen lay an egg in the yard. which pupates in the chrysalis (the pupal stage), and then emerges as the adult butterfly. thus avoiding the pollen. 8/26/13, Day-22 from when the Upper left: Magnified view of a Gulf Fritillary butterfly egg. 9/1/13 at 1510hrs., Day-28 Categorized as a "longwing", the wings of the Gulf Fritillary are elongated. The chrysalis is turning very black, indicating the wonderful reason why I can't successfully grow passionflower... Gulf Fritillary caterpillar - south Alabama, another cocoon shot, southern California, end of summer. Gulf fritillary chrysalis from our terrarium. from when the egg was formed, Day-24 as a caterpillar, Day-1 as a chrysalis. It is bright orange above with black markings with three black-lined white spots near the leading edge of the fore wing. Once the caterpillar gets large enough, or runs out of food, it produces a blob of silk by which it attaches its back end to a twig or other handy firm object. Chrysalis - Fred Miller. Again, notice They typically hang from the upper side of the leaves of their host plant. Being arthropods that must shed their exoskeleton and replace it with a larger one in order to grow, each instar stage is completed when the caterpillar sheds its current exoskeleton and then puffs itself up with air so its newly-forming exoskeleton is larger than the one it replaces – it will thus have space to grow into. It was so lucky that we did not still have our fish pond. The larva feed exclusively on various species of passionflower. The adult butterfly sucks sugary nectar from many different flowers, but primarily from tubular flowers that, due to their shape, don't allow bees in. All Rights Reserved. It occurs throughout the southern United States, from Florida to California, and southward through Mexico. Gulf Fritillary chrysalis I grow Passion Flowers not only for the beauty of the flower, but because I love seeing these amazing creatures. Passion Vines have done well this year giving us lots of gulf fritillary. Color and Appearance: In four to eight days, depending on the temperature, the eggs hatch, and the tiny caterpillars begin feeding on the passionflower leaves. From left: Turk's cap mallow pollen sacs with pollen; a female ruby-throated hummingbird, its forehead covered with pollen, feeding on a Turk's cap; and a Gulf Fritillary butterfly "cheating" by going in-between the petals to get nectar. The caterpillar is 6 mm long. Newly emerged GF helping me weed the garden. It is an active chrysalis, wiggling when touched to scare off predators like ants. I was so excited, because Summer 2005, Brooksville, FL USA. The wings are quite long and can gracefully carry this butterfly way out over the water in the Gulf region. Chomping away on a juicy passion vine. Chrysalis looks like a dried / dead leaf for camouflage. The discription is right on "Dead Leaf." It looks like a dead leaf! Females are slightly browner, darker and more extensively marked than the male, and generally larger (see image below). suberosa from where its egg was collected. times of the year, here in the Lower Rio Grande Valley (LRGV). egg was laid. (Note their size compared to top of a paper clip), Growing Gulf Fritillary caterpillars on a Passion Vine, Gulf Fritillary caterpillar eating a Passion Vine flower bud, Close-up view of a Gulf Fritillary caterpillar devouring a Passion Vine flower bud. Photo courtesy of Ken Blackford. camouflage easily amongst the branches of trees. All rights reserved. Rather than merely hanging straight down, this chrysalis will sometimes Their coloration is an adaptation that helps them to The Turk's Cap Mallow's flowers have petals that usually keep away all nectar feeders except hummingbirds. The females of the Copyright Ken Blackford. 9/11/13 at 0728hrs., form. Must be a party!! Upper right: A Gulf Fritillary caterpillar. 9/11/13 at 0957hrs., Day-38 Gulf Fritillary - Hardiness 7b - Had these ALL summer long. Gulf Fritillaries have several broods in the spring and summer, and reach peak populations from August through November in the South and Texas. Required fields are marked *. The Gulf Fritillary - Agraulis vanillae incarnata was released on the same Corky-stem Passionflower - Passiflora suberosa from where its egg was collected. The Gulf Frittillary butterfly, however, can steal from the Turk's cap without pollinating the flower (that is considered cheating in the biology world! This butterfly species has a defense mechanism in response to predator sightings during when they release odorous chemicals to ward off their enemies. high on an arbor in my yard. Gulf They are not picky!! The caterpillar is in a "pre-J" stage. Gulf Fritillary butterfly just emerging from it's Chrysalis. The caterpillar is 10mm long. 2 Gulf Fritillary caterpillars on passion flower Nov 10, 2012. Their undersides feature whitish-silver spots outlined in black, against a brown background. 8/30/13, Day-26 from when the Summer 2006, Brooksville, FL USA. I found only one chrysalis in the yard, and I checked on it daily. The underside of their wings are covered with orange scales with large patches of silver scales. It is best to select a variety of species (especially the nectar plants), so you will have blooming plants for as long as possible. Day-38 from when the egg was formed, Day-34 as a caterpillar, Day-11 as a chrysalis.