He automatically thought of the long skinny bottle of Louisiana Hot Pepper Sauce that was a staple on his family's dinner table because it seemed to go with…, Sometimes we forget that there is more to Mexican food than our favorite enchiladas and puffy tacos. As early as 1735, French governor Mahé de la Bourdonnais wanting the Island to be alimentary self-sufficient, to that intent introduced numerous plants of culinary interest from countries as far apart as Europe, India, the West Indies or Brazil, an important and positive step towards the development of the future cuisine of Mauritius. Amazing Seafood Recipes. Jamaicans call this dish "roast fish," even though the seafood actually steams in a foil packet with vegetables. Stains from turmeric are difficult to remove (no wonder, it’s also used as dye). This is a dry curry. They also introduced a species of deer from Java, today the Island’s most important game. It is one of these dish that you can do using any white fillet fish e.g parrot fish (kakatwa), green jobfish (zob gri), spangled emperor (kaptenn rouz), red snapper (bourzwa) … just to name a few. 500 gr (1 pound) fish with firm meat Mauritian cuisine is defined as “exotic”, the term usually attributed to the cuisines of tropical climates. Complete the meal with colorful Sautéed Zucchini and Bell Peppers.Prep: 9 minutes; Cook: 13 minutes. This simple red snapper preparation steams the fish with white wine, lemon, and fresh herbs, trapping the delicious juices and keeping the fish moist. 1 tsp turmeric Coquinaria. To be sure, recipes from around 1900 are very recent for this website, but for most of us it already is a distant past. Slideshow: More Fish Taco Recipes, The cilantro lime topping in this recipe is a Southeast Asian variation on the classic Italian gremolata, which is made with parsley, lemon zest, and garlic. This recipe for Vindaye comes from Monsieur Hein’s book Deux siècles de cuisine, p.163 (see bibliography). Florent's Guide To The Tropical Reefs - Bluestripe Snapper - Lutjanus kasmira - Snappers - - Snappers - Indo-Pacific, Hawaii, Red Sea, French Polynesia, Great Barrier Reef - They come from a fascinating book I found in Port-Louis, the capital city of the isle. The two recipes I’ve chosen both originate from the Indian cuisine that started to be an influence on Mauritian cuisine in the beginning of the nineteenth century, with the arrival of Indian immigrants from 1830 onward. So, on behalf of my fellow countrymen of the distant past: Sorry. Pierre Poivre, who during his stay at Isle de France during the second half of the 18th century had for mission to make it the “Spice Island” the French so much wanted, will continue the efforts of de La Bourdonnais by bringing back from each of his expeditions to Southeast Asia a large selection of edible plants, some among which will integrate the local culinary scene. Episode Ten - Season One . Sep 10, 2014 - Explore FISH&CO Oman's board "Jobfish/Snapper Recipes" on Pinterest. See related links to what you are looking for. If it is to be served hot, it is best heated in the micro-wave. The crispy, tangy slaw is made by simply tossing cabbage with an instant lime vinaigrette. ½ tsp ginger powder or 1 tsp freshly grated ginger This recipe is a vindaye de poisson, but there is also vindaye with meat. I’ve heard that remark several times in the summer of 2006 during my vacation on Mauritius. Links refer to available editions. More Healthy Fish Recipes, John Folse, who owns the New Orleans-based specialty-food company Chef John Folse & Co., learned all about Cajun ingredients while growing up in a trapper's cabin in St. James Parish, Louisiana. This is the ultimate recipe for grilled fish tacos. When the Portuguese colonised Goa (on the West coast of India) the name got corrupted into ‘vindaloo‘, which came to represent one of the spiciest dishes of Indian cuisine. 1 large or two small onions, sliced thinly M. Hein suggests tuna, barracuda, king fish (Caranx sp.) Whatever fish you choose, it has to have firm meat. A spice rub with paprika, oregano, thyme, and pepper coats these fillets for a major flavor boost. The Portuguese had a dish called ‘vinha-d’alho’, meat marinated in wine vinegar with herbs and spices, and garlic of course.