Then thoroughly wash and remove all grapes from the stems. REVIEW: July 23, 2012. I’d just finished steam juicing our grapes and was wondering what to do with all the leftover mash. Instructions to prepare the grapes to make jam: Remove the bunches of grapes from the vine. Turn off heat and allow jars, lids and rings to sit in hot water until you need them. 3.. Do I understand that this jam just needs to be potted up and no boiling bath is needed? A Student’s Survival Guide to Cooking – handy tips & recipes! Excellent Elsje, so envious of your grapes, I must get a grape vine:-), Superb! If not then boil for another 2 minutes and re-test until set is achieved. Your email address will not be published. Dip the back of the spoon into the jam. Classic Mornay Sauce (Cheesy White Sauce), Kolokithokeftedes (Greek Zucchini Fritters) with Tzatziki, Smitten Kitchen's Harvest Roast Chicken with Grapes, Olives, and Rosemary, 3 pounds of flavorful grapes, concord or otherwise (about 2 quarts). The mix was so sweet I didn’t add sugar, used the pectin for no- or reduced- sugar. That sounded far more sensible I thought. Bill, while I’m responding from my new home in Germany (since 2012), we moved here from Katy, TX! I found your web site when googling red seedless jam and I hit the jackpot! This year, the results were just as successful. To be sure, test the consistency on a plate that's kept in the freezer or with a candy thermometer. Was I surprised! Add the skins and pulp into a saucepan along with the sugar and cook the mixture until it reaches gel stage, about 10-15 minutes. Give it a try, you will be pleasantly surprised when you open each bag of PERFECT grapes, unmolested by the quail, other birds, or any insects to include ants! When the jars are full, wipe the rims with a damp cloth, and add the lids and bands. I should add the grapes I used were small and had quite a lot of seeds, more than I could easily remove. Strip them from the stems and wash them, then put them into the preserving kettle with the water which adheres to them and heat them slowly. Turned out perfect was awesome. Place a wire sieve on top of a bowl and pour the boiled grapes through the sieve to separate the juice from the seeds, skin and pulp. The grapes do not need to be completely ripe. Made this today also from our own grapes. Either way, this can be time consuming but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. Because every time we process grapes we end up with a different amount of grape mash I don’t use a precise recipe for grape jam – instead I use a ratio. All of the grapes contribute to the jam. This grape jam recipe doesn’t have to be used with grape leftover grape mash, you can use fresh seedless grapes which makes this a great recipe to make when you’ve bought grapes and no one is eating them. Mill until all that remains are the seeds, skins, and stems. I processed the skins and pulp left over from the white grapes and added it back to the mixture. When the jam is cooked down and ready to be jarred, put the jars on a kitchen towel on the counter and ladle the hot grape jam into the hot jars. You can get a blank copy of these worksheets emailed to you by filling out the form below. We are not health care providers, lawyers, financial specialists, or your mother. Homegrown grapes. Grape jam is usually made with whole grapes that have been seeded but I prefer to use the leftover grape mash, sometimes called grape must, for this grape jam recipe. Ah well that works out at 103.3C so that would be too low and hence why the jam didn’t set. It’s pretty amazing to see 8 gallons of grapes turned into delicious shelf stable food with only a gallon of waste left. Not only is Garden Grape Jam good with peanut butter on a sandwich or spread on toast with butter, but is an excellent pairing with crackers sharp cheddar cheese, blue cheese or goat cheese. The total volume collected is important, for you want to use all of the juice collected and will need to calculate the additional fractions of sugar and pectin required. © We are not Foodies. GRAPE-PLUM JELLY. It’s super easy. In this case it is better to set the kettle on an asbestos mat placed over the flame. I would however still make sure that your equipment is sterile before freezing. If you have a lot of liquid in the grape mash it will take a while. If you are uncomfortable with using fractional amounts of Sugar and Pectin, then I suggest purchasing a bottle of filtered, natural grape juice and add enough juice to your own grape juice until you have an equivalent amount for an additional batch. Your email address will not be published. Store in the refrigerator for immediate use, or process in a water bath canner for 10 minutes. The first year we were disappointed in the tartness of the ripe grapes. Delighted to find this recipe as our grape vine has thrived this year and there are only so many grapes you can eat! It can certainly be left out. Not all cooking is a precise science but jam making really is. Picked, Cleaned and Washed Home Grown Grapes. When it’s that bad I tend to put it down to experience. Thanks for visiting. Ripe White Grapes On The Vine Growing in the Yard. To make grape jam with the whole grape you’ll want to use the skin to give the jam texture and color but not the seeds. But usually even seedless grapes have small seeds in them. If you have a lot of juice in the grape mash, it will take a long time, just be patient and let it cook. Jobs that when done alone allow you to be still, listen to music or an audiobook and enjoy the moment. Your recipe couldn’t have come at a better time! I like to put the jars in the water bath canner until I need them. Just tried this recipe today. We reserve the right to delete off-topic or inflammatory comments. Or maybe we just happen to have a lot of other fruit that we don’t buy very often, like mangoes, so the grapes go untouched. Any idea how many pounds of grapes yield the 5 cups of pulpy juice? In my situation, I pick them a day or two from being ripe because the birds in my backyard know when the grapes are ripe before me. Should I just put all the grapes in the mouli and just use the juice, or try to separate the grape skin and juice from the seeds and then shop again? Aaw, thank you Fiona, so glad you like the recipe, grape jam is so delicious isn’t it:-) You’ve reminded me that I want to get a grape vine for next year! I followed the recipe exactly and it won’t set. Once you have separated the juice, then with a wooden spoon mash the remaining mixture against the sides of the sieve to separate the pulp and skin from the seeds. I’m just processing it now, while I wipe up all of the little purple spatter spots from my stove , Ditto from me!! Is there some way to save the jam. I’ve not had that issue with our grape jam. You'll use these later to test the jam for gelling. Remove from heat and cool slightly. Put a couple of spoons in the freezer. You’ll want these later, I promise. Put a couple of spoons in the freezer. We try to remove most of the stem when we put the grapes in the steam juicer but we don’t worry about getting all the stems, the filter on the food mill with filter them out. I will use a mouli, But should I also use a hand chopper for the skins? Put pan back on the heat, bring to a rolling boil and then time for 25 minutes, stirring continuously. Return the juice to the fire, bring it to a boil and after it has cooked for teen minutes put in the sugar, which it is well to heat in pans in the oven; it should be hot through, but not melted. My grapes are local and with seeds. Add a rating: Comments can take a minute to appear—please be patient! Hi Saeah, sorry I’m only just seeing your comment. We are glad you have chosen to leave a comment. I have grapes frozen from the summer and want to transform them today while snowed in. Your email address will not be published. This year I thinned them heavily, removing about 3/4 of all grape clusters. There's no need to put the bands on super duper tight, just put it on like you would put a lid on the mayonnaise before putting it in the refrigerator. After 12 hours or overnight, remove the the bands from the jars and test the seals.