Our Big Con approach guide is here and our Aggressive guide can be found here.Make sure you also check out how to unlock the elite hacker Avi Schwartzman for more time in the vault, our payout guide, and also the POI and access point guide. As you're going down, be careful of the security camera which you will come across. Paige Harris is available as a Heist Crew Member to any player who owns a Terrorbyte. Los Santos As you can see in the image above, notice there is a guard through the door on the minimap. Paige Harris is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, appearing as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V and a supporting character in Grand Theft Auto Online. The shirt Paige wears, the black one with lightning on the front, is very similar to the shirt Jesse Pinkman wears in Season 5 of. During the cut scene Brucie will accidentally get shot by Yung Ancestor causing a distraction for the assistant, which will allow you and your friends to get the keycard and head to the restricted staff area. 3.1k. Hacker comparison for casino heist. QUESTION. Now you need to take care of the guard patrolling inside the surveillance room, as well as the security cam outside in the staff lobby. When you go back through the same area you came from, again make sure you wait for the camera to look away from your point of exit and then move out. Once you reach the terrace a cut scene will start. He takes 10% from the final take in the Diamond Casino Heist and is the most expensive hacker available. She also appears at the end of some of the setup missions for The Pacific Standard Job, collecting the various items that the crew recover. Once you enter the management area, a cut scene will appear after which you will have control of your character and the actual heist will begin. Once you've done that, come back here and continue. Once you're in the vehicles head to the sewer tunnel entrance which is right beside the road. Once you've identified the car, drive it to the locations he will instruct you to drive to. As soon as the guard turns around go ahead and take him out silently. The Diamond Casino Heist is a new heist job in GTA Online's Diamond Casino and Resort update. A guard will come towards you. So, make sure you prepare yourself to take either one of them out silently. After this, the mission will end. Biographical information Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. One of the approaches, The Big Con, includes disguising yourself to enter the casino. She takes 9% from the take and is the second most expensive hacker, the first being Avi Schwartzman. You can easily take out the guards silently with a pistol whip. Voiced by After you are done hacking, make sure you leave the vault around the 30-40 seconds mark and at a maximum, leave with around 20 seconds left on the timer. This guide is a complete walkthrough of the Aggressive approach to the Diamond Casino Heist. Do not get close to the casino after you've lost the cops. GTA 5 And Crossplay - Does GTA Online Support Crossplay? This is reduced to 2m26 if the team is detected. Entrance: For entrance MAIN ENTRANCE will be chosen automatically when you choose the Entry Disguise as Yung Ancestor. In this mission, Yung Ancestor asks you to dispose of a rental car. Once that call ends, you will notice a purple colored "card" on your heist prep board. If selected as the hacker for the Casino Heist, Paige provides 3 minutes and 25 seconds in the vault if the players remain undetected upon entering it.If the team is detected, she will give 2m 23s in the vault. Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, Articles with sections under construction, https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Paige_Harris?oldid=1246682, Paige's cut for a heist job is the highest of all the possible crew members, being 15% and is followed by, She is briefly seen in the official trailer when Michael is talking to the crew, alongside Eddie Toh and, Her hairstyle is identical to that of the Ponytail hairstyle that can be used for the, She has a tattoo on her left arm that is available for character customization in GTA: Online, called 'Dragons and Skull', but it can only be on the right arm instead. Make sure you also check out how to unlock the elite hacker Avi Schwartzman for more time in the vault, our payout guide , and also the POI and access point guide . Created Jul 3, 2013. Physical description Outside of the main campaign with the iconic three main characters, Trevor, Michael, and Franklin, Los Santos online contains its own unique set of characters to help populate and characterize the world. American Full name 2013-2019 Once you reach the security lobby section again, take the left and go through the security surveillance room. After completing the missions, you will be able to choose 'Yung Ancestor' as the entry disguise on the final prep board. The heist prep missions are all exactly same the as for the "vanilla" Big Con approach, so rather than repeating them all in this guide, please follow this link to our Big Con guide. Ultimately, GTA San Andreas is my favorite! Once you reach the double door, do not go through it immediately as there is a guard right through the door. He can easily detect you if you come in his cone of vision. In The Big Score, subtle approach, Paige's connection with the traffic lights will have no lag, even if she doesn't have experience from any previous heist. If selected as the hacker for the Casino Heist, Paige provides 3 minutes and 25 seconds in the vault if the players remain undetected upon entering it. Quickly find a pedestrian car or get in the getaway car, if it is in the parking lot right beside the road. Lester Crest Having done that, move forward and keep to your right until you come across a double door. Home Once done, avoid the vision cone of the guard at the desk and head outside, while staying all the way to the left, sticking to the wall (not in cover), keep moving forward and be careful of the camera as you move forward. And if the guard on the right hand side returned back, then the guard on the left hand side of the elevator will be coming back. 2 Terrorbyte client jobs take 6 minutes and pay $60k, so doing more than 7 hacks in a heist is pretty much a waste of time.) When you reach the bottom wait for the guard to pass by the door and then take cover on either side of the elevator. Once you reach the vault, you will need to drill open the door and head inside to loot it. You can check our guide here on completing The Big Con approach using the Gruppe Sechs entry disguise as well as the Vault Drills and Exit Disguise prep missions. As soon as the guard returns and turn back around, go and take him out. The two prep missions are called 'Dead Weight' and 'After Party'. Along with GTA games, I am a huge fan of the Call Of Duty series, as well as Assassins Creed and the recently released Red Dead Redemption 2. However, Avi is found by government agents and the crew needs to rescue him. Entry Disguise: For entry disguise choose YUNG ANCESTOR. Lester CrestMichael De Santa (Optional)Franklin Clinton (Optional)Trevor Philips (Optional)GTA Online Protagonist Paige Harris claims she built and designed the Terrorbyte’s interior herself. Go back up through the stairs. Gender Posted by 10 months ago. Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Avi_Schwartzman?oldid=1219082, Avi appears to have taken some leave of his senses during his time on the island, as he rants about talking to. Physical description This tattoo is also present on. Type First, Ancestor will call you to the casino and ask you to find the rental car in the casino parking lot.